Dr. Pramod Kumar: Revolutionizing The Medical Industry With His Innovative Optical Approach

Dr. Pramod Kumar: Revolutionizing The Medical Industry With His Innovative Optical Approach

Dr. Pramod Kumar, Director of Research & Innovation

Dr. Pramod Kumar

Director of Research & Innovation

Laser testing technology has emerged as a game-changer in the medical industry, revolutionizing diagnostics and screening processes like never before. At the forefront of this transformation stands Dr. Pramod Kumar, the Research Co-Founder of Quantlase Laboratory. He is the Director of Research Development and Principal Scientist of the Quantum Photonics and Laser Technology Division, Dr. Kumar has amassed over 18 years of expertise in ultra-fast nonlinear photonics, optical interferometry, nanoscale imaging, and complex bio-photonic architectures. His pioneering contribution includes the invention of Laser DPI technology, a groundbreaking mass screening test that rapidly and accurately detects COVID-19 infection in blood samples. Dr. Kumar's visionary leadership led him to be awarded the prestigious Golden VISA and recognition as one of the Top 10 Best Indian Leaders in Abu Dhabi by CEO Insights Magazine in 2022. Let’s read to know more about him.

Take us through your professional and educational journey.

I am presently holding the esteemed position of Director of Research and Innovation as well as Principal Scientist within the Laser Tech & Quantum Photonics division at Quantlase Laboratory, situated in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Additionally, I represent ideaXme as an ambassador based in London, UK. My profound expertise in the field of Quantum Photonics empowers me to collaborate closely with governmental and nonprofit research entities, facilitating the exploration of applications for emerging Photonics technology across Quantum computing, healthcare, and the life sciences. Before becoming a part of the dynamic team at Quantlase Laboratory, I served as a  Senior Experimental Research Scientist specializing in Quantum Physics at AiFi Technologies LLC, located in the UAE.

I hold a Ph.D. in Laser Technology under the supervision of Prof. Rupamanjari Ghosh from Jawaharlal Nehru University, India (2009), and have held positions such as Assistant Professor at Dyal Singh College, Delhi University and Post-Doctoral Fellow at Laboratoire Commun de Metrologie LNECNAM, France. I have also worked as a Research Fellow at IISER Mohali, Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork, Ireland and the University of Exeter, United Kingdom. I am involved in organizing international conferences, delivering invited lectures, and am a member of various scientific societies including the Optical Society of America and IEEE.

Can you please share your success mantra with us?

My success mantra is to actively engage in each moment to ensure its success. Looking ahead, my research goals involve tackling real-world challenges, including conducting highly precise tests in fundamental science. The convergence of Optics, Engineering, and Living systems is yielding insights into fundamental queries through interdisciplinary idea exchange. Consequently, my diverse research interests span across scientific boundaries, encompassing both fundamental principles and practical applications in the realm of Ultrafast Laser physics and Quantum Photonics. This endeavor aims to pave the path towards Photonic Integration and on-chip Medical Imaging technology.

What factors do you consider when creating effective corporate growth strategies?

In today's information era, complex systems like the internet and social networks have grown increasingly intricate. Solving multifaceted problems efficiently is crucial in various fields, but can be computationally demanding. Despite advancements in algorithms and supercomputing power, solving these complex problems in a reasonable time remains a challenge for real-world applications such as finance, drug discovery, cryptography, machine learning, and network analysis. Progress in science and technology hinges on understanding the underlying processes. Quantum-Enabled Photonic technology serves as a vital tool for expanding knowledge and addressing technological challenges. A critical decision-making challenge involves the 'Optical Chess problem’, where identifying the most rewarding option from multiple unknown ones is crucial. Evaluating if physical simulators can replace traditional computers is essential. Decision-making in changing, uncertain environment is pivotal in information technology. Rapid decision-making emphasizes memorizing past events, paving the way for future photonic intelligence. Recognizing Laser technology's value in healthcare and research, I have championed its exploration and am the inventor of the fastest 'Laser-based DPI technology. This innovative optical technique swiftly screens and detects COVID-19 infection by analyzing tiny blood samples, enabling rapid largescale screenings. Our diagnostic system combines tailored algorithms with artificial intelligence (AI)  for precise and efficient result prediction, crucial for processing vast data in extensive testing scenarios. To date, the DPI equipment has screened nearly 7 million individuals.

How do you promote a culture of learning in your team and guide them in gleaning valuable market insights to keep Quantlase Laboratory updated on medical innovation trends?

My upcoming research goals encompass resolving real world problems. Our R&D lab was established to advance light based technologies and precision instruments, leveraging quantum phenomena and photonic processes. Notably, developing decisionmaking machines using photonic technologies for solving Combinatorial optimization problems, often classified as non-deterministic polynomial time (NP)- hard, presents a challenge. Tackling the complexities of quantum Photonics research demands expertise across diverse Laser and Photonics domains. By facilitating collaboration among distinguished scientists, whether in person or virtually, we can establish sustainable partnerships to expedite scientific breakthroughs.

Insights gained from interdisciplinary exchanges are being harnessed to address core issues in optics, engineering, and biology. My interdisciplinary research interests span various facets of Ultrafast Laser physics and Quantum Photonics are now paving the way for chip-scale Photonic Integration and Medical Imaging technologies. Hence, my research acts as a bridge between academia, industry, and experts in diverse fields.

What are your insights about the future prospects of the market, and what advice would you offer emerging leaders seeking to capitalize on new opportunities in this field?

In our contemporary society, having an innovation strategy is not only a path to success but a necessity for survival, given the ever-evolving technological landscape. Thus, a viable innovation strategy should encompass a scientifically compelling plan for business growth through unconventional approaches. Let's illuminate the path with Laser Light for the betterment of humanity. At Quantlase Laboratory, the brightest scientific minds convene to pioneer cuttingedge and disruptive photonic technology, aimed at addressing some of the most pressing challenges society confronts today.

Dr. Pramod Kumar, Director of Research & Innovation, Quantlase Laboratory

Dr. Pramod Kumar is the Director of Research Development and Principal Scientist of the Quantum Photonics and Laser Technology Division at Quantlase Laboratory. He stands at the forefront of transformative innovation, harnessing the power of quantum photonics and laser technology to redefine medical diagnostics

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