The Harmony of Curriculum & Infrastructure


Sujith Vasudevan, Managing EditorIn any educational institution, the curriculum is the education roadmap—for teachers and learners. For the same reason, this fulcrum of education being abreast of the industry trends is crucial for setting students on the course of an excellent professional career. But institutions often mistake this aspect of education as a sole need for curriculum upgrade and bat a blind eye to the need to develop the required infrastructure to materialize the curriculum.

PSB Academy Singapore is an example of maintaining an ideal balance between curriculum and infrastructure. The elite institute last year launched ‘PSB Academy City Campus: STEM Wing,’ an expansion of its City Campus in Marina Square. The new S$10 million premise is home to high-tech and industry-approved laboratories and facilities to bolster students’ science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. The original campus has been renamed PSB Academy City Campus: Main Wing.

The new STEM Wing will add over 35 percent of space to the current 100,000 square feet across two floors. The new facility will include high-tech gadgets such as 3D cameras, gas metalizes, gel imaging systems, and rotary evaporators across Sports Science and Life Science laboratories. In the aftermath, PSB repurposed the old STEM campus for other educational and research purposes in conjunction with expanding the Academy’s City Campus.

Established in 1964, PSB Academy has since expanded its range of education services to meet the needs of the region’s economies, producing an elite group of global citizens, professionals, and business leaders. We dedicate this special issue to them.

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