Ar. Romolo V. Nati: Committed To Delivering Only Certified Green Buildings To The Market

Ar. Romolo V. Nati: Committed To Delivering Only Certified Green Buildings To The Market

Ar. Romolo V. Nati , Executive Chairman & CEO

Ar. Romolo V. Nati

Executive Chairman & CEO

Recognized for his leadership in promoting sustainable architecture and green building practices in the Philippines, under the guidance of Ar. Romolo V. Nati, Executive Chairman and CEO, Italpinas Development Corporation has developed a reputation for designing and constructing eco-friendly buildings that blend modern design with sustainable technologies. Italpinas Development Corporation, often referred to as IDC, is a real estate development company known for its commitment to sustainable and environmentally conscious projects. Furthermore, the company has received two local awards, one global award for Ar. Romolo’s leadership has led the company to identify and invest in promising locations, often in secondary and tertiary cities, where there is untapped market potential. Let’s read more about him in below interview snippet.

Throw some light on your professional background and experiences? What motivated you to pursue a career as an architect?

I belong to Rome, Italy, and my upbringing in the ‘Eternal City’ undeniably ignited my fervor for history and architecture. Rome boasts a wealth of ancient structures, constructed millennia ago, yet they continue to captivate countless visitors from across the globe.

During my college years, my passion for architecture deepened as I accompanied my father, who worked for ALITALIA (Italian Airlines), on journeys to major cities like Hong Kong, New York City, Chicago, and Singapore. These travels exposed me to modern architectural wonders, ultimately steering me towards a career in architecture. Subsequently, I made the decision to study architecture at the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, where I later graduated with the highest honors, Summa Cum Laude.

My passion for architecture and my commitment to sustainability prompted me to delve into fields such as biomimicry, green design, and sustainable construction. During my free time, I dedicated myself to exploring various tools, including software, designed to assist architects and designers in delivering environmentally conscious projects. Additionally, I eagerly studied how diverse cultures across different eras harmoniously coexisted with nature. In my view, history and nature serve as the most profound teachers in this endeavor.

Could you please elaborate on your leadership philosophy and the principles or methodologies you adhere to when guiding your team?

To begin with, I maintain a clear and compelling vision of IDC's value propositions, purpose, and objectives. It is incumbent upon me to effectively convey these concepts to every individual within the organization. I foster a culture of collaboration, where the gathering of accurate facts and data underpins informed decision-making and execution. At each juncture, I grant my team the autonomy to make decisions. I firmly believe that empowering employees is essential to unlocking their full potential. I refrain from micromanaging, recognizing it as an inefficient use of time for both parties involved. Instead, I emphasize the importance of thorough training and clear communication of objectives to employees and collaborators, allowing them to take the reins within predefined boundaries.

Furthermore, I empower my team members to take ownership of their work, delineating their roles and responsibilities to facilitate seamless collaboration. I actively encourage all team members to share their ideas, fostering an environment where the most effective concepts can flourish and contribute to our shared success.

How do you cultivate a culture of continuous learning within your team, and how do you guide them in effectively obtaining feedback from customers to drive improvement?

I strongly advocate for ongoing personal and professional development among all team members and actively encourage them to embrace a mindset of continuous learning. My approach prioritizes active listening over speaking, fostering an environment where employees and partners feel empowered to freely share their thoughts, ideas, and feedback. This collaborative atmosphere is key to nurturing value within our team. I acknowledge that I don't possess all the answers and that there is much I can learn from anyone.

Furthermore, I promote a culture of open and honest feedback among all team members, whether it's positive or constructive criticism. It's essential to create an environment where individuals can accept negative yet constructive comments as valuable opportunities for growth and improvement. Trust and mutual respect are foundational within our group, emphasizing that professional feedback should not be taken personally. We operate as a cohesive team, much like a football team relying on one another to excel, and we recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy, trust-based environment. These fundamental elements are pivotal in fostering a culture of continuous improvement and ensuring that everyone remains receptive to learning and feedback.

Looking ahead, what shifts in market behavior do you anticipate, and what opportunities do you foresee? What guidance would you offer to emerging leaders?

The market is a dynamic entity, perpetually evolving, and companies must possess the agility to anticipate and, whenever possible, proactively shape these changes. IDC has exemplified this ability and continues to do so.

Pioneering within an industry involves taking calculated risks within reasonable bounds. By vigilantly observing the societal landscape, we can glean valuable insights into forthcoming developments. This serves as valuable advice for emerging leaders in the field: remain vigilant, interpret the prevailing reality, and resist the sway of prevailing opinion. Cultivate independent thinking and be prepared for potential setbacks, as entrepreneurship frequently entails pursuing a vision that may not yet be widely recognized.

Identifying a niche can be a strategic approach, and the concept of the 'blue ocean' remains highly pertinent. New entrants should strive to outperform established companies in terms of quality, costefficiency, and speed. This remains the primary avenue for achieving success in a fiercely competitive market.

What are your intentions for allocating your time within your career journey moving forward?

I derive great satisfaction from imparting my experiences to the younger generation and collaborating with enthusiastic individuals who have a thirst for knowledge. I firmly uphold the belief that enthusiasm forms the bedrock of every achievement, with hard work serving as the bridge that links aspirations to tangible outcomes. It's imperative for the emerging generation to grasp that success is an outcome of dedicated effort and collaboration with peers. Through mutual support and upliftment, we can collectively realize our dreams and ambitions.

Ar. Romolo V. Nati, Executive Chairman & CEO

Awards: 'Most Innovative Mixed-Use Developer', and it is set to receive the Top Developer in the Philippines this October'

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