Michael Nurtjahyo: A Visionary Financial Strategist Shaping Success In Complex Landscapes

Michael Nurtjahyo: A Visionary Financial Strategist Shaping Success In Complex Landscapes

Michael Nurtjahyo , CFO

Michael Nurtjahyo


CFOs are integral to an organization's financial success, necessitating their adept navigation of complexities. Skillful management, team development, and inspiration are vital for exceptional outcomes. As financial stewards, CFOs must analyze intricate financial landscapes to drive growth and profitability with strategic decisions. Leading and motivating teams through challenges fosters excellence and financial stability. Michael Nurtjahyo is an exemplary CFO who embodies this approach, charting a prosperous path for Jiwa Group's future. His expertise and leadership drive the company towards unparalleled success in the face of intricate financial dynamics.

Michael Nurtjahyo is a trailblazing Chief Finance Officer, spearheading financial excellence at Jiwa Group. With an illustrious background spanning the retail food & beverages, plywood, automotive, cement, online retail, e-Commerce, and mining industries, Michael brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role. A paragon of reliability, honesty, and self-motivation, Michael's unwavering dedication to his craft propels Jiwa Group to new heights.

Below is an excerpt of Michael Nurtjahyo’ s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights ASIA magazine.

As a CFO, what is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?

Embracing the adage "Never stop learning because life never stops teaching," I have continually prioritized personal growth and productivity. In 2000, I graduated from University of Bina Nusantara acquired my bachelor’s degree in Economic Accountancy, later in 2003, I obtained Indonesian Taxation Brevet A/B & C Certification, showcasing my commitment to excellence. Even during the pandemic era (2020-2022), I utilized the time to acquire valuable certifications in Financial Modelling, Value Analysis, Capital Market & Security Analysis, and Certified Banking & Credit Analysis. A pivotal milestone arrived in July 2023, as I achieved my CPA Australia membership, aligning with one of the world's most esteemed accounting bodies. Looking ahead, I am eager to embark on a master's degree journey in August 2023, further expanding my knowledge and expertise.

As a CFO, I am always keen to craft comprehensive financial strategies and long-term planning in perfect harmony with the organization's vision

How would you define Jiwa Group as an organization and its current position in the market?

Jiwa Group, established in May 2018, unveiled its inaugural brand, Janji Jiwa, as the flagship offering. Following a year of successful operations, Jiwa Toast debuted in May 2019, soon followed by Jiwa Tea in October 2020. In 2019, MURI recognized our outstanding growth, with a record-breaking 700 new coffee chain stores launched within a year. Subsequently, in March 2022, all our brands attained the Halal Certification.

The year 2022 brought further accolades, with Jiwa Group receiving the World Branding Award for category retailer coffee and café chain, the Top Brand Award for category coffee café and toast chain, the WOW Brand Award for category coffee shops, and the Marketeers Youth Choice Award for category coffee to go.

As of June 2022, marking Jiwa Group's 5th year, our presence thrives with over 900 stores in 200 cities across Indonesia, in the Greater Jakarta Area, Java Island, Bali, Maluku, Papua, Sulawesi, Sumatera, and Borneo.

As the Chief Financial Officer of Jiwa Group, how do you plan to apply your long professional experience in this domain to add more stars to the organization's profile?

As a CFO, I am always keen to craft comprehensive financial strategies and long-term planning in perfect harmony with the organization's vision. My expertise will be pivotal in optimizing capital allocation, managing risk, and uncovering growth opportunities that will drive our success. With a keen eye for detail, I will establish robust financial reporting systems and performance metrics to deliver timely and precise insights that empower data-driven decisions for our executive team and stakeholders alike. Also, cost optimization will be a key focus as I lead initiatives to identify areas for reduction while streamlining processes, always prioritizing uncompromising quality. Moreover, my adept cash flow management skills will ensure healthy liquidity, forecasting cash flows, optimizing working capital, and securing ideal debt and equity financing, along with, adherence to financial regulations and ethical practices will remain paramount to maintaining transparency and trust.

Furthermore, leveraging my financial communication skills, I will effectively engage with investors, analysts, and stakeholders, bolstering our reputation and building unwavering trust. To drive operational efficiency and elevate decision-making processes, I will actively promote the adoption of financial technologies and data analytics. As a leader, I will foster a high-performing finance team, providing mentorship, training, and professional development opportunities to build a robust and motivated team. And strategic partnerships with financial institutions, technology providers, and industry experts will amplify our growth trajectory, as we gain valuable insights and access to crucial resources. Recognizing the importance of sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors, I will diligently integrate these considerations into our financial strategy and reporting, ensuring that our path to success is grounded in responsible practices and a brighter future.

What advice would you give to the upcoming financial leaders in the industry?

As a financial leader, my advice is to continuously develop knowledge and skills, foster strong analytical abilities, stay updated on regulations, build a professional network, embrace technology and innovation, develop leadership and communication skills, and uphold ethical conduct. Investing in learning, staying curious, and adapting to changes will help make informed decisions. Building networks and embracing technology can drive growth, while ethical conduct enhances reputation and long-term success.

Michael Nurtjahyo, CFO, Jiwa Group

Michael is an accomplished financial leader with a diverse career across top industries in Indonesia. As Chief Finance Officer at Kopi Janji Jiwa, he oversees Finance & Accounting, driving success through expertise and visionary strategies. His journey exemplifies excellence and dedication in the financial realm.

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