Anna Kovner Laskovsky: Stepping Up To Address The Food Security Challenges Across The Globe

Anna Kovner Laskovsky: Stepping Up To Address The Food Security Challenges Across The Globe

Anna Kovner Laskovsky , CEO

Anna Kovner Laskovsky


As emerging agriculture trends mark a shift towards smart farming and efficient utilization of time and resources, technology is advancing to meet the growing demands for automation, digitalization, green solutions and local sustainability. Increasing technology investments in developing countries and the introduction of big data analytics have propelled the growth of the global agri-tech market. Led by CEO, Anna Kovner Laskovsky, Agrigo Group is a leading global EPCM contractor with a proven track record in developing and launching sustainable, planet-friendly turnkey agricultural complexes, from vertical integration for pigs, poultry, and dairy farming to aquaculture. With over two decades of experience, in this role, Anna has built a game-changer in tomorrow’s world of sustainable agriculture, as she empowers clients to succeed in a rapidly changing reality. In this exclusive interaction with CEO Insights Magazine, Anna elaborates on how she leads the change for Agrigo and shares some of the keys to her and the company’s success.

Define Agrigo Group's role as an agri-tech solutions provider in the farming sector.

Our vision for the agri-tech of tomorrow is to ensure high returns with the smallest possible ecological footprint. As we like to say, Agrigo speaks the language of agriculture to give the livestock, fish, and plants what they can't ask for. For example, we realized the critical importance of clean, fresh air and invented our unique ventilation solution which is now integrated into every building we construct. It allows us to direct the fresh air where it is required to keep the livestock healthy, ensure the best Food Consumption Rate (FCR) and productivity while saving on energy costs.

Our developments range from ecological and biosecurity solutions for construction to high-tech innovation. We use decision-support systems based on AI recognition and real-time big data analysis. As we share our engineering solutions,we train local personnel to be able to take over in the long run and continue the successful operation. We see our role as the driving force for qualitative change for the better in the local farming sector with a focus on long-term economic efficiency by enhancing local business opportunities with our engineering and management experience.

What are the traits that best define your leadership style? What is your success mantra?

I believe that only highly motivated professionals can drive long-term company success. Therefore, my leadership style is to create a productive atmosphere which empowers employees to grow with and within the company. I always remember that "balance is key”, and I aim to inspire my employees to enjoy diversity in life, be it work, family, personal development, new impressions, or discoveries. Having a full, happy life outside of work adds immensely to an employee’s productivity and creativity, proactively prevents burnout, and fosters open, healthy relations between all team members.

We Analyze The Entire Supply Chain To Identify Critical Infrastructure On The National Level & Recommend Solutions To Mitigate Risks And Boost The Country's Regional Potential

I'm a mother of twin girls, who is accustomed to being the only woman in a room of C-level executives, so I see my formula works. That's why it's important for me to contribute to a working culture where a successful career and traditional KPI-oriented approach can be combined with a wholesome personal life.

As the Group CEO, what elements do you use to build successful corporate growth strategies?

Agrigo's key asset is the team of experts in every field it works in – experts who make informed decisions, spot emerging opportunities, and transform plans into reality. My primary task as CEO is to create productive conditions for the right people within our multicultural company, with headquarters in Israel and affiliates in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Under your administration, what kind of impact is delivered through your tailor-made technology solution portfolio? How do you ensure the highquality production of healthier and affordable protein products?

Recent years have shown how fragile our world is. Covid pandemic, geopolitical turmoil, and aggravating climate conditions create new challenges for countries in ensuring national and regional food security. We at Agrigo leverage agri-tech innovations to let our clients save resources, foster import replacement, and reduce the unfavorable impact of external conditions. We analyze the entire supply chain to identify critical infrastructure on the national level and recommend solutions to mitigate risks and boost the country's regional potential. For instance, among our current national-level projects are breeder farms that provide high-quality hatching eggs to enhance the entire broiler production and saturate the domestic market with affordable protein; or a marine fish hatchery to enhance national aquaculture development program.

How do you ensure the long-term economic efficiency and sustainability of your clients' projects?

As a turnkey EPCM integrator, Agrigo serves as a single point of contact for our clients to ensure the anticipated outcomes and efficiency of complex agricultural projects. We know that success is a result of seamless coordination of all project stages, from the civil works through technological solutions to operational management.

We approach each project with a feasibility study, understanding the local requirements, climate conditions, and even the local culture and mentality. Only then we design tailor-made concepts featuring all necessary engineering and construction solutions to optimize our production output. As a result, we create sustainable agricultural projects with builtin expansion potential for decades. Our partners and clients not only achieve financial profit but also contribute to the common good - improved quality of life, food security, and planet-friendly solutions.

Anna Kovner Laskovsky, CEO, Agrigo Group

Anna is a multicultural professional with a financial background and global experience who believes in the power of agri-technology to ensure that the world of tomorrow remains humane. She has previously worked for Deloitte in Financial Advisory Services. She joined the world of agriculture more than ten years ago, where her experience ranges from pure financing aspects, securing funds for agricultural projects to fiscal and risk management, reducing cost without compromising quality, and proactive ways to expand business operations.

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