Ankit J. Patel: Fuelling Sustainable Transformations In The Gas Industry

Ankit J. Patel: Fuelling Sustainable Transformations In The Gas Industry

Ankit J Patel, Director

Ankit J Patel


Primarily reinforced by the petroleum sector, Brunei’s oil and gas domains have long been the growth engines of this gas-rich sultanate’s economy. Lamentably, the industry is often linked with uncertainties, which makes it imperative yet challenging for companies to outcompete others. Competitiveness and market volatility, coupled with technological advancements, have also redefined the role of a leader. The key qualities of ideal leaders are no longer about authority and making their team stay within the established boundaries, but about leading others with innate creativity, vision, adaptability, and collaborative efforts while steering the growth of their companies. Embodying the attributes of the latter is Ankit J. Patel, an industry leader and the director of Atoll Oxygen - one of the prominent manufacturers of industrial as well as medical gas in Brunei. With a decade of proven experience and expertise in providing services in executive positions, Ankit has been playing a catalytic role in driving Atoll Oxygen to achieve sustainable operational excellence, realizing its mission to be a technology-driven, efficient, and environmentally friendly company.

Ankit and Atoll Oxygen are dedicated to understanding and catering to the needs of clients, employees, and partners, which is reflected in their milestones. Incorporated in 2011, Atoll Oxygen was the first manufacturer in Brunei for medical and industrial oxygen, nitrogen, and ultra-high-purity gases. Ankit realized the need and spearheaded a change by setting up a manufacturing unit. Today, under his aegis, the company has grown to carve a niche as a leading provider of high-quality services and products. Approved by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Development, its corrosion-resistant cylinders have been proactive in alleviating the long-standing market challenges of price, durability, and customer satisfaction.

With the objective of ‘you and I go home safe’, the company invests a significant share of the budget every year on safety measures, including trainings, safety campaigns and the correct personal protective equipment for the employees. The company is ISO-certified and undertakes regular audits, which foregrounds its compliance with safety. “We are the approved vendor of the government and flagship companies like Brunei Shell Petroleum, Brunei LNG, TOTAL, Brunei Fertilizer Industries, Brunei Methanol Company. We have worked hard to gain the trust of all our clients and this is a continuous process to maintain it”, says Ankit. In addition, he also seeks to keep the personnel at the forefront of technology and innovation through multiple initiatives, including attending seminars, expos, and even utilizing a breakthrough like cutting-edge software to track the real-time location of its cylinders.

As a dynamic leader, Ankit has aligned Atoll Oxygen’s goals to fuel the government’s vision of Wawasan 2035 by hiring & empowering the local talent pool

Creating a People’s Company

Gradually shifting its focus on other sectors apart majesty, has rolled out multiple reforms under Wawasan Brunei 2035 to develop the country, aiding local talent and local business development. As a dynamic leader, Ankit has aligned Atoll Oxygen’s goals to fuel the government’s vision and economic development. “We regard it as the technology transfer for developing locals. Currently, we have almost 78 percent local staff,” proclaims Ankit. The company takes immense pride in its expert team, consisting of diligent and creative professionals who are bounded by a healthy and friendly work environment. “We have a team of people aimed at identifying the talent in the market, which is complimented by a few government agencies, like the job centers, in hiring local talent”, adds Ankit. The company has also collaborated with IBTE technical schools and colleges in Brunei, which help in recruiting the right people, who are further trained through in-house and third-party programs.

Ankit perceives collaboration as a critical factor in building trust and credibility and achieving a common goal. The company has multiple partnerships in Singapore, Malaysia, and India that help it manage supply and demand efficiently. “It is very important to show our stakeholders that we value their input and we are committed to addressing their interests. This can be done by listening and incorporating their feedback into our process. We have regular meetings either by traveling to their places or inviting them to Brunei, which further helps us better comprehend each other’s work, production, and safety cultures”, says Ankit. In addition, the long tenure of Atoll in the industry also serves as an advantage in molding the company to sense and gear up for geopolitical shifts. Unless the country’s flagship companies stop functioning, the company does not rely on neighboring countries to import gas. “However, as the shutdowns are pre-planned, we stock up the required quantities in advance according to the potential demand projections based on historical data,” informs Ankit. With such growth-inducing endeavors in its arsenal, the company aims to continue backing the government’s visions and is currently in the process of diversifying into the agro and cold storage domains. “I have incorporated sustainable practices in our operations such as minimizing waste and promoting environmental conservation, investing in training and development. This helps to build a skilled workforce and fosters local talent development,” concludes Ankit.

Ankit J. Patel, Director, Atoll Oxygen

With an MBA from the University of Pune, Ankit started his career in 2011 as a director of Atoll Oxygen and managing partner at Atoll Alloys. Backed by business development and marketing acumen, he has also held key roles as CEO.

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