Trusting Data is Important


Manual processes can often fail to meet the demands of a competitive and fast-paced business world. They can also lead to employee exhaustion and reduced productivity. Efficiency and accuracy are essential for being ahead of your industry. This is why every road in digital land leads to data. Every commercial officer constantly asks the question: how do I improve my business revenue using technology? If data was an enabler before, today, data and analytics are increasingly becoming the cornerstone of business decision-making worldwide— in turn, driving revenue.

Not convinced yet? You will probably remember the German national football team’s unbeaten 2014 FIFA World Cup run if you love football. Following a 7-1 victory against Brazil in the semi-finals, Germany brought Argentina to their knees in a nail-biting final that went on to win 1-0 in extra time. But the real hero, the 12th man, during their dream run, was big data analytics. Using SAP HANA, Germany recognized their average ball possession time and reduced it from 3.4 seconds to 1.1 seconds. If big data analytics can help a national football team win the World Cup 2014, imagine the limitless possibilities of data in 2023.

One of the vital aspects of data transformation is to believe in data and act upon the idea that data & analytics can make a massive difference in decision-making. It is often called the data analytics maturity of an organization. The organizations on the higher side of this maturity index act on the actionable information across the functional departments, organizational policies, and customer engagements. When it comes to data, trust is paramount. Borrowing the words of W. Edwards Deming, “In God we trust. All others must bring data.” We present this year’s Chief Commercial Officers in the Philippines issue.

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