Hamudi Najami: A Trailblazer Encouraging Diversity & Equality In The Industrial Construction Industry


Hamudi Najami, COO, Sami Najami GroupThe industrial construction industry in Israel is experiencing remarkable growth, with numerous companies actively engaged in constructing factories, warehouses, and other industrial facilities. This sector plays a pivotal role in the country's economy, generating employment opportunities and providing support to complementary industries like manufacturing and logistics. Hamudi Najami, the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Sami Najami Group, has emerged as a key figure in driving the progress of this sector. Through his exceptional leadership and innovative approach to project management, he has propelled the company to the forefront of the industry, earning a reputation for excellence and professionalism.

Under Hamudi Najami's guidance, the Sami Najami Group has been honored with numerous accolades for its commitment to workplace safety, adherence to green building standards, and dedication to fostering diversity in the workplace. By prioritizing the well-being and growth of employees, he has fostered a culture of collaboration and mutual respect within the company, treating the workforce as a close-knit family. This approach has proven instrumental in establishing a harmonious work environment. As the Sami Najami Group continues to expand into new markets, Hamudi Najami's positive influence on the industrial construction industry in Israel is set to endure. His unwavering dedication and vision have not only elevated his company but have also contributed to the overall growth and success of the sector.

A Journey of Expertise & Motivation

Hamudi Najami's rise to the position of Chief Operating Officer has been characterized by a combination of patience, drive, and unwavering dedication. With 14 years of experience, he began his career in a small family business and steadily ascended to become a prominent figure in the Israeli industrial construction industry. Throughout his journey with his big brother, Ahmad Najami the company CEO, his passion for improving the quality of life for citizens and their families has remained a driving force. His daily routines are fueled by the desire to oversee hundreds of employees, manage projects, and handle the demanding operations that come with being a top executive.

"For emerging leaders, my advice would be to recognize the significance of their employees as representatives of the company"

Leading the Way

The Sami Najami Group has established itself as a well-respected organization, renowned for its smart project management, commitment to professionalism, and innovative modular work capabilities. One of the key differentiating factors is the company's adoption of the Off-Site Manufacturing (OSM) method, which involves completing a significant portion of the work in the factory before the construction site is ready. This approach not only enhances worker safety but also reduces the environmental impact of projects, particularly in areas related to industrial waste recycling and the utilization of solar energy.

The Sami Najami Group's commitment to sustainability and innovation sets it apart as a leading company in the market. By utilizing advanced technologies and modular work capabilities, the company has established itself as an industry powerhouse. This cutting-edge approach not only streamlines project timelines but also ensures efficient resource utilization. Moreover, the company's emphasis on eco-friendly initiatives aligns with global environmental concerns, making it a preferred choice for clients seeking responsible and sustainable construction solutions.

Hamudi Najami's leadership and the Sami Najami Group's dedication to excellence and innovation have positioned the company as a trailblazer in the Israeli industrial construction industry. Their commitment to professionalism, sustainable practices, and the adoption of advanced technologies have contributed to their success. As the Sami Najami Group continues to thrive, it sets an inspiring example for the industry, shaping the future of industrial construction in Israel and beyond.

Setting Industry Standards with a Global Approach

With years of international operations, Sami Najami Engineering and Projects Group offer a range of flagship products and services that are renowned for their quality and innovation. From cutting-edge modular construction solutions to advanced project management techniques, the company ensures that customers receive nothing but the best. Clients can expect benefits such as enhanced efficiency, reduced construction timelines, and sustainable practices that align with global environmental concerns. The company's commitment to excellence and professionalism is reflected in every aspect of its offerings, delivering exceptional value to its customers. The company's vision extends far beyond its current accomplishments.

The company aspires to become an international leader in the industrial construction arena. By continuing to uphold its values of excellence, professionalism, and innovation, Sami Najami Engineering and Projects Group aims to expand its reach, set new industry standards, and contribute to the development of sustainable and futureoriented construction practices worldwide.

Advice to Emerging Leaders

“For emerging leaders, my advice would be to recognize the significance of their employees as representatives of the company. Treating them with respect and prioritizing their growth and development is crucial. Investing in their skills and providing job security not only creates a positive work environment but also contributes to the company's overall success. Encouraging new ideas and acknowledging their contributions fosters a sense of ownership and reinforces their importance in shaping the company's reputation. This mindset is deeply embedded in our company's culture, inspired by our founder, Sami Najami, who firmly believes in the power of giving before asking and the positive outcomes that arise from doing good”, signs off Hamudi Najami, COO, Sami Najami Group.

Hamudi Najami, COO, Sami Najami Group

Hamudi Najami finds pleasure in horse breeding on his private farm, Sailing enthusiast and taking on thrilling outdoor expeditions. Additionally, he has a taste for uncomplicated and rustic cuisine, and enjoys dining outdoors amidst nature. Furthermore, he is an avid reader of books authored by Dale Carnegie, Richard Koch, Robert Kiyosaki, and other similar writers.

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