Elias Wehbe: Epitome Of Diligence, Exemplary Leadership, Honesty, & Ethical Conduct

Elias Wehbe: Epitome Of Diligence, Exemplary Leadership, Honesty, & Ethical Conduct

Elias Wehbe , Director - Operations

Elias Wehbe

Director - Operations

UAE has long been on a rolling wheel of prosperity while witnessing the edification of several engineering marvels. Be it the construction of the tallest buildings, the modern transportation infrastructure simplifying commuting problems every day, or eminent solar projects operating for environmental good; construction developments in today's era have set new milestones and are continuing the process remarkably. Elias Wehbe is one of the eminent leaders in this thriving industry of UAE, winning over with a simplified approach and effective leadership style.

With great business acumen and nearly 35 years of experience, Elias Wehbe is piloting the successful journey of Emirates Link Maltauro (ELM). As a visionary leader with high leadership and managerial skills, Elias Wehbe has gained complete respect from his team and other veterans in the construction fraternity. Under his able guidance, ELM has offered unsurpassed quality in the construction sector adopting the latest technology including field works, administration, and project management. In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights Asia, Elias Wehbe shares his journey and some wise inputs about the industry and his success strategies.

Take us through your early life and professional journey.

Despite being born in a small village in North Lebanon, my mother insisted that we attend a private school; though it was expensive, because she valued quality in every aspect of life and strove to give me and my three siblings the best education possible. After earning my B.Sc in Civil Engineering from the American University of Beirut, I was immediately able to enter the working world on account of my hard work.

I joined Consolidated Contractors International (CCIC) for a training period of 2 months as a part of my university curriculum requirement for the 3rd year of college. My path to knowledge, experience, and success was paved by CCIC through tough but rewarding moments up to the year 2000. It gave me an opportunity to wear different hats and acquire worldwide experience working with CCIC and Petrofac across 10 different countries before settling permanently in the UAE in 2004.

Investing in human resources and focusing on professional ethics of respect, diversity and inclusion will continue to underpin any organizational growth & success, and will eventually pay off in higher efficiency and long-term loyalty

Moved to ALDAR Properties in 2005, as their Senior Project Manager and Client Rep. for 9 years, but could only find my passion in construction and the challenges that came along with creating something with your own hands. Eventually, landed the role of Operations Director at ELM. While a challenging position, I believe it is a fantastic role for my leadership skills and years of expertise in the field.

How has been your journey so far with Emirates Link Maltauro?

I joined Emirates Link Maltuaro in 2013 and have been enjoying my work in the Construction business through a different lens, looking deeper into the impacts of the industry on our environment, and how to make life simpler in a greener world. The journey with ELM was difficult at first, as it took some time to get professionally outlined and streamlined in the correct direction toward achievement and noticeable success.

How has been your path to success and what is your success mantra?

It has been a delightful experience marked with diligence, exemplary leadership, honesty, and ethical conduct in all my dealings with internal as well as external stakeholders. It helped me move forward to where I stand now, exploring and exchanging ideas among the executives within the III group of companies and adding value toward future growth, excellence, and success in a very challenging and tough market. “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain”. This is what defines my success mantra and summarizes the company's values and goals.

What is the unique proposition that Emirates Link Maltauro offers to clients?

Quality is the core principle that underpins all our work in ELM. Our ‘Vision’ to ensure our clients and the wider public possess confidence in the high standards of what we deliver in the construction industry has secured ELM a loyal niche clientele, both in the private and public sectors. It is our understanding of the basics of Quality Management, and our emphasis on the implementation of its various applications in all operations and business dealings, that has marked ELM as a beacon for professionalism and ethical conduct in the construction industry.

What are the changes in market behaviour that you anticipate and what are the opportunities that you foresee?

The 2030 UAE development agenda is focused on growing the country's industry, transportation, and energy infrastructure to keep up with the diversity in the nation’s economy between tourism and high-quality destinations for work and long-term stay. The UAE government legislation to offer property investors the Golden Visa when they buy a property worth 2M Dhs falls into this same context.

There will always be a need for qualified engineers and construction management professionals. This goes especially for those that have access to the latest in cutting-edge technology, from the virtual design and visualization construction industry, like Building Information Modelling (BIM), to Construction Management Software and Enterprise Resource Planning literacy, and more.

Elias Wehbe, Director of Operations, Emirates Link Maltauro

A performance and efficiency-driven leader, Elias Wehbe is defining the protocol of leadership in project management for over 35 years as an innovative professional with unyielding international expertise in comprehensive project design and construction processes including but not limited to feasibility studies, projects management, intuitive leadership, and qualitative assessment. He loves listening to jazz music and reading books in his leisure.

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