Ahmad Baqa: Spearheading Sustainable Transformation In Chemical Manufacturing

Ahmad Baqa: Spearheading Sustainable Transformation In Chemical Manufacturing

Ahmad Baqa, COO

Ahmad Baqa


The chemical industry plays a pivotal role in modern society, contributing to various sectors. Its growth factors are diverse, driven by increasing global demand for chemicals. Population growth, urbanization, and technological advancements have boosted this demand. Yet, sustainability challenges emerge large, with pollution and resource depletion at the forefront. Regulatory pressures and public awareness also push for cleaner production methods. Achieving sustainable growth remains the industry's paramount challenge, necessitating green chemistry practices and innovative solutions for a more eco-friendly future. SACHLO a member of Middle East Chemicals (Midchem) a prominent player in the chemical manufacturing industry, has firmly established itself as a leader in addressing the sustainability challenges that loom large over chemical manufacturing.

Spearheaded by Ahmad Baqa, an esteemed Chief Operating Officer (COO) with a profound background in Chemical Engineering, the company has achieved remarkable success. Under his stewardship, the company underwent a significant structural overhaul. With a commitment to technological advancement and sustainable practices, Ahmad initiated pivotal projects to reinforce SACHLO's market dominance. His dedication to reducing expenses and enhancing shareholder value has solidified his reputation as a dynamic and results-driven leader.In an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights Asia, Ahmad Baqa provides deeper insights into his professional attributes and SACHLO.

Could you please describe your leadership approach, including your guiding principles, and share what motivates your daily routines as a leader?

As the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of SACHLO, my leadership approach is guided by key principles tailored to the chemical manufacturing industry. Safety is our top priority, underpinned by robust safety training, audits, and protocols. Environmental responsibility is essential, with a focus on compliance, emissions reduction, and eco-friendly technologies. We pursue operational excellence through Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, emphasizing process optimization and quality control. Efficient resource management minimizes waste. Staying technologically advanced and fostering innovation is crucial. Our long-term vision guides sustainability efforts, while ethical leadership fosters integrity.My daily motivation comes from pursuing operational excellence, ensuring safety and compliance, driving profitability and innovation, and leading a high-performing team. Problem-solving, professional growth, alignment with our mission, and contributing to sustainability inspire me in the dynamic chemical manufacturing industry.

Could you articulate SACHLO's organizational identity and market positioning, highlighting flagship offerings and the added value customers can expect from your offerings?

SACHLO is a key player in chemical manufacturing, specializing in the production of essential chemicals like chlorine (Cl2), sodium hydroxide (NaOH), sodium hypochlorite (NaOCL), calcium chloride (CaCl2), and hydrochloric acid (HCl) through brine electrolysis These chemicals serve as vital raw materials across industries. SACHLO's market position is bolstered by its substantial production capacity, enabling economies of scale. A strong focus on product quality and purity drives high demand and premium pricing. Moreover, our strategic location near key markets further solidifies our position as an industry leader.Market dynamics are influenced by competition, environmental sustainability, and strict regulations. SACHLO's position isn't solely production-based but also founded on maintaining quality, meeting market demands, and overcoming industry challenges. In essence, SACHLO's pivotal role in chemical manufacturing offers essential products while providing value through cost-effectiveness, quality, safety, customization, and versatility, all guided by environmental responsibility and innovation. This contribution is vital to the broader economy.

Share light on your organization's quality control measures for products, excellence, and sustainable practices, along with your vision for a sustainable future.

Quality control is paramount in SACHLO's operations, ensuring top-tier products and stringent safety standards. We meticulously inspect raw materials, conduct supplier audits, monitor critical parameters, and employ advanced analytical techniques. Robust documentation, equipment maintenance, and ISO certifications assure quality, while safety protocols and environmental compliance minimize risks. Employee training, customer feedback, and research-driven process optimization underscore our commitment. These measures collectively guarantee SACHLO delivers high-quality products, upholding safety and environmental standards, and ensuring our continued success.In our commitment to sustainability, SACHLO diligently works to minimize environmental impact and pave the way for a sustainable future. Our sustainable practices revolve around reducing energy consumption, waste generation, and hazardous chemical use. This includes initiatives such as deploying energy-efficient equipment, optimizing processes, and exploring alternative energy sources. We prioritize eco-friendly raw materials and emissions control through advanced scrubbing and containment technologies. Our waste reduction strategies encompass recycling byproducts, responsible hazardous waste management, and waste minimization. Water management focuses on reducing consumption, recycling, and meeting stringent environmental standards. Regulatory compliance is a non-negotiable principle, often exceeding requirements. Our ongoing research and development investments drive cleaner, sustainable technologies and greener alternatives, aligning with our vision for a more sustainable world.

What future destination are you heading towards?

My strategic destination is shaped by multifaceted goals that encompass sustainability, technological advancement, regulatory compliance, market expansion, talent development, safety, cost-efficiency, profitability, innovation, community engagement, and long-term planning. Sustainability entails reducing our carbon footprint, waste generation, and embracing eco-friendly technologies. We are committed to technological advancements like automation and data analytics to enhance operations and ensure product quality. Complying with industry regulations, expanding our product portfolio, and entering new markets are crucial for long-term viability.Talent development through leadership programs and safety protocols is vital, alongside cost reduction and supply chain optimization for efficiency. Innovation and product development keep us competitive, while community engagement fosters positive relationships. Long-term planning and strategic partnerships are pivotal for realizing our vision.

Ahmad Baqa, COO, SACHLO

Ahmad Baqa, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at SACHLO, is a seasoned professional with a strong background in Chemical Engineering. After graduating in 2004, he embarked on his career journey as a Chemical Engineer at a Chlor Alkali Plant in Pakistan, amassing valuable experience over nearly five years. In 2011, Ahmad joined the Saudi factory for Chlorine and Alkalis (SACHLO) as a Production Engineer, swiftly ascending to the role of Plant Manager and later to COO in 2018. Ahmad's transformative leadership has orchestrated a transformation within the company, propelling it toward greater heights and positioning it firmly on the path to a sustainable and prosperous future.

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