Dr. G. Sampath Kumar: Proven Expertise In Providing Advanced Engineering Consulting

Dr. G. Sampath Kumar: Proven Expertise In Providing Advanced Engineering Consulting

Dr. G. Sampath Kumar , Director

Dr. G. Sampath Kumar


According to a report published by Fact MR, the global engineering services market is valued at $707 Bn and is projected to become a trillion dollar industry by 2032. The growth in demand for engineering services has been driven by a number of factors and when it comes to a country like India, we have witnessed the business ecosystem grow by the second over the last decade. Rapid growth in infrastructure has highly complementedthe growth for engineering consultancy services.

However, sound knowledge and experience is a major requirement for sustainability in this sector which is hard to find because the sector is highly fragmented and unorganized. Dr. G. Sampath Kumar, Director, Nippon Koei India is a knowledgeable leader i n t his f ield a nd h as more than a decade of experience before exploring the idea of entrepreneurship. The CEO Insights Asia magazine engaged in a conversation with him in order to know more about his career and the kind of impact his company is having on the market.

Excerpts from the interaction:

Could you give a brief account of your professional journey?

After obtaining Doctorate in Civil Engineering from IIT BHU, I worked as Researcher in Universities in Japan and Finland and then also worked at Public Works Research Institute (PWRI), Govt of Japan. I took a break from Civil Engineering career in the year 2001 and ventured into Information Technology Industry, starting as a programmer and reached to the level of Chief Technology Officer of a companyand then put  stop to IT career and moved back to my home ground of Civil Engineering in the year 2010.

However, one common point has always been that I have always worked or provided services anything to do with Japan only and here I am now Heading Corporate Management Division as well as Business Development Division of Nippon Koei India which is 100 percent subsidiary of Nippon Koei Tokyo. Nippon Koei Tokyo is 77 Years old and largest in Japan and listed in the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Please tell us about your leadership approach. What has been your success mantra?

I always believe that change will bring a lot of new opportunities and experiences and I have experienced how changes have brought success in my career whether as a researcher or as corporate leader. I can attribute my success to adapting to changes and facing challenges in my career. My approach to leadership has always been – giving professional freedom and empowering to lead and take decisions that suits and protects the interests of an organization. Secondly, constantly tracking the talent and providing them with the opportunities to grow.

How would you define Nippon Koei India as an organization and its position in the market?

Nippon Koei India (NKI) is one of the fastest growing engineering consulting companies with a vision of think global and act local. NKI is contributing in a big way in improving Indian infrastructure in multiple sectors such as Transportation, Urban Planning and Development, Water and Sewage, Irrigation, Health and Forestry Sectors. We are having sizable presence in South Asian Countries.

Approach to leadership has Always been - giving professional Freedom and empowering to Lead and take decisions that suits And protects the interests of an Organization

We are involved in a big way in rural sector wherein we are directly contributing in improving the livelihood of the rural people through our Livelihood improvement projects across India. Our Company Management philosophy is to act with integrity and contribute to society through technology and engineering.NKI is growing at a rate of 20% annually and we see ourselves in the coming days as one of the leading consulting companies in Indian Sub-Continent and working towards making Delhi as a second home (Head Quarter) to our Parent company Nippon Koei Tokyo.

As the Director, what factors do you look into to ensure smooth running of business operations?

a. Clear Communication: Communication is the key to the success of any business. As a director, I would ensure that all employees are informed of the company's goals, objectives, business plan and expectations. We conduct regular meetings with all key employees and also communicate with all the employees through various measures such as strategic sessions and employee outings etc.

b. Financial Management: P roper f inancial management is crucial for any business. It is important that we ensure company's finances are well-managed by regularly reviewing financial reports, monitoring cash flow, keeping tab on SGA/overhead cost and ensuring that announced budgets/plans are being followed as well as 100% adherence to the statutory regulations.

c. Efficient Processes: Streamlining processes can help increase efficiency and productivity. As a director, I would evaluate existing processes and identify areas that can be improved. This could involve implementing new technologies, automating tasks, or revising workflows.

d. Employee Development: Employees are the backbone and assets for any organization. Main focus is on developing and nurturing a positive work environment that encourages employee growth and development. This could involve providing training opportunities, timely recognizing employee growth & achievements, reduce or prevent redundancy and fostering a culture of teamwork and having annual gatherings along with family members of all our employees

e. Client Satisfaction: I always emphasise with my colleagues that client satisfaction as the utmost priority and should work as extended arm to them and be part of them and ensure that our teams are available at any time. Most times, we go beyond our contractual obligations to ensure help and support is available to our clients in their hour of need.

Dr. G. Sampath Kumar, Director, Nippon Koei India

Dr. Kumar is a graduate from IIT BHU and has been working with NK India for more than a decade. He is able to provide immense experience and expertise serving as a full time Director for the company. Dr. Kumar likes to stay aware of all the latest innovations happening in this domain put them to work for the company.

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