Sameeh al busaidi: Envisioning A Prosperous Future For The Duqm Region

Sameeh al busaidi: Envisioning A Prosperous Future For The Duqm Region

Sameeh Al Busaidi , CEO

Sameeh Al Busaidi


Trained to perfection, disciplined, and service-oriented; Military personnel is the epitome of true leadership. When they become entrepreneurs and chiefs of enterprises, the whole idea of a business will seem to be unique and upright. A particularly fine example of such a leader is Sameeh Al Busaidi, a retired Naval Staff Officer and CEO of Duqm Ahlia Development SAOC.

With his relentless passion and unwavering commitment to change, he has been instrumental in driving the growth and planning for the future success of Duqm Ahlia Development SAOC, which is a leading player engaged in marine services, specialized hazardous material handling such as used grit, and future large scale hydroponic and aquaponic farming projects aimed specifically in the Al Wasta Area of the Sultanate of Oman. While celebrating exceptional achievers in Asia, CEO Insights Asia had a chance to interact with Al Busaidi. The following excerpt is an exclusive conversation about knowing more about his journey and plans.

What is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?

Being a leader is more than just having followers; it's about igniting belief and purpose in the hearts of those you lead. When your team understands their role in the journey and the significance of the destination, they will be fiercely dedicated and loyal to you. As a leader, it's your responsibility to bring out the best in others, cultivating belief, loyalty, and satisfaction in the process.

While many individuals may occupy leadership positions, simply holding a title is not enough. True leadership requires the ability to build and inspire a team, motivating them toward a common goal. Money may incentivize, but genuine belief in the outcome and its impact on the community is what truly motivates people.

As the CEO of Duqm Ahlia, I have a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the 615 families in the Duqm area; This is what fuels me; Despite being associated full-time with OQ a petroleum energy company in Oman, I have been seconded as the CEO of Duqm Ahlia due to my previous experience and skill sets as part of their CSR program, which allows me to uplift Duqm Ahlia and have a direct impact on the lives of these families. With most of them having low incomes and having youngsters searching for work; So, my daily motivation stems from an inspiring belief in our shared goals and the positive impact these goals will have on the community I serve.

What’s your approach towards sustainability and how are facilitating sustainable growth and quality of life at Duqm?

We are committed to fostering sustainable growth while enhancing the quality of life for everyone involved. To achieve this, we take a holistic approach to sustainability in everything we do. For instance, whenever we embark on a project, we strive to ensure that it not only creates value for the shareholders but also reflects the value to the community at large, while we ensure means to reduce waste and minimize its impact on the environment.

Our approach to waste is to treat waste as a valuable resource that can be utilized by other industries thus playing a role in creating downstream businesses for the region. For example, in a potential project with Asyad drydocks Company (ADC), stemming from ADC’s high commitment to the environment and unwavering support to small community-based companies like ourselves, Duqm Ahlia has developed its own unique methodology and process to handle a specific material in an environmentally responsible manner so that it adds value as raw materials for other downstream industries. We believe in reusing energy and resources whenever possible, and this belief is translated into our unique process design.

The true measure Of success lies Not in the ranks Or certifications We attain, but in The real changes We bring to the Lives we cross Paths with in our Journey of life

In addition to our focus on sustainability, we also recognize the importance of investing in the future of young Omanis; Through direct on-the-job training and the establishment of a new institute, we aim to provide equal opportunities to our young males and females alike, the skills and knowledge needed to secure a job and hopefully succeed in their careers.

This institute will offer basic training in areas such as administrative skills, logistics & Supply Management, Basic Accounting, and Basic Project Management Skills in addition to modern farming methodologies such as Hydroponics, Aquaponics, and Aeroponics, helping to prepare them for the opportunities which lie ahead. With these initiatives, we aim to make a positive impact on the community and the environment, now and for generations to come. We aim to train approximately 2400 young men and women, this, of course, requires investments and finances but with the support of our partners who have already shown outstanding support to the  area like Asyad Drydock Company, OQ8, and OQ, and with newcomers such as SANKYU ARABIA, I am certain we will be able to achieve this goal and even more serve the community in Duqm.

Could you reflect on some of the toughest challenges you have encountered in your journey so far? How did you overcome them and what did you learn from them?

One of the biggest obstacles I have faced in my journey was transitioning from a military mindset to a civilian-oriented environment. In the military, there is a strict code of conduct and when you give your word, you mean it. However, when I entered the business world, I realized that things are not always as they seem. It took me a few years to fully adapt and understand the nuances of communication in the commercial world.

Another challenge I encountered was the shift in authority and freedom of decision. In the military, you will have a certain level of autonomy, but in the business world, the actions are more largely controlled by a Board of Directors. The challenge then becomes gaining the trust and buy-in of the Board for your ideas and vision for the company. This requires a demonstration of meeting goals and showing results. Over time, by consistently meeting these targets, the Board's trust in abilities will offer more room to manoeuvre for the benefit of the business.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?

As I look towards the future, I am driven by the desire to bring about meaningful change and improvement to the lives of those in the Duqm community. I envision a world where the young men and women of this area have access to employment and the training necessary to succeed in their careers. Duqm Ahlia aims to play a role in making this a reality by training and empowering the next generation and watching as they help build a brighter future for the Duqm community.

In addition to this, I am passionate about creating a thriving and vibrant community in the not-sofamily- friendly industrial area of Duqm as families from outside of Duqm find it difficult to stay for a long time, but change is coming and with plenty of opportunities for entertainment, recreation, and social interaction it shall be a place where people would be eager to live, work, and raise their families, a city that is rich in culture and community spirit. With these goals in mind, I am determined to use my skills, experience, and leadership, in addition to the vision of Duqm Ahlia Chairman Sheikh Taheh Al Junaibi & Board Directors to help drive this progress and create a better prospect for all those in the Duqm community.

What advice would you like to give to budding industry leaders?

For one to be a good leader, one must also be a good follower first. It is important to understand that effective leadership requires both the ability to lead and the willingness and ability to follow. You must be able to put yourself in the shoes of those you lead and understand their challenges, from the custodial staff to your top executives. Never ask someone to do something that you are not prepared to do yourself. Unless the work requires a specific skill set that you don't have. Allocate tasks that are both achievable and practical, and provide the necessary support and assistance to your team when needed. By fostering a team-oriented atmosphere of mutual understanding and knowledge sharing, you increase the chances of success for both yourself and your organization.

Sameeh Al Busaidi, CEO, Duqm Ahlia Development SAOC

Under Al Busaidi's guidance and vision, the company has become a catalyst for providing services to different organizations within the region, providing employment opportunities with new projects, contributing to the local economy, and creating sustainable and inclusive communities.

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