UM Achieves a Massive Feat


Originally established under British rule as The Straits and Federated Malay States Government Medical School, Universiti Malaya came into existence in 1905. In the aftermath of a series of transformations till the mid-way of the 20th century, the institute was named the University of Malaya in 1949. Over the decades, the institute has been excellent in producing top-notch professionals and global leaders, and this issue is dedicated to them.

Today, Universiti Malaya has achieved a massive feat by rising to 60th place in the QS World University Rankings 2025, emerging as the sole Malaysian university within the global top 100. UM jumped five spots from 65th last year in the 21st edition of the rankings. According to the ranking body QS, Malaysia boasts 28 higher education institutions in the rankings, with 14 improving their standings, eight maintaining stability, and six witnessing a decline in rank. This resulted in an overall improvement rate of 29 percent for Malaysia.

It said five Malaysian universities secured positions among the world’s top 100 for the international student ratio indicator, while four universities ranked among the top 200 for the international faculty ratio. QS also said that Education Malaysia Global Services promotes Malaysia as a study destination, estimating foreign enrolment at between 130,000 and 170,000 students in 2024, primarily from China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, and Nigeria. On the other hand, while Malaysia’s universities continue to gain academic recognition, QS reported a decline in employer recognition, with 22 out of 26 ranked universities experiencing drops in this aspect.

We present this yearly special issue to the prestigious alumni of Universiti Malaya. Do let us know your thoughts.

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