Abdulmajid Al Sadi: The Power To Make A Diffirence

Abdulmajid Al Sadi: The Power To Make A Diffirence

 Abdulmajid AI Sadi,   Chairman and Owner

Abdulmajid AI Sadi

Chairman and Owner

In a country where power outages are a daily occurrence, a ray of hope emerged in the form of a company that dared to dream big. Abdulmajid Al Sadi’s company (Al Sadi Trading Group) with its commitment to nothing but excellence, was able to provide reliable energy to homes and businesses in Yemen to empower its people. To facilitate its practices (that go beyond the supply of electricity) ATG partners with international companies such as Honeywell, Mitsubishi Elevators and Escalators, Aggreko International, KJ Power and others. The work of Al Sadi became more apparent as a result of his influence in other sectors that include, aluminum and glass fabrication, security and access control systems, cement manufacturing, industrial marble, medical furniture production and real estate and industrial zone developments.

Abdulmajid Al Sadi's indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment to his vision of a sustainable future for Yemen have been the key factors to ATG’s success. Despite facing formidable challenges and resistance, he persisted relentlessly, transforming countless lives through his tireless efforts and perseverance. His exemplary leadership has not only driven a paradigm shift towards renewable energy but also fostered hope and optimism for a brighter future. In each of his business ventures, Al Sadi sets the tone for success.

In this interview with CEO Insights Asia, Abdulmajid AI Sadi, Chairman and Owner of ATG, shares his insights on his career journey, interests and his future goals.

What are the main aspects that motivate you to run the business?
As an entrepreneur, I am driven by a deep sense of purpose and a commitment to personal growth, family values, and social responsibility. I firmly believe that self- awareness is key to success, as it allows us to identify our strengths and weaknesses, set clear goals, and make informed decisions. It is this sense of self-awareness that guides me in my daily work, helping me to allocate resources more effectively, and stay focused on my long-term objectives.

We maintain our unique position in the market by meeting our client needs and providing the best quality & cost effective products & solutions

As a parent, I am motivated by the desire to instill important values in my children, including morals, ethics, and business acumen. I believe that by teaching them these critical skills early on in life, I am helping to prepare them for a successful and fulfilling future, while also passing down a legacy of excellence and innovation. At the core of my motivation is the alignment of my daily goals with my interests, values, and passions. This enables me to remain engaged and focused on my work, while also ensuring that I am making a positive impact on the world around me. To further support my commitment to personal growth and success, I prioritize healthy habits, including regular exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By doing so, I am able to stay energized and focused.

Finally, I am deeply committed to supporting the growth and success of my employees. By empowering them to reach their full potential, I am helping to create a culture that is driven by a shared commitment to personal and professional growth. In sum, my motivation to run a successful business stems from a deep sense of purpose and a commitment to personal growth, family values, social responsibility, and a desire to positively impact the world around me.

Having been an entrepreneur for three decades, how would you define your path to success and what is your success mantra?
The path to success is never easy. It is important to work hard in order to succeed. I put in a lot of effort from an early age, working and learning simultaneously. I learned to take responsibility for all of my decisions and actions. At that time, it was crucial for me to be proactive, develop an analytical mind, and take minimal risks when starting new firms. ATG was a relatively modest business when it first began, but with perseverance and commitment, it has grown significantly. There were many challenges along the way, but the secret to success is to never give up, always learn from your mistakes, act right away, and solve problems as they arise. Success also comes with maintaining business relations with customers, suppliers and holding a diversified portfolio of products, goods, and services. The key is to advance and adapt to market changes.

                                                                             Abdulmajid AI Sadi,  Chairman and Owner

Can you please shed some light on Al Sadi Trading Group as an organization and its position in the market? What is the unique proposition that your organization offers to clients?
I established ATG in 1991. Today ATG has become one of the leading companies in the Republic of Yemen. The company has nearly 32 years of experience in carrying out national and international projects in various industries. ATG has many subsidiaries such as Abdulmajid Al Sadi Trading FZE in the UAE, Al Sadi Malta ltd, Yemital, Advantech, Aden Industrial zone company ltd, ATG Italia, Union cement company and CAC International Bank in Djibouti. Across our various subsidiaries, we maintain our unique position in the market by meeting our client needs and providing the best quality and cost effective products and solutions. Consumers are an adaptable group, so it is crucial to us to always keep up with their changing demands through our uncompromising standards and obsession with quality.

Can you give us a brief overview of what ATG offers to its clients?
As part of our power department, we have delivered over 300MW across various sites in Yemen (both ongrid and off-grid), serving the private sector and the national grid with capacity ranging from 2 MW to 60MW that is tailor-made according to our clients' requirements. ATG can cover all the components of a power generation plant on a turnkey basis, from design and product selection to project development and operational management for gas, HFO, diesel, and solar power projects. We also provide buildings with elevators, escalators, CCTV and access control systems, as well as aluminum, LG marble, and false ceilings. Our professional team and staff oversee every phase of our projects, ensuring timely completion and customer satisfaction. From processing orders to installation, testing, and commissioning, we provide comprehensive project management. We also offer after sales support to ensure ongoing success and client satisfaction.

In the light of your strong experience within the industry, what advice would you give to the budding industry leaders?
Achieving the status of being one's own boss is a common career aspiration, but it is important to remember that success rarely comes easily. Aspiring industry leaders should focus on aligning their passions with their business goals and identifying gaps in the market that need to be filled. This doesn't necessarily mean doing something new, but rather doing something differently.

Once your business is established, it is important to seek commitment from employees rather than just compliance. Celebrating small successes can help build momentum towards achieving larger goals. As a leader, it is crucial to inspire others and be someone that people look up to. Remember that mistakes are opportunities for growth, and accepting constructive feedback and criticism is essential for your firm to stay competitive. Your employees are the lifeblood of your organization, so always strive to encourage and support them.

Could you tell me about the sustainable practices that Al Sadi Trading Group has adopted in its operations and the company's visions towards a sustainable future? Also explain your approach as a leader.
As a leader, I believe in a paternalistic approach to management. I view our employees as an extension of my family and strive to create a culture of loyalty, trust, and hard work. By valuing and investing in our employees through ongoing training and support, we can build a stronger, more sustainable business that positively impacts the world around us.

Abdulmajid Al Sadi, Founder and chairman,  Al Sadi Trading Group
Abdulmajid Al Sadi, Founder and chairman of Al Sadi Trading Group, a leading company operating in various sectors. He is a chairman of YEMITAL ltd., Al Sadi Malta ltd. and Advantech, Abdulmajid Al Sadi Trading Fze. Along with that, he is also a shareholder and Board Member of Unity Cement co. ltd, IMFSCO Medical furniture Saudi, and CAC International bank Djibouti. Chairman of the Saudi Yemen Business Men Council - Yemen side.

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