Erick Ditto: A Leader In The Renewable Energy Sector With A Passion For Positive Change

Erick Ditto: A Leader In The Renewable Energy Sector With A Passion For Positive Change

Erick Ditto,  Indonesia Country Manager

Erick Ditto

Indonesia Country Manager

The renewable energy sector stands as a pivotal force shaping the future of sustainable power, with the promise of cleaner and more efficient energy sources. Leading the charge in this transformative industry is Erick Ditto, the Indonesia Country Manager of SUNCABLE. Erick, an Indonesian professional with a postgraduate master's degree in corporate finance and management and a civil engineering background, brings a wealth of experience spanning over 23 years. His expertise encompasses a diverse array of projects, including those in Industrial Estates, Oil and Gas Facilities, Factory/Plant Buildings, Warehouses, Infrastructure, Utilities, High Buildings, Hydro Power Plants, Overhead Transmission Lines, and Submarine Cable Projects. His specialties include roles such as Country Manager, Head of Development, and Head of Project Management, General Manager, and Head of Operations, particularly within the Renewable Energy Sector. Let’s dive into below interview snippets.

Can you provide us an overview of your professional journey and motivation that drive your daily routine?

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and a Master's degree in Corporate Finance and Management. With over 23 years of experience, I have served as a Site/Project/General Manager across a diverse range of projects, including those in Industrial Estates, Oil and Gas Facilities, Factory/Plant Buildings, Warehouses, Infrastructure, Utilities, High Buildings, Hydro Power Plants, Overhead Transmission Lines, and HVDC 500kV Submarine Cable Projects. I've been involved in more than 200 major projects and 63 PSO and Chemical/Fuel Tank Terminal Maintenance projects. I am recognized as one of Indonesia's specialists in subsea cable inter-connector projects, notably the AAPowerLink. Since establishing our Indonesia entity, I have served as the Country Manager since 2021. My daily motivation stems from the prospect of contributing to world-class projects, particularly the longest subsea interconnection, the largest battery capacity delivery, and the biggest solar farm globally. Being entrusted with overseeing all development, project, and operational aspects in Indonesia represents a significant achievement and presents exciting challenges in my career.

What positions the company as a dependable option for establishing a renewable energy infrastructure network to supply power to cities throughout Indonesia using solar energy?

With 3 entities in AU, ID and SG, SUNCABLE is advancing with assurance and substantial financial backing. Our investor, Grok, has joined forces with Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners to manage the development of the onshore Australian elements of the project, prioritizing the delivery of the most economically efficient green electrons. SUNCABLE is entirely committed to its goal of creating the world's largest renewable energy project, ensuring roundthe- clock renewable electricity supply to Darwin and Singapore through the longest overhead and subsea  HVDC transmission systems globally. Our objective is to provide trustworthy, cost-effective renewable energy to both Australia and Asia.

I adopt The Role Model leadership approach, emphasizing seemingly small yet significant actions

What factors do you consider to ensure the smooth functioning of operations?

The primary focus is consistently maintaining positive relationships within the team. In our industry, operations heavily depend on our human resources, as we do not utilize machinery or computer-based systems. Human factors are crucial in our operations. Managing people differs significantly from managing machines or computers. The approach I employ involves non-technical and specialized methods to foster a shared understanding of common goals among the team. This includes employing coaching skills, employing a deep psychological approach, engaging in brainstorming sessions, consistently monitoring progress, and being a self-motivator.

Describe your leadership style and the principles you follow.

I adopt 'The Role Model' leadership approach, emphasizing seemingly small yet significant actions. Initiatives such as starting work before schedule and timely morning catch-ups set a positive example, reinforcing the importance of our work. Punctuality in meetings reflects respect for everyone's time, fostering a considerate environment. Expressing gratitude and acknowledging cooperation through a simple 'thank you' boosts team morale and motivation. I actively seek input from team members before final decisions, valuing diverse ideas and managing expectations. Recognizing personal aspects' impact on team dynamics, like marriage, I strive to be a positive role model. This approach has resulted in strong teamwork, solid cooperation, and a shared focus on achieving common goals, fostering enduring relationships with former subordinates.

Where do you see yourself heading in the future?

The renewable energy sector is poised to become the leading industry for years, with major projects like AAPowerLink and other milestones on the horizon. As the world's conventional energy resources diminish, the sun, a perpetual source, remains. Tapping into this unlimited solar resource, converting it into boundless energy, and interconnecting it globally promises an endless supply of electricity.

What advice would you offer aspiring leaders entering this field and exploring new opportunities?

Dreams are achievable. Hold onto your ambitious visions, even if others may not share them. Belief in your dreams is key to their realization. Global leaders now recognize the significance of renewable energy more than ever. The renewable industry, initiated years ago, has matured technologically, enabling more efficient power generation and unprecedented electricity delivery. Entrepreneurial and visionary individuals are needed to seize this abundant opportunity. Join the dream!

Erick Ditto, Indonesia Country Manager, Suncable Indonesia

Erick Ditto is SUNCABLE Indonesia Country Manager. He is a visionary leader with 23+ years of expertise in Renewable Energy. A civil engineer with a postgraduate degree in corporate finance, he spearheads transformative projects, blending professional prowess with a fulfilling family life.

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