Binita Kadam: Integrating Life Lessons With Human Psychology To Achieve The Desired Outcome In Any Work Setting

Binita Kadam: Integrating Life Lessons With Human Psychology To Achieve The Desired Outcome In Any Work Setting

Binita Kadam , Founder & Chairperson

Binita Kadam

Founder & Chairperson

For generations, women have had to strive to make their voices heard in the workplace/ socioeconomic constraints, a lack of quality education, unequal representation in leadership, and a corporate glass ceiling that appears to be impossible to break have kept women out of contention for an equal share of the workspace pie. Binita Kadam is one such exemplary Industrial Psychologist & Corporate Communication Coach with more than 17 years of experience; having worked with Corporates, Industries, and Academic Institutions.

Binita is the steward of governance as the Founder & Chairperson at RGB Training Services, an ISO 29993: 2017 certified organization that provides customized solutions by employing psychological tools and scales to impart concepts for effective results. RGB Training Services primarily focuses on social intelligence upskilling. It provides Workplace Psychology Training & Development Programs with the goal of Organizational Development and nurturing humane and productive organizational behaviour. Binita Kadam enlightens us more about her professional traits and RGB Training Services in an exclusive interview with CEO Insights Asia. Tell us about the offerings of RGB Training Services and what are its greatest strengths. At RGB Training Services, we simply try to relate to the changes that are taking place around us.

The changes or revolutions that have transpired over the last two decades that have been dramatic, yet they have been too much for everyone to embrace. The last one was Corona, and it drove people insane. They were either driven out of their jobs, moved on to different careers, went into self-employment, or found employment  following self-employment. And when we talk about training and development, it is not the same as the corporate training that employees receive. We are purely focused on psychological and behavioural training that assists a person in developing one's talents, whether at work or in how he relates to his career in the future, in the present, and how he might mould it in a better way than in the past with the help of Organizational Development Interventions that are long term plans for learning in an organization.

What are the fundamental factors you look into when developing effective corporate growth strategies?

one are the days of managing workplaces using scientific methods of measuring performance. Today, keeping positive psychology in mind, the degree of emotional attachment, ownership of one’s job roles, social and emotional intelligence that both the organization and employees possess matters a lot. That is where social intelligence and emotional intelligences comes into play as concepts to be learnt and practices for real for better individual and organizational growth. This would lead to making workplaces an ideal setup where people work for selfgrowth and learning and not for mere incentives and monetary gains for materialistic growth.

Could you tell me about some of the major challenges you have experienced in your journey so far? And how did you overcome them? And what did you learn from them?

I’m a c ancer s urvivor. W hile I w as f ighting my battles yet working simultaneously, many of my ongoing projects with good organizations had to be discontinued as they remarked I was dying. Without considering my quality of work, unaffected with any of my health issues, I was refrained from my projects. I fought my ways out through many years and today I am working on enlightening professionals and organizations through Psychology for Workplaces as a regime, an emotionally driven goal of my work. I help all those who approach me to fight similar battles to prove themselves at work while fighting cancer. The saddening truth is these people work with big names and these organizations fail to show humanity and practice fair employment policies.

Where are you headed in the next five years and what are the impacts you strive to create through your future goals?

The Training and Development industry is turning into a glamourous one with more emphasis of jazzy apparels, picnics and outings, food and celebrations but very less emphasis on conceptual learning and enhancing levels of performance and effectiveness. Ad-hoc Trainers practice haphazard by using copied material from the internet and not realizing the degree of harm they are creating on the working professionals and the organizations investing in upskilling their employees. Considering the massive technostructural transitions globally that will affect our work patterns at large, we are striving to create as effective and essential Organizational Development Interventions as possible to enhance the Human Resource of an organization. For the same, a forum – “Psychology for Workplaces” has been curated for the change makers around the world to share their thoughts and suggestions to bring about real and practical changes for the betterment of workplaces. I have been endeavouring to create positive transitions each day where organizations as bodies, veterans and working professionals can benefit by learning from one another.

I have been endeavouring to create Positive transitions each day where Organizations as bodies, veterans & Working professionals can benefit by Learning from one another

As an industry leader, what advice would you like to give to the upcoming leaders? There are two things here- First, you must be human, and second, you must continue to learn. Because if we stop learning, humanity will perish, and if we stop being human, learning will be lost. So both of them are interconnected.

Binita Kadam, Founder & Chairperson, RGB Training Services

A hard-core Industrial Psychologist who integrates life lessons with human psychology to achieve the desired outcomes in any work setting. She is skilled in training and developing new methods for upskilling individuals entrenched on fundamentals of Industrial Organizational Psychology for aspirants of global careers and working professionals.

Hobbies: Reading & Music

Favourite Author: Daniel Steele

Favourite Cuisine: Maharashtrian

Awards & Recognitions:

• Extraordinary Curriculum Content Development for MBA & BBA by the hands of Former Chief Justice of          

India, G.T. Nanavati

• Top 10 corporate trainers by Women Entrepreneur India

• Extraordinary Efforts into Training and Development - during and post the Corona Pandemic by the Education Minister of Gujarat, by ABP Asmita - ABP network



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