Joyce Joy: Delivering The Best Solutions For Businesses To Thrive & Grow In dubai

Joyce Joy: Delivering The Best Solutions For Businesses To Thrive & Grow In dubai

Joyce Joy , Partner

Joyce Joy


We live in a world of constant change, innovation, and entrepreneurship which makes it important for businesses not only to keep up with the latest trends in the market but also to have a strategy to make the most use of the technological and social advances to have business growth and stability. To help companies in setting up their businesses and improve their chances for success in this competitive era, Joyce Joy established Volant Global. Under her leadership, she is currently aiding all entrepreneurs and investors in Dubai to achieve their goals by foreseeing their challenges and tackling them.

For more than a decade, Joyce has held leadership positions in numerous organizations of varying sizes and has contributed innovative ideas to enhance the stability and profitability of businesses. She possesses a wealth of experience and expertise in business development, Fintech trading, and investor funding, and keeps up to date with the latest methodologies and techniques for business growth. At Volant Global, Joyce leads a team of experts to provide exceptional consultancy services for business setups in Dubai. Her analytical problem-solving skills and commitment to putting clients first, combined with her extensive knowledge of various aspects of business development, enables her to exceed client expectations and deliver results beyond the scope of the project.

Let’s hear it from Joyce as she speaks about her journey and more.

Define Volant Global as an organization. What factors do you consider when defining long-term goals for the company?

Volant Global is a corporate service provider with excellent teams of consultants assisting business leaders and entrepreneurs in setting up companies and licensing them. Here we take complete care of all professional services related to company formation all over the UAE. Since the beginning of my career, I have worked in the consultancy field and have noticed that many people struggle to find the right information.

Let’s volant – flying together with success & solutions redefined

Often, consultancy firms provide clients with a range of options that may not be relevant to their specific needs. This realization has fueled my commitment to transparency when dealing with clients. When establishing Volant Global, my primary goal was to prioritize honesty and transparency with our clients. We have developed a strong network of consultants across India, the UK, the U.S., and Canada and have consistently worked towards our vision of becoming the most reliable and effective solution provider for businesses in Dubai.

What are the methods you have suggested for the team to enhance the company’s services and cater to the customers?

In my view, trust is a critical factor that drives clients to choose a particular organization for its services. Therefore, it is essential to have a team that can establish trust in the market for the services offered by the firm. When clients observe that a company values integrity, purpose, and a vision for the future, and there are no hidden or questionable practices, they begin to develop trust in the company. In Dubai, the consultancy market is highly competitive, so it is vital to adopt ethical, sustainable, and transparent values when providing clients with reliable assistance. These values can differentiate the firm and help it stand out among its competitors.

What is your success mantra?

My success mantra involves commitment towards my 3 P’s - persistence, perseverance, and patience. While persistence and perseverance are essential for achieving any goal, patience is essential for being able to stay focused on doing the work, despite challenges. My commitment to Volant Global’s vision has helped the firm to perform better, discover untapped opportunities and achieve bigger goals. Let’s volant – flying together with success and solutions redefined.

What are your plans for Volant Global?

My goal is to elevate Volant Global to a prominent global position, while also cultivating high-performing teams that can effectively communicate to achieve business objectives. I am of the belief that the success of any organization is not reliant on a single person, but rather on the collective efforts of a team. It is therefore critical to identify and recognize the right individuals to serve as pillars of success at different levels within the organization. Building a cohesive and effective team is essential to achieving success as an organization.

In light of your strong experience, what advice would you like to give to leaders in the same industry?

Young professionals, to be successful in this domain, must strive to become legit service providers while being committed and transparent towards their duties to their clients. There must be no compromise in stability and loyalty in their services; it will be a challenging and slow process but with determination and dedication they will be able to achieve their goals eventually.

Joyce Joy, Partner, Volant Global

With over a decade of rich professional experience in business development and consultancy, Joyce, through her venture Volant Global, is providing expert assistance to startups and corporates to set up their company licenses or to expand their businesses in UAE. Joyce Joy is also a successful partner in GMH Global Tech, US, GMH Volant, Dubai and Audiolox GMH, Singapore.

• Hobbies: Traveling

• Favorite Cuisine: Thai

• Favorite Travel Destination: Iceland

• Favorite Book: Practicing the Power of Now

• Awards & Recognition: Have been recognized as the best employee in her previous roles in the past organizations in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

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