Franco Pedregosa: Making The Future Better By Building Sustainable & Green Communities

Franco Pedregosa: Making The Future Better By Building Sustainable & Green Communities

Franco Pedregosa , President

Franco Pedregosa


As sustainability becomes an increasingly important issue in the real estate market, ‘eco-friendly homes’ and ‘sustainable building practices’ have been the buzzwords in the green real estate market. But creating developments that not only promote green homes, but also sustain and revive agriculture, address issues like food shortage, and climate change, and support economic growth, is something that the world has never heard before. With a vision to enhance the quality of life for generations to come, Figtree Properties is promoting agriculture, green homes, and economic growth and inspiring humanity to go back to nature. Franco Pedregosa (President, Figtree Properties) is the torchbearer of this innovative concept and a great advocator of sustainable development. He recognized the need for improvement in the real estate and development industry, particularly in local communities, and founded Figtree Properties.

Franco is armed with 15 years of extensive experience in real estate markets and is leveraging his rich knowledge, technical cognizance, and skills to develop businesses that lead to a smart, sustainable, and resilient future. Let’s hear it from him.

Define Figtree Properties as an organization and its position in the market.

Figtree Properties began with the objective to create sustainable and green communities not just to meet the needs of the present generation but also to leave a positive impact for generations to come. We are building communities that are not purely real estate constructions but integration of farming and agriculture in the development. Through our organization, we strive to address crucial issues such as food shortage, climate change, and decreasing arable lands by promoting agriculture, green homes, and economic growth. Our green communities offer the perfect balance between nature and modern living, with eco-friendly homes, lush gardens, and sustainable farming. We are integrating technologies like AI and IoT to continue to build a better tomorrow through smart living practices and be the pioneers in this field not just in the Philippines but globally.

As the President, what are the factors you take into account when developing effective corporate growth strategies for the company?

As a leader, my main focus has always been to ensure that my employees are working in the best conditions. People are our greatest asset and I never compromise on helping my people develop the capacities the organization needs to succeed. Apart from that, being people-centric also includes understanding the needs of our customers. Our business growth strategies reflect the needs and desires of our customers and are tailored to meet their expectations. I firmly believe in innovating and leveraging technology to create a lean management system – a business model focusing on improving processes across the value stream in order to eliminate waste and deliver optimized value to the customer. Above all, I believe in having a clear purpose or vision so that I am able to intersect successfully with the organization’s vision, its people, and its customers.

We are here in this business to help indigenous people & make a positive impact on their lives & the planet

How do you guide your team to uphold your commitment to promoting smart, innovative, mixed-use communities that cultivate sustainability for a resilient future and enhance your customer’s quality of life?

Figtree Properties is focused on promoting a sustainable lifestyle and the core values of the business are driven by faith, people, profit, and the planet. Hence, when a person joins the company, we ensure that he/she is aware of the values, culture, mission, and vision of the same. The team needs to understand that we are here to build a legacy not just in the Philippines but globally where we leverage technology to develop smart, innovative, mixed-use communities that cultivate sustainability.

We are here in this business to help indigenous people and make a positive impact on their lives and the planet. What really drives our team is the common vision that we share as an organization. We are moving towards a common objective of creating a fusion of two worlds – nature and modern living, where residential bliss harmonizes with the beauty of the natural world.

What is your anticipation about the market going forward? What would be your advice to budding industry leaders?

I believe it is time to redefine sustainability in the world of business. It is time for businesses (particularly real estate businesses) to embrace issues related to climate change, global warming, and food shortage while embracing harmony with modern living. Businesses must look for new ways of pursuing sustainability, and a new and more assertive voice through shifts in the environment, technology, and economics. Figtree Properties are the first movers in being sustainable, and resilient, and leveraging artificial intelligence in reviving agriculture, promoting green homes, and supporting economic growth, and creating sustainable living experience.

My advice for budding leaders would be to be united and believe in sustainability. They must have a clear purpose and try to create a positive impact in the community through their businesses.

What is the future destination you are headed towards?

We aspire to be the global leader as the first mover in integrating real estate, agriculture, and tourism and creating an ecosystem of business that is embedded to help people, communities, and the planet.

Franco Pedregosa, President, Figtree Properties

With a Master's in entrepreneurship from the Asian Institute of Management and the experience of being a part of the international real estate industry, Franco is leading a pioneering concept of building smart, sustainable, and resilient communities.

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