Chanwei Tan: Empowering Elderly Care & Bridging Healthcare Gaps

Chanwei Tan: Empowering Elderly Care & Bridging Healthcare Gaps

Chanwei Tan, Co-Founder

Chanwei Tan


Elderly individuals who have faced and managed numerous difficulties and setbacks exhibit resilience. Despite potential declines in their physical or cognitive capabilities, older adults tend to possess a more positive outlook on life than younger adults. When unfortunate events strike, individuals often find themselves in a state of confusion. Even as their loved ones enter the recovery stage and prepare for hospital discharge, the family experiences significant pressure and stress. And this is where Remeds Homecare comes into the picture. Remeds Homecare has been assisting individuals who encounter challenges in locating suitable healthcare professionals to deliver patient-centered care tailored to their needs. Chanwei Tan, one of the Co-Founders of Remeds has demonstrated remarkable dedication to providing optimal and fitting care for the elderly population.

During an interview conducted exclusively with us, Chanwei Tan disclosed the factors that prompted him to establish the organization and elucidated on its transformative impact.

Provide a concise overview of your career progression.

As a registered pharmacist, I embarked on an exhilarating and rewarding professional journey. Working in community pharmacy settings, I discovered my passion for post-discharge care and rehabilitation services. Motivated by the challenges I observed, I co-founded Remeds Homecare to address the specific needs of individuals and families during vulnerable moments. Our mission is to provide high-quality, personalized care that emphasizes compassion, support, and holistic well-being. Through Remeds Homecare, I have had the privilege of empowering families and making a positive impact on patients' well-being during challenging times. I firmly believe in tailoring patient care to meet individual needs and constantly striving for improvement in our services.

How would you describe the role and position of Remeds Homecare in the healthcare market?

In my viewpoint, Remeds Homecare plays a vital role in the healthcare market in Malaysia by addressing a significant gap in the healthcare system. The country's healthcare system often suffers from fragmentation, resulting in discharged patients lacking access to necessary follow-up care in primary healthcare settings. This is typically due to a lack of knowledge or difficulties in reaching primary healthcare services. One specific segment facing challenges is the elderly population, who often require assistance and support from their families for hospital visits but may face constraints due to time or feasibility. Acknowledging these issues, Remeds seeks to bridge this gap by acting as a platform that connects patients to the care they require. Whether it involves arranging for healthcare professionals to provide essential medical services at patients' homes or organizing caregivers to accompany elderly individuals to hospital appointments, our primary focus is to enhance accessibility and convenience for patients. Ultimately, our aim is to empower patients and their families by equipping them with the necessary support and resources to navigate the healthcare system effectively.

In our country, the healthcare system is often fragmented, resulting in discharged patients not receiving the necessary follow-up care in primary healthcare settings

What considerations do you prioritize when formulating successful corporate expansion strategies?

Our core focus when developing corporate growth strategies is understanding the specific needs of our target audience, especially seniors and their families. By aligning our offerings with these identified needs, we ensure relevant and valuable growth strategies. We actively collaborate with healthcare providers, caregivers, nursing homes, and other stakeholders to expand our reach and enhance our services. We prioritize scalability and sustainability, assessing our strategies' potential to meet growing demands and considering factors like financial feasibility and optimal resource allocation. Through these considerations, we aim for continuous growth while effectively addressing senior care needs.

What are your aspirations and future plans for the upcoming years? How do you envision your roadmap for the future?

Our vision for Remeds in the upcoming years is to become a leading provider of comprehensive healthcare solutions for the elderly. Our future roadmap centers around three key pillars. Firstly, we are committed to empowering aging loved ones by providing the necessary tools and resources for them to live with dignity and purpose. Secondly, we aim to expand our services to meet the diverse needs of the elderly population, including home care, specialized rehabilitation programs, and collaborations with healthcare providers. Lastly, we prioritize leveraging technology advancements to improve accessibility, care coordination, and patient engagement. Through these pillars, we strive to make a significant impact on the lives of seniors and their families, transforming the landscape of elderly care.

What are your expectations for the future market outlook, and what advice would you give to emerging leaders in this industry?

Looking ahead, we anticipate a promising future for the healthcare market, specifically in the domain of elderly care. The ongoing growth of the aging population necessitates innovative solutions and services tailored to their unique requirements. We envision a paradigm shift towards personalized and holistic care models, prioritizing not only medical treatment but also overall well-being and quality of life. For aspiring leaders in this industry, our advice is to embrace empathy and compassion as guiding principles. It is crucial to recognize that healthcare encompasses more than just clinical interventions— it encompasses understanding and addressing the emotional and social needs of individuals. At the heart of our services lies an unwavering commitment to preserving dignity and enhancing the well-being of the elderly. By fostering a culture of empathy and placing individuals at the center, emerging leaders can genuinely make a transformative impact on the lives of those they serve.

Chanwei Tan , Co-Founder, Remeds
Chanwei Tan is a dedicated pharmacist and co-founder of Remeds Homecare, a leading homecare support service platform based in Penang, Malaysia. Prior to founding Remeds Homecare, they served as the Pharmacy Care and Development Manager from 2019- 2021, overseeing projects related to pharmaceutical care, minor ailments management, and soon.

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