Arif Abdulkadir: Pioneering High-End Wellness Experiences In The UAE & Beyond

Arif Abdulkadir: Pioneering High-End Wellness Experiences In The UAE & Beyond

Arif Abdulkadir , Director

Arif Abdulkadir


The wellness industry in the UAE has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, reflecting the increasing emphasis on health and well-being. With a market size of considerable magnitude, the UAE wellness industry continues to thrive across various sectors, including fitness, spa, and wellness retreats, beauty and skincare, and holistic health practices. The demand for wellness services and products remains strong, fueled by the country's affluent population, a growing awareness of the importance of self-care, and a desire for quality wellness experiences. 360WELLNESS, founded in 2006, has emerged as a prominent wellness solutions provider in the UAE and GCC states. With a portfolio that boasts a series of remarkable spa projects, ranging from five-star hotels to premium resorts and luxury mansions, the firm is known for its expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional wellness experiences.

We engaged in a one-on-one interaction with the company’s Director, Arif Abdulkadir. Let’s hear more from him.

Give a brief account of your professional journey.

With a career spanning over two decades, I embarked on my professional journey in 1995 after completing my MBA in marketing and foreign trade. I began as a management trainee at Hero Motors in India before transitioning to Dubai. It was in the fitness industry that I found my passion, working with renowned brands like Technogym, Tunturi, Nordic Track, and Reebok fitness accessories. Recognizing the untapped potential in the sauna and steam business, I made a move into this sector, driven by the limited presence of such facilities in hotels and spas. In 2006, I established 360WELLNESS with a focus on providing high-end, premium sauna, steam, and Jacuzzi areas, catering to individuals seeking top-quality wellness experiences. Through strategic partnerships, including a collaboration with Tylo from Sweden, we expanded our offerings to include hydrotherapy and SPA installations. By 2012, our journey led us to transform into a comprehensive wellness and spa company. Over the years, we have successfully executed over 720 projects not only in the UAE but also across the GCC, Middle East, Africa, and even in Europe. Our dedication to providing exceptional services and quality has propelled us forward, establishing us as a prominent player in the wellness industry.

What has been your success mantra in your journey so far?

Our unwavering focus has always been on providing high-end wellness and spa solutions, prioritizing quality, and understanding customer requirements. We constantly stay attuned to industry trends and customer needs, seeking opportunities for improvement and customization. This relentless dedication, combined with our own concepts and ideas, has fuelled our continuous growth. Our success is attributed to the hard work and determination of our dedicated team, working tirelessly to achieve our objectives and goals.

Could you define 360WELLNESS as an organization, and its position in the wellness and fitness services mar­ket?

In the realm of relaxation companies, our position stands out prominently, particularly in the GCC region. While other companies primarily focus either on consul­tancy services on trad­ing, our core strength lies in realization. With 25 years of industry experience, we possess invaluable knowledge and expertise in under­standing and fulfilling customer requirements. Our commitment to exe­cution excellence enables us to enhance the functionality of our solutions. Should any design defects or practical challenges arise, we collaborate with in-house design consultants and industry experts to ensure that our offerings are the best and deliver enhanced function­ality to our valued customers.

Tell us about your flagship products and solutions. What makes you an ideal choice for customers?

Our core focus lies in the realization phase, encompassing supply, installation, testing, commissioning, and maintenance services. We excel in providing comprehensive annual maintenance contracts for all our installations. Additionally, we extend our support to clients by assisting in spa design and providing guidance from concept design to the final realization stage. We go the extra mile by offering training to ensure our clients are proficient in operating the equipment and running the spa independently, without relying on external support.

Our unwavering focus has always been on providing high-end wellness & spa solutions, prioritizing quality, & understanding customer requirements

As the Director, what are the factors you check to ensure the smooth running of operations?

With over 24 years of experience, I specialize in managing complex projects that require meticulous attention to detail and coordination. My role encompasses overseeing various functions within the organization, addressing unique client requirements, and finding optimal solutions by sourcing products globally. I thrive on the challenges inherent in integrating different products and delivering customized solutions to customers. In addition to project development, I ensure the smooth operation of all departments, taking responsibility for marketing, business development, and execution. This comprehensive approach allows me to cover all aspects of the project lifecycle.

Where do you see yourself headed in the upcoming years? What is your future roadmap?

With a portfolio of over 120 hotel projects in the four-star and five-star industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner. Our collaborations span across renowned brands, including Bulgari, Jumeirah, Shangri-La, One and Only, St. Regis, Marriott, among others. Notably, we are currently engaged in the Marsa Al Arab project, where we are responsible for developing the complete spa within the hotel. Our strong presence in the industry positions us for future growth, as we actively seek strategic partnerships in India, and African countries, and have ongoing collaborations in Africa. Our expansion plans also extend to Saudi Arabia within the next two to three years.

How do you ensure hygiene while providing services and solutions?

We have established strong partnerships with leading European manufacturers in the spa industry, collaborating with approximately eight out of every ten top-notch manufacturers. Through strategic alliances, exclusive distribution agreements, technical collaborations, and knowledge sharing, we work closely with these manufacturers to upgrade their products and enhance customer experiences. Our product portfolio includes over 35 different solutions, catering to a wide range of temperatures from plus 110 degrees Celsius to minus 140 degrees Celsius. We specialize in various forms of thermo-hydro treatment including steam, ice, warm and chill water in addition to salt-based solutions. Our ultimate goal is to provide customers with comprehensive relaxation solutions that promote both physical and mental well-being.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?

As a leader, I consider myself a facilitator within our team, valuing open communication and encouraging constructive criticism. I believe in giving my team the freedom to express their opinion, allowing us to address and transform criticism into responsible solutions. I actively engage with our installation and maintenance teams to gain insights and improve our offerings. Moreover, customer feedback and ideas are welcomed, even if they may not always be feasible. We focus on our own growth and unique identity, avoiding direct comparisons with competitors. Instead, we strive to incorporate market concepts, ideas, and products into our portfolio while exploring collaborations in related industries. This approach drives our expansion and development in the wellness and relaxation sector.

Arif Abdulkadir, Director, 360wellness

A self-made entrepreneur, arif abdulkadir can be described as a workaholic who occasionally enjoys vacations & indulges in water sports to refresh & rejuvenate. He also loves to read, & enjoys seafood in his free time, although regularly he likes to spend about 16 hours a day working for his business!

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