Dr. AK Kala: An Individual Creating A Center Of Excellence In The World Of Business Through Decades Of Unparalleled Experience

Dr. AK Kala: An Individual Creating A Center Of Excellence In The World Of Business Through Decades Of Unparalleled Experience

Dr. AK Kala,  President & CEO

Dr. AK Kala

President & CEO

To develop into an effective leader, one should endeavor to become a specialist in your field while also cultivating key leadership skills. They should be learning to be agile and flex their influence while effectively communicating and delegating. A leader must be accountable, and the best leaders bear full responsibility for the performance of their team. An effective leader for any firm must possess several vital characteristics. Their leadership style combines  authority with a positive attitude in order to develop the qualities of their team members and create a work atmosphere in which they may be open, honest, and productive.

Speaking of one such leader, Dr. AK KALA, Group President, and CEO, has been successfully heading the overall group business of Brasten, headquartered out of Thailand. Under his leadership, the Group has expanded with wide footprints across Asia Pacific and USA. Dr. Kala started this business in 1990, drawng on his extensive experience in process control instrumentation, project management, and work with some of the world's most prestigious corporations. He is a well-rounded leader who can provide advice and inspiration to others around him. Along with being authoritative and approachable, he maintains a growth mindset in which they are always focused on the company's growth bandwagon or the organization's common goal and overall mission.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights Magazine, Dr. AK Kala, walks us through his professional career along with the unique traits of the company:

Give a brief account about your educational and professional journeys.

Obtained my Master’s degree in Engineering and Management from Assumption University, Thailand, and a Doctorate in International Business from the USA. I am also an M.Sc and MCS Masters Degree holder from premier institutions in India. As a seasoned technocrat and recipient of numerous renowned innovation awards, I have been instrumental in propelling the Group's expansion. I am also a senior member of ISA and AWWA, USA, as well as a philanthropist with a vision for the betterment of people and the quality of life. This is performed through one of my group companies, Bhima Cares Foundation, which was founded in 2019.  

To be tough when it comes to make some of the most challenging decisions, to be humane from people perspective, non-compromising on quality, ethics, and integrity. I ensure to instill strong values, selfless service, and loyalty which are all the desirable attributes in an employee

Define Brasten Group as a whole and how has it been maintaining its mark in the industry over the years?

Talking about Brasten Group as a whole, it is an instrumentation product and solutions powerhouse that manufactures and represents various types of field instruments and analyzers catering to all process industries with a team of dedicated, experienced professionals to provide unmatchable world-class solutions. The group business serves customers in the process, hybrid, and discrete industries with sales, engineering, manufacturing, and service capabilities. Currently, we are in our 33rd year of operation andhave been working with the same enthusiasm and integrity as before.

Throughout the past 30 years, we have delivered products and services of great value. We address some of our customers' most difficult problems. Through continual innovation and dedication, we have set industry benchmarks for others to follow. Our mission is to support and assist in the achievement of Top Quartile Performing Plants. We believe in sticking to our commitment to excellence by emphasizing safety, quality, people, technology, and innovation.

Due to our competency in the field, Brasten Group has been recipient of International Achievers Award for Business Excellence, NTCC Business Award in 2015 – “Best Dutch-Thai JV” for Badotherm, Best Distributor Award in 2008 from Applitek, Belgium, and Best Service Partner Award in 2018 from Heyl Neomeris, Germany. Brasten is uncompromising on the 8 core values that forms the foundation of this meticulous organization, which is Safety, Ethics & Integrity, Quality, Continuous Improvement, Technology Innovation, People and People Development, Customer Focus, and Community.   

Tell us about the challenges you have encountered and how do you find those experiences beneficial in your journey so far? What is your success mantra?

There are always challenges that come up while running a business. However, not flinging and keeping true to your passion and continuously striving towards one's goal will lead to success. Our success philosophy has been to create and add value to our customers in order to achieve continual improvement and sustainability through our solutions, products,and expertise. We have always provided highquality products and services that exceed our customers' expectations. We have been hand holding our customers and offering in time support every time. We have never fallen short of our commitments. Due to this, we have 5000+ clients globally, wherein, most of them are repeat customers.

Dr. AK Kala, President & CEO

Under your governance, what are the latest technologies adopted in your offerings and how do you ensure continual innovations and commitment?

We have always been abreast of the changing market dynamics and advancements in technologies to stay relevant with the ever-changing client requirements. Over the years, we have continuously updated our software and systems to ensure operations are carried out in a seamless manner. We have a strong IT team who are always on their toes to keep operations productive and efficient through digital intervention. Our robust infrastructure integrated with streamlined SOPs, latest equipment and technologies lets us stay ahead of the market curve. Our current focus is on digital transformation, providing solutions through innovative technology, partnering with world class manufacturers for exchange of technology know-how, localization of niche analyzers, and improving net loyalty index in life cycle services with customers.

What are the factors you take into consideration to develop corporate growth strategies?

Rather than a vendor, we act like a partner for our clients which in turn helps us serve better with more personalization. Any business to stand out in the market should be a trust worthy one. There is no shortcut to success. The only way is to keep oneself aligned with the company’s vision and mission while keeping the clients at the center of everything. Further, we have an open culture in our organization where employees are given the right to speak out their mind. This helps us in bringing the harmony needed to function optimally. I've always prioritized the big picture and avoided getting bogged down in small, tactical details. I have been consistently practicing these behaviors in order to promote effective time and attention management, i.e., People Development, Perfect Execution, Technology Innovation, Connecting to Customers, and Corporate Social Responsibilities.

What are the traits that best describe your leadership style and what are the methodologies or guidelines you follow to lead your team?

Hailing from a family with several close relatives and friends in Army and Military has nurtured me to be tough when it comes to making some of the most challenging decisions, to be humane from a people perspective, non-compromising on quality, ethics, and integrity. I ensure to instill strong values, selfless service, and loyalty which are all the desirable attributes in an employee. Some of the traits that are inculcated in me are taking responsibility for self and actions, making sound and timely decisions, setting example, cultivating abilities to meet a variety of challenges, being disciplined, developing yourself and grooming others, being humble and generous, and building the organization and people to consider that “Brasten is the place to Belong”.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?

As a Group of companies who believe in a sustainable future, we have a clear thought out plan for the coming 15-20 years from now. We want to focus our attention on safe guarding water as it is depleting at an alarming rate. We have a self-regulating business model that helps us to be socially accountable to itself, its stakeholders, and the  environment as whole. Going forward, we want to make ourselves a world class solutions provider in the process industry as a “Trusted Partner.” We want to devise high quality instruments at an economical price while driving sustainability.

Dr. AK Kala, President & CEO

As the President & CEO at Brasten Group, Dr. AK Kala has been successfully leading the overall group business headquartered out of Thailand. Under his leadership, the Group has expanded with wide footprints across Asia Pacific & USA.

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