Dr. Stephanie Saing: Change Catalyst & Consultative Dynamo

Dr. Stephanie Saing: Change Catalyst & Consultative Dynamo

Stephanie Saing , General Manager Geology & Mining

Stephanie Saing

General Manager Geology & Mining

The Mining and Metals industry is a backbone of global economies, playing a fundamental role in providing essential raw materials for various sectors such as construction, manufacturing, and infrastructure development. Despite its growth contributions the industry faces several challenges from sustainability and environmental concerns to making responsible and progressive decisions. This propels need of consultants within this sector to driving transformative changes, making a significant impact on both economic and environmental fronts.

At the forefront of this transformation stands Dr. Stephanie Saing, General Manager Geology and Mining at PT Quantus Consultants Indonesia. Dr. Stephanie's professional odyssey began to take shape in 2016 when she returned to Indonesia after completing her PhD in Japan. Initially, she joined the company as a junior professional, where she quickly proved her mettle and advanced to higher positions. Over the years, she has worn many hats, transitioning from a technician to a manager and eventually to her current role as the General Manager. The scope of her responsibilities is extensive, covering the entire spectrum of mining, from exploration and resource estimation to mine closure. The company operates under two divisions: the Geology Division, which encompasses geotechnical, hydrogeology, and CTO for mining, and the Mining Division, which focuses on exploration, production, resource management, and community engagement. Let’s hear more from her.

Could you share more about the specific strategies and strengths that have positioned your company, PT Quantus Consultants, as a competitive force in the industry?

In assessing our company's position and distinctiveness in the Indonesian mining landscape, it's important to understand the industry's unique structure. The mining sector here is characterized by three key player types: contractors, owners (those holding mining licenses), and mining consultants. Each of these entities possesses distinct roles and responsibilities.

As a mining consultant, our competitive stance in the Indonesian mining sector is clearly defined. We have earned a robust reputation, having successfully managed numerous projects, collaborating with a diverse array of well-known domestic and international firms, both in mining and construction. Our competitive edge is underpinned by our exceptional human resources and the quality of our deliverables. Additionally, PT Quantus Consultants offers a comprehensive range of services, including mining contracts and human resources solutions, making us a versatile partner in the mining industry.

Mining offers abundant opportunities for the next generation, & I aspire to provide the guidance & support needed for their development, ensuring our industry continues to thrive

We pride ourselves on treating all our clients, whether they're license holders or mining contractors, with equal dedication, ensuring excellence in every endeavor. This approach allows us to cater to a wide spectrum of clients, making us a versatile and valuable partner in the industry.

Tell us about your philosophy in guiding your team

A significant portion of our comprises the vibrant and tech-savvy Millennial generation, who bring an abundance of enthusiasm and fresh perspectives. We ensure they have access to the necessary resources and tools, but it goes beyond that. I emphasize self-reliance, cultivating a deep understanding of the knowledge and expertise required to meet our clients' expectations fully. I provide practical guidance, stressing discipline and effective project management. Knowledge transfer is central; we not only rely on secondary sources but encourage learning from primary sources, like senior experts and colleagues from other projects, offering diverse viewpoints. Our approach includes internal training and sharing experiences from various projects. Consultancy involves tackling a multitude of issues, each offering a unique learning opportunity. Our goal is to imbue our team with the company's values, culture, and an arsenal of best practices for addressing client requests effectively and gaining a holistic understanding of the situation.

What methods do you adopt as a leader to achieve success?

Instilling an understanding of our core values and the importance of discipline is paramount. Our work often demands achieving rapid targets, but it's crucial that this doesn't compromise our people. My leadership style balances professionalism with a familial atmosphere, emphasizing the need for a professional approach. We create an open platform for dialogue, encouraging team members to express their opinions and concerns. This fosters problem-solving and the exploration of solutions. It's important to teach that not all approaches are universally applicable, and we must consider global and detailed perspectives, ensuring that we consistently meet our client's demands. Overall, the focus is on teamwork, maintaining a positive work environment, and continuous self-improvement.

How do you envision the future, both at a personal level and within your organization?

On an individual level, I see myself contributing to the growth of the Indonesian market and expanding our projects, further diversifying our portfolio. As an organization, we aim to not only become a prominent figure in our home country but also extend our reach into Southeast Asia and Australia. Personally, I'm passionate about nurturing young, talented individuals in the field. Mining still offers abundant opportunities for the next generation, and I aspire to provide the guidance and support needed for their development, ensuring our industry continues to thrive in the future.

Dr. Stephanie Saing, General Manager Geology & Mining, PT Quantus Consultants Indonesia

Dr. Stephanie and her team actively engage in corporate social responsibility programs, working to strengthen social networks around mining areas, and helping communities achieve their goals and objectives.

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