Yedhy Stiady: Trailblazing Through Various Business Sectors With Passion & Technology

Yedhy Stiady: Trailblazing Through Various Business Sectors With Passion & Technology

Yedhy Stiady , Managing Director

Yedhy Stiady

Managing Director

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) pertains to the implementation of measures ensuring the safety, well-being, and societal health of employees across various professions. Therefore, establishing a secure work setting for staff is both a legal obligation and a humane duty. AKP as a mining concession holder embarks on a journey to cultivate and uphold optimal safety standards within Indonesian workplaces. In a broader spectrum, AKP product portfolio extends to encompass Site Safety, Occupational Health and security of work operational area, greatly prioritize attention to the environmental aspects of the concession area where the environmental issue has always been a serious discussion as the impact of mining exploitation activities all over the world.

Therefore the implementation of good mining practice (GMC), Good Corporate Governance (GCG) and Environmental, Social and Social Governance (ESG) are management concerns. Paying attention to the obligation to land revitalize which is periodically assessed by relevant agencies. Likewise, by implementing a watershed management program to maintain ecological balance, ensuring the amount and quality of water throughout the year, controlling surface flow and flooding, and also controlling soil erosion. Yedhy Stiady, the Managing Director at Adhi Kartiko Pratama, has consistently championed the advancement of the organization, and his effective strategies have revitalized the company in an unparalleled manner.

Can you briefly describe your professional background and experiences? What inspired your entry into the mining industry and what keeps you motivated as a leader in the field?

My educational background in Economics majoring in Management has played a pivotal role in my extensive 20+ year career within the financing company, shipping industry, Blending Fertilizer manufacture (State-Owned business entity), maritime service, and offshore engineering sectors. While there wasn't a specific inspiration for my entry into the mining industry, my drive for continuous career development led me to be appointed by the majority shareholders of Group Company (PT Sungai Mas Minerals) to spearhead AKP as a part of the mining division. With abundant natural resources in Indonesia, particularly in minerals, AKP venture into nickel mining aligns strategically with the global shift towards green energy, where nickel plays a crucial role. This endeavour allows AKP to contribute to the transformation of global energy usage, moving to more sustainable alternatives.

With a career spanning more than two decades, could you elaborate on your journey to achievement and share your guiding principles for success?

The trajectory towards success is an unceasing voyage of augmenting individual capacities and skills within our respective domains, transcending the confines of any specific professional landscape. While no solitary mantra exclusively encapsulates the foundation of my achievements spanning over two decades, an amalgamation of core principles has consistently charted my course. Anchored in a holistic perspective, where comprehensive viewpoints supersede immediate goals, this approach underscores decisions and actions, resonating through interactions, strategies, and their far-reaching impacts. Integrity stands as a guiding beacon, permeating every facet of professional conduct and interactions with stakeholders, while an unquenchable thirst for knowledge fuels an enduring commitment to perpetual learning and adaptation to change. My current achievement is not my end target in my professional career but is the result of persistence in carrying out responsibilities. Because once we feel smart, it means we have to learn more.

Could you briefly outline AKP's identity as an organization and its present market position? Also, what sets your organization apart and offers a unique advantage to clients?

As a burgeoning entity, AKP has an expansive journey ahead, currently streamlining diverse sectors to optimize efficiency, with a near-term objective of  listing on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in the near future. While not holding the top spot in the nickel mining market, AKP is undoubtedly an emerging presence in Indonesia's mining landscape. The company boasts an extensive grasp of Indonesian mining regulations and maintains robust adherence to them, underpinned by efficient management systems. It also nurtures favourable rapport with regulatory bodies and prides itself on cultivating enduring client relationships.

Share insights into your leadership style. What principles or approaches do you adhere to as a leader?

At the core of my leadership philosophy lies a personal approach that views team members as invaluable assets crucial to attaining peak performance within the company. To embody effective leadership, a defined objective and meticulous strategizing serve as foundational pillars. This amalgamation of principles forms the cornerstone of my leadership, facilitating not only individual growth but also fostering a collaborative spirit that propels us towards success. In addition, staff who assignments according to competence also have the opportunity to develop and upgrade their skills in accordance with their respective areas of responsibility. To make sure the relevant team members can keep up with the technological development needed to support their work. AKP give a chance to take training and competency courses for certain levels as well as providing promotion for the entitled.

Given your extensive industry experience, what guidance would you offer to aspiring leaders emerging within the field?

Rather than offering advice, I'd like to share insights with emerging industry leaders. Running a company is no small feat, demanding immense responsibility. While each person's approach varies, I view leadership as akin to conducting an orchestra, where you hold the reins of rhythm and harmony. The key lies in strategically placing individuals with the right skills in suitable positions, simplifying the role of managing vital matters while adhering to the agreed-upon plan. Uphold transparent communication both internally and externally to swiftly address potential issues, particularly non-technical ones. Never disregard evaluating completed activities, and remember that leadership is an ongoing learning journey within the organizational realm.

Yedhy Stiady, Managing Director, Adhi Kartiko Pratama

Yedhy Stiady is a leader in the mining industry and has been providing expert advice and has been a great point of interest. His dedication has been unwavering and this has resulted in the company’s success.

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