Hassan Mahmoud: Driving Innovation & Growth At Purein-SA

Hassan Mahmoud: Driving Innovation & Growth At Purein-SA

Hassan Mahmoud , COO

Hassan Mahmoud


In any organization and across all sectors, the trajectory of growth and the ultimate success invariably rests upon the shoulders of the lead­ers who adeptly guide their teams and com­panies toward a shared vision and common objec­tives. When an exceptional leader is at the helm, the potential for business growth and expansion becomes nothing short of extraordinary. This truth is vividly exemplified in the remarkable journey of Hassan Mahmoud, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Purein-Sa.

Hassan Mahmoud is a dynamic and visionary leader whose professional journey is marked by a unique blend of technical expertise, strategic prowess, and a genuine passion for innovation. With a career spanning 17 years, Hassan has successfully navigated diverse roles, from spearheading HR initiatives for multinational corporations to achieving impressive profit margins as a HR and Ops General Manager at Mitsubishi Electronics. His transition into the retail sector and his current role as VP for operations at Purein-Sa showcase his adaptability and transformative leadership style. Hassan's commitment to continuous self-improvement, emphasis on empowerment and trust within his teams, and his foresight into industry trends make him an exemplary figure in the business landscape.

Describe your professional background and what motivates your daily routines?

My background blends computer programming with extensive experience in human resources and operations, fostering innovative thinking. In my 17-year career, I held key roles like head of HR for Saudi Arabia, deputy for the Middle East and North Africa at multinational firms, and General Man­ager at Mitsubishi Electronics, achieving a profit increase in the first year. I later transitioned back to the retail sector, which I'm passionate about, and worked with Extra, one of Saudi Arabia's largest re­tail chains. Now, as VP for operations at Purein-Sa, we've expanded from 20 to over 50 gas stations, earned critical Ministry of Energy certificates, and secured a pivotal role among 7,000 gas station com­panies in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, we've ventured into entrepreneurship, launching Novy in KSA, a mini-market chain with plans for 15 stations, and expanding our transportation sub-contract from three to over 15 trucks. My daily motivation hinges on continuous self-improvement and striving to ex­cel in every task I undertake.

Define Purein-Sa and its market position. What sets your organization apart for clients?

One of the Main reasons why I have joined Purein- Sa is, when I met the CEO and he shared with me his vision, and showed me how much he is passionate being one of the top ten companies in GCC, with young and passionate leader I did not hesitate to join them.

Purein-Sa a dynamic organization comprised of three distinct entities: gas stations, mini markets, and a transportation company. What sets us apart is our integrated structure, featuring shared services departments like finance and HR, Finance, and IT to efficiently support all three companies. Each department also includes specialized teams, such as real estate, dedicated to specific business needs.

Our overarching goals and vision are aligned across the company, cascading down to each de­partment, guided by the OKR methodology. We've built and collaborated with a local company to craft well-defined objectives. Our aim is to become a publicly listed company on the Saudi market by 2026. This integrated approach and commitment to growth, position us uniquely in the market, al­lowing us to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients.

Share your leadership approach and guiding principles.

My leadership approach centres on empowering employees and fostering trust and transparency within the team. I believe in taking responsibil­ity for mistakes and recognizing and celebrating achievements. Building trust through consistent results is a priority, which eventually leads to strong relationships and a family-like atmosphere among the team members.

Trust from your team is crucial & you need to earn it through your knowledge, experience, advice & vision

I've had the privilege of working with some colleagues for many years, and some have even risen to significant positions. However, I prefer to view leadership as a mutual learning experience rather than a hierarchical one. It's crucial for a leader to have a clear vision and understand how to motivate each team member individually, recognizing that different people may respond to different motivational approaches, whether it's salary increases or public recognition. Ultimately, understanding and connecting with your team is the key to achieving success as a leader.

How do you stay updated on industry trends for guiding your organization's future?

I believe in staying updated through traditional read­ing methods. Books are my go-to source for knowl­edge. While other sources like, attending special events, articles, YouTube, and X can be helpful, I al­ways stress the importance of reading. In my experi­ence, building strong relationships and communica­tion channels with other stakeholders helps keep us informed about market trends and regulatory chang­es. For example, we were selected by to participate in new Gas station technology because of our robust IT department. We developed our own ERP system in just six months and stayed updated with market trends and government regulations through effective communication and collaboration.

What market changes and opportunities do you foresee in the future? What would you advice the budding industry leaders?

We anticipate significant changes in the market be­havior, particularly due to a major contract between Saudi Arabia and China for clean energy. We're pre­paring our stations to have electronic pump and have prepared ourselves with the Ministry of Energy to ensure readiness for this transition. Additionally, with the ambitious Saudi Arabia 2030 plan and the expected influx of tourists, we're gearing up for in­creased demand. For instance, we've developed plans for removable or transferable tanks (transferable sta­tions), especially in remote areas, which have already proven successful. This approach has become a valu­able opportunity for us.

My advice to budding industry leaders is to work hard in a smart way. Specialize in a field, build your expertise, and then you might consider transitioning to other areas. Focus on gaining practical experience and be very careful in choosing certificates. Trust from your team is crucial, and you need to earn it through your knowledge, experience, advice, and vision. Building trust isn't easy, but it's essential for effective leadership.

Hassan Mahmoud, COO, PUREIN-SA

Hassan Mahmoud is a seasoned professional with a diverse background spanning computer programming, HR, and operations. His leadership emphasizes collaboration, clear vision, and individualized motivation for team success.

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