Dr. Chun Yong Yao: Leading The Future Of Skin Health Through Biotechnology

Dr. Chun Yong Yao: Leading The Future Of Skin Health Through Biotechnology

Chun Yong Yao , Co-Founder, CTO & Co-Inventor

Chun Yong Yao

Co-Founder, CTO & Co-Inventor

In the realm of healthcare, addressing skin-related issues, especially scarring, has long been a challenging endeavor. Traditional treatments, like steroids and silicon patches, often provided only temporary relief, if not healed, the prolong scaring will leaving patients with emotional and physical burden. This significant hurdle became the focal point of attention for Dr. Chun Yong Yao.

With a profound passion for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, Dr. Chun embarked on a transformative journey that would redefine the landscape of healthcare solutions. His research and contribution to advancing medical treatments for skin health complexities led to the establishment of RNASCENCE BIOTECH, a pioneering venture whose mission is to simplify the complex world of skin issues, offering straightforward yet profoundly effective solutions through biotechnological advancements. As the Chief Technology Officer, Co-Inventor, and Co-Founder, Dr. Chun's vision and expertise have propelled the company to remarkable heights, making a significant impact on the lives of patients worldwide.

Share your professional journey & what motivates your daily work?

My professional journey began with my undergraduate studies in Materials Science and Engineering at a prestige University in Singapore university, where my interest in Biomedical and Biomaterials were sparked. This passion led me to pursue a PhD in Tissue Engineering from 2012 to 2016. During my doctoral research, I developed expertise in creating innovative medical treatments using biomaterials, cells, and biomolecular factors. Tissue engineering technology fascinated me for its potential in solving specific medical challenges.

In 2020, we identified a significant breakthrough in scar recovery; traditional treatments like steroids and silicon offered only temporary relief, especially for patients prone to keloid or severe scarring. Witnessing the emotional toll it took on patients deeply moved me. Recognizing my research in silencing RNA (siRNA) treatment, I collaborated with clinicians from Singapore public hospital. Together with the instiutions we developed a unique RNA platform technology that addresses the root cause of scars by reducing scar tissue production. Positive feedback from patients and doctors in clinical trials fuels my motivation every day, knowing our work is making a difference in people's lives.

How do you describe RNASCENCE BIOTECH & its market position?

RNASCENCE BIOTECH stands at the forefront of biotechnology, aiming to revolutionize skin health solutions through innovative RNA platform technology. We are a science-driven company dedicated to enhancing patients' lives, focusing particularly on skin health complexities. Our unique approach involves utilizing our patented RNA platform technology to develop targeted and effective products. Currently, we have introduced an active scar care category, distinct from traditional passive scar care methods that use silicon patches.

Our RNA microneedle patch actively addresses the root cause of scarring, marking a disruptive innovation in the wound care space. We are currently fundraising to expand our technology to address scars from C-sections, breast surgeries, and longer scars resulting plastic surgery procedure or injuries.

What are your thoughts on current tech trends in the industry & their impact on your organization?

In light of the recent breakthroughs, particularly the introduction of mRNA vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic, RNA technology has gained significant traction globally. Our company, focused on silencing RNA (siRNA) technology, is riding the wave of this upward trend in precise and targeted treatments.

Looking ahead, the healthcare industry is moving towards personalized medicine and genomics, notably in areas like precise cancer treatments through immunotherapy, as well as AI/digital health applications, including telemedicine and extended reality for clinical training and treatment.

These emerging healthcare technologies align seamlessly with our RNA platform technology and products. By leveraging personalized diagnostics, such as identifying specific genetic issues related to skin problems, we can craft tailored RNA treatment patches for individual patients. This synergy positions our organization at the forefront of these transformative trends, ensuring that we remain innovative in addressing complex healthcare challenges.

What are your leadership style & the guiding principles you use to lead your team?

My leadership style is built on the foundation of integrity, which I consider fundamental for establishing trust and ensuring long-term success. Whether working with stakeholders laterally or horizontally, integrity forms the basis of every successful communication and the development of enduring relationships. It is through the reputation of honesty that trust in our products, results, vision, and future growth is established.

I firmly believe in the concept of empowerment. Recognizing the unique talents and gifts of every individual, I encourage and empower my team members to leverage their creativity in achieving our common goals. While our destination is clear, I value the diverse paths that can lead us there. Unleashing creativity is not just a guideline but a fundamental approach for achieving significant milestones.

Additionally, I prioritize learning agility, especially in the technology field. Striking a balance between technological advancements and practical relevancy is crucial. Remaining attuned to economic shifts, market dynamics, cultural changes, and evolving business strategies is imperative in our ever-changing landscape. This proactive approach ensures that we stay ahead and adapt effectively to the evolving demands of the industry.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?

Our future journey is focused on developing innovative treatments, expanding from scar care to address issues like eczema and hyperpigmentation. We aim to pioneer precision healthcare technology globally, not just in Asia. Additionally, we plan to transition from an Asia-centric team to a leading global business, fostering diversity and innovation.

What advice do you have for emerging leaders?

For emerging leaders, my advice centers on three fundamental principles. Firstly, Emerging leaders must prioritize innovation through research and development, ensuring practical solutions that align with feasibility, resources, and timelines. Secondly, Technical proficiency should be balanced with strong management and business strategies, fostering growth while maintaining technological edge. Thirdly, Effective collaboration and communication are key, turning ideas into reality through fruitful partnerships and clear communication channels.

Dr. Chun Yong Yao, Chief Technology Officer, Co-Inventor & Co-Founder, RNASCENCE BIOTECH

Dr. Chun Yong Yao is a visionary leader propelling innovative solutions in biotechnology to revolutionize skin health. With expertise in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, Dr. Chun's pioneering work tackles complex medical challenges, leaving a profound impact on patients' lives.

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