Isavella Evripidou: Leading The Way In Corporate & Legal Services With Excellence

Isavella Evripidou: Leading The Way In Corporate & Legal Services With Excellence

Isavella Evripidou , Founder

Isavella Evripidou


Professionals in the corporate and legal services fields have greatly benefited the sector, excelling in jobs like those of lawyers, consultants, corporate executives, and compliance specialists. They bring expertise to numerous crucial functions, including legal advice, compliance, financial strategy, and others. Their shared successes demonstrate the industry's dynamism and dedication to offering top-notch services while navigating the complexities of contemporary business environments.

Isavella Evripidou, a visionary in the corporate and legal services sectors with a career spanning more than two decades, is one of these accomplished professionals. Her background includes banking, financial services, brokerage, corporate legal, and the burgeoning crypto and gaming industries. Isavella's profound understanding of international law and hands-on experience has served as the foundation of her professional journey, culminating in the establishment of GCIE Corp. As the Founder, Isavella's strategic acumen, combined with the unwavering passion of her team, has established GCIE Corp as an acclaimed corporate and legal services firm. Her dedication to assisting clients in navigating complex business landscapes, combined with her innovative approach to international solutions, distinguishes her as a dynamic force in the industry.

In an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights Asia, Isavella Evripidou enlightens us more about her professional background and the unique traits of the company.

Could you tell us about your professional journey and tell us about the inspiration behind the establishment of GCIE?

My career in the financial sector has spanned more than two decades and includes banking, financial services, brokerage, corporate legal, and a variety of other industries, including cutting-edge ones like cryptocurrency and gaming. My journey was propelled by the fusion of my in-depth understanding of international law and my real-world experience, forging the road to the best solutions. My career has been motivated by my passion for assisting clients in navigating the challenges of starting and running their businesses. This fervor led to the creation of GCIE Corp, an award-winning corporate and legal services company informed by my deep understanding of legal intricacies across more than 70 jurisdictions. The harmonious fusion of our knowledge, experience, and profound enthusiasm for our work served as the impetus for the founding of GCIE Corp.

Define GCIE as an organization and its position in the market. What are the unique propositions you offer to clients?

GCIE Corp, part of GFSC Global group of companies is an esteemed corporate and legal Service provider, stands as an award-winning, licensed entity offering comprehensive support across a spectrum of services, embarking on a journey from company registration to restructuring, catering to a myriad of client needs. Our forte lies in not just understanding but orchestrating the backbone of companies—be it corporations, partnerships, or foundations. Should relocation be on the agenda, we facilitate the seamless transfer of businesses to Cyprus or other jurisdictions.

Navigating the contemporary challenge of securing bank accounts across diverse industries, our dedicated assistance strives to alleviate the complex processes involved in opening accounts, a task that often encounters delays and hurdles. Upholding stringent regulations, our administrative and nominee services remain meticulously curated, ensuring a thorough vetting process to comprehend our client's objectives and validate their legitimacy.

Our commitment transcends mere paperwork; we delve into facilitating immigration services, offering varied visas tailored to specific requirements, enabling permanent residency or aiding in employee relocation. This comprehensive approach extends from initial company setup to the perpetual renewal process, covering obligatory reporting and renewal formalities.

Our proficiency in licensing services, particularly in financial sectors such as brokerage, investment firms, and crypto companies, remains a cornerstone. We meticulously guide clients through, registering, acquiring CIF, AIF, CASP PSP, EMI licenses, and other authorizations, navigating the stringent regulatory framework set by local financial and central banking authorities.

Moreover, we ardently champion Cyprus as an investment hub, welcoming and supporting diverse investors seeking to establish or relocate businesses, fostering growth and opportunities while extending our aid in the realm of immigration services. In essence, GCIE Corp embodies a holistic 'one-stop-shop' ethos, ensuring clients can repose confidence in the meticulous orchestration of their journey from inception to compliance and expansion. This distinctive blend of expertise and a holistic approach makes us unparalleled in the industry.

How is the team built, and what measures are taken to nurture a learning culture that enables them to meet client needs and address pain points effectively?

Building our team is a meticulous process. We primarily recruit junior lawyers who aspire to transition into the corporate world or individuals with a legal or financial background. Our approach involves comprehensive training, encompassing everything from foundational corporate concepts to specific legislative knowledge. This training is a gradual process, instilling a deep understanding of corporate governance, compliance, risk management, and legal services. We continually invest in our team, sending them to seminars and training programs to keep them updated with global corporate trends and regulatory changes. Our ultimate goal is to equip our team with the skills and knowledge to provide professional assistance, ensuring client satisfaction in all our projects.

Can you share a challenging case study that demonstrates the team's endeavors in achieving positive client outcomes under your guidance?

An interesting case study comes to mind, which reflects our team's dedicated efforts in navigating challenges and ultimately achieving positive outcomes for our clients. In a scenario, a client expressed frustration and reluctance towards the intricate onboarding process, a common feature in the European corporate landscape, driven by strict AML compliance requirements and bureaucratic paperwork. Under my guidance, our well-trained team swiftly addressed the client's concerns. We embarked on a journey of clear and thorough communication, ensuring the client understood the process from start to finish. We provided step-by-step guidance, demystifying the complexities of AML compliance, document checks, and other formalities. Our objective was to bridge the knowledge gap, assuaging the client's apprehensions and hesitations.

The results were truly rewarding. The client, who initially felt overwhelmed and disinclined to proceed, eventually experienced a complete transformation in outlook. By guiding the client through the process, we not only addressed their initial frustration but also left them thoroughly satisfied with our services. This remarkable transformation not only bolstered our client's confidence in us but also opened the door to potential referrals. It's a testament to our commitment to ensuring each client comprehends the intricacies of their journey and, ultimately, achieves satisfaction. In the world of corporate services, the most significant recognition is a delighted client who may, in turn, become an advocate for our services.

As the Founder, what are the factors you look into when developing effective corporate growth strategies?

As a Founder, crafting effective corporate growth strategies requires a multifaceted approach. Staying abreast of global developments, whether in finance, banking, or the legal sphere, is paramount. This strategic acumen hinges on incorporating a proficient, experienced team capable of providing comprehensive global client support. It's this synergy between a knowledgeable team and astute strategy that fuels robust corporate growth and yields optimal outcomes.

What are the challenges you have overcome so far and what are the lessons you learned from them?

I am inherently passionate about learning, and my career journey has been a testament to this drive. One significant challenge was undertaking sizable projects, initially daunting, but my knowledge of legislation and procedural expertise guided me to excellent outcomes. Notably, we've supported clients facing substantial penalties, such as brokerage firms and payment companies, by identifying and rectifying issues, averting potential multi-million-dollar fines. These challenges have contributed to my growth, enhancing my capacity to handle intricate projects, always leading to favorable results, whether in or out of court. They have fortified my resolve, underscoring the limitless depth of learning and fortifying my resilience both personally and professionally.

What is the future destination you are headed for? Where do you see yourself in the upcoming years?

My future is firmly anchored in a passion for what I do. When you love your work, the years are inconsequential. I envision my group of companies continuously earning accolades and, more significantly, witnessing our clients' growth from startups to industry giants, all grounded in trust and professionalism. My aspiration is to see the company thrive in corporate and legal services, extending even beyond my retirement, ensuring the legacy endures with a dedicated team that shares my commitment. The journey is bound to be adorned with more accolades and milestones.

Isavella Evripidou, Founder & CEO, GCIE Corp

Isavella Evripidou, Founder And CEO Of Gcie Corp is a visionary in the corporate and legal services sector who brings over two decades of experience, encompassing Crypto/ ICO/STO, Gaming, EMI, PSP, Brokerage Licenses, Legal Opinions, Immigration, Banking And Company Formations Worldwide.

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