Royal Codes: Designed To Help Women Activate Their 'Goddess' Mode!


Ryan Fontana, Co-Founder, Royal CodesWe'd all want to always look our best, but unfortunately, much of what passes for fashionable these days also fails in the comfort department. However, why can't we have comfort and elegance at the same time? Women still face a hard time locating clothing that meets, both their need for comfort and their desire to look fashionable.

With a vision to assist women in resolving this predicament, Hartwell and Ryan Fontana established Royal Codes, a fashion and lifestyle brand on a mission to help women activate their inner goddess by combining timeless designs with ultra-soft fabrics that are soft, stretchable, ecofriendly and sustainable. We at CEO Insights Asia engaged in a one on one interaction with Ryan Fontana. Let’s read more about his entrepreneurial journey and the inception of Royal Codes through this interaction.


What factors influenced you to establish Royal Codes? Describe its brand person and what it represents.

Royal Codes was conceptualized in part by my creative partner, Hartwell. She is a talented singer, composer and performer, but she also spent years creating her own unique wardrobe. She wanted stage wear that would make her stand out without compromising her flexibility or comfort as she traveled the globe. Thus, she developed her own personal style by making clothing for herself over the course of many years.

While I was there for several of her performances, I can attest that the audiences marvelled over her talent. Everyone was always gushing about how great she looked. People would complement her elegance and ask where she purchased her attire from. "I created it myself”, Hartwell would always say. They were so taken away with her that they inquired if they might buy some of her clothes. However, she would refuse to sell it since it had become an integral part of her identity.

It was in 2019, when we relocated from Los Angeles to Bali. Looking into her designs and how the audiences loved Hartwell’s work, I had anticipated that Hartwell's handcrafted clothing would be popular in Bali and that she would earn solid revenue there. I offered her the same advice. As a result, Hartwell began offering her more affluent customers the option of individualized, one-on-one fashion consultations.

"We've heard from many satisfied customers that when they put on their Royal Codes, they immediately feel more powerful, confident, and at home in their bodies. Indeed, that is priceless"

A respectable number of women gladly bought the outfits from her. Nonetheless, I saw how much effort she put into it and realized there was a lot of room for growth if we could bring it into the realm of e-Commerce. This is when I asked her, if she wanted to start a business with me. And, that is how we partnered and launched, the Royal Codes in April 2020.

What are the value additions that customers can expect from your products & services?

Royal Codes is the perfect combination of sexy, classy, and comfy. Women experience the Royal Codes' transformation the first time they try on our clothing. We often hear women say, "I love these clothes so much, I want to simply change my entire wardrobe to be all Royal Codes”, which is a frequent reaction to the feeling they'll receive from wearing Royal Codes clothing.

The timeless designs and ultra-soft, stretchy fabrics make them very adaptable to the ever-evolving nature of women’s bodies. In this way, deciding what to wear is made much easier. We've heard from many satisfied customers that when they put on their Royal Codes, they immediately feel more powerful, confident, and at home in their bodies. Indeed, that is priceless.

Tell us about Royal Bucks. What are the benefits the customers can get from it?

Our loyalty program's points are called ‘Royal Bucks’. We have curated a generous loyalty and rewards programs since majority of our customers are repeat purchasers. It is safe to say we have a very loyal and die-hard following and community.

Furthermore, we refer to these reward points as Royal Bucks. As a result, women may rack up points for doing everything from making a purchase, to following the brand on social media, to rating and reviewing a product. They get quite a few advantages as a result. Members of our highest VIP category not only get exclusive savings but also early access to all of our new items and releases. Moreover, they are given a gift, each time they reach a new level of VIP status For instance, our highest tier, Diamond Members, receives a gold-plated pendant worth $175.

Could you tell us about the latest consumer trends? How does the company constantly adapt to the needs of the customers?

Hartwell is the creative force behind the company, and her approach to design is unlike those of other fashion labels. Most clothing brands, in my opinion, pay attention to market research and aim to introduce innovations that are ahead of or at least in line with the latest trends. We simply haven't done business that way before. Everything we do is motivated by our sincere desire to create something Hartwell would like.

As a result, Hartwell, our founder, and lead designer creates each new product as a personal fulfillment of a need for something she has never been able to obtain. I believe that the reason so many women love Royal Codes is that every design comes from that place. We actively listen to feedback from our online community and our customers by polling them on what they would want to see next, as well as by encouraging them to send in ideas for future designs and even naming the products. It is important for women to feel connected to the creations and the brand itself!

Ryan Fontana, Co-Founder, Royal Codes

Ryan graduated from Chapman University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Ryan is the Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of the women's apparel label 'Royal Codes', in addition to being a DJ, Music Producer, Filmmaker, and Creator on a global scale. Ryan is also a dedicated promoter of self-improvement and a skilled life.

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