Elizabeth Gina: Leveraging Analytical Skills & Business Acumen To Acquire Long-Term Financial Success

Elizabeth Gina: Leveraging Analytical Skills & Business Acumen To Acquire Long-Term Financial Success

Elizabeth Gina , CFO

Elizabeth Gina


Women leaders in the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) are making significant strides and breaking barriers in the finance industry. They bring valuable perspectives, skills, and leadership qualities to the position. Their contributions play a vital role in shaping financial strategies, promoting diversity and inclusion, fostering ethical finance practices, and mentoring future finance leaders. One such women leader is Elizabeth Gina, Chief Financial Officer, Green Rebel Foods. We, at CEO Insights Asia engaged in a one on one interaction with Elizabeth Gina. Let’s dive into this interaction brief to know more about her journey.

Can you provide a summary of your professional background and experiences? What drives your daily routines?

I began my professional journey at the Triputa Group, where I gained valuable experience overseeing various businesses with their unique strengths and challenges. My time there was made even more meaningful by the opportunity to learn from Teddy Rachmat, who inspired me to choose the Triputa Group over more lucrative offers. Witnessing his dedication towards making a positive impact on our staff and community motivated me to work harder and contribute meaningfully. I aspire to follow his example of success in both work and life, all while maintaining a compassionate and humane approach.

Throughout my career, I have gained insight from both an investor's perspective and by actively participating within businesses. What truly drives me is my passion for comprehending the entirety of a business, from operations and marketing to human resources, legal aspects, and financials. I find purpose in viewing a business as a means to improve the well-being of individuals and communities. My goal is to create a better world for those I collaborate with, individuals who share my values and motivation rather than focusing solely on monetary gains.

At the core of my motivation in work lies a sense of purpose. I strive to utilize my abilities to uplift the people I work with and the community, while also driving profitability for business owners. The key question that guides me is: who am I ultimately helping?

Our focus is on providing meat & dairy alternatives crafted entirely from 100 percent natural plant-based ingredients

How would you describe the nature of Green Rebel Foods as an organization and its current market position?

Green Rebel Foods is a trailblazing company that holds a prominent position in the market as the leading provider of meat and dairy alternatives in Indonesia. With their innovative technologies, such as Rebel Emulsion and Rebel Texturization, coupled with the use of entirely natural, whole-food ingredients, Green Rebel has established its dominance in the alternative meat sector within Indonesia. Notably, our product range is proudly Asian-inspired and designed to cater to Asian tastes, enabling us to expand our market presence in Asia while also setting sights on the American and European markets.

The founding principles of Green Rebel were rooted in a deep commitment to offering an alternative food source that positively impacts consumers' well-being, the health of our planet, and animal welfare, all while delivering exceptional taste and nutrition. This pioneering spirit is exemplified across all of Green Rebel's products, particularly their groundbreaking whole-cut plant-based steak, the first of its kind in Asia.

Please provide information about your flagship offerings and the additional value customers can expect from your services and solutions.

At Green Rebel Foods, our focus is on providing meat and dairy alternatives crafted entirely from 100 percent natural plant-based ingredients. Our products are free from preservatives, cholesterol, and MSG, ensuring a healthier choice for our customers. We offer four distinct product categories - Beefless Range: This range comprises our beef alternatives, featuring a variety of marinated products like the flavorful Beefless Rendang and succulent Maranggi Beefless Satay. Additionally, we offer base products such as the whole-cut Beefless Steak and convenient Beefless Chunks. Chick'n Range: Our chicken alternatives are the highlight of this range, including marinated options like the aromatic Green Curry Chick'n, as well as breaded varieties such as the delightful Chick'n Katsu and savory Chick'n Karaage.

We also provide base products like Chick'n Chunks for versatile cooking. Wholefood Protein Range: This range caters to long-time vegans and individuals seeking a healthy, plant-based protein boost. It offers products that are not necessarily meat alternatives but still provide a wholesome, protein-rich option. Creamy Crew Range: Our dairy alternative range offers 100 percent plant-based cheese options, including the versatile Cheddar Cheeze block. We also provide sauce and dip alternatives, such as our Mayo-Nice, as a delicious substitute for traditional mayonnaise.

Through our flagship offerings, customers can expect exceptional taste and quality, while also enjoying the benefits of sustainable and ethical food choices. Our commitment to using natural ingredients ensures a healthier and more environmentally friendly option for those seeking meat and dairy alternatives.

Elizabeth Gina, Chief Financial Officer, Green Rebel Foods

Elizabeth has a dual specialization in finance and marketing, driven by a desire to gain a comprehensive understanding of business from both investment and operational perspectives. Her professional background encompasses a diverse range of roles, including corporate finance, business development, warehouse and logistics, brand management, product registration, and ERP system project management. Elizabeth Gina holds a Business Administration degree from the University of Parahyangan and an MBA from Prasetiya Mulya Business School, with specializations in finance and marketing.

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