Jayanta Lahiri: Delivering Dominant Business Strategies For Digital Businesses Globally

Jayanta Lahiri: Delivering Dominant Business Strategies For Digital Businesses Globally

Jayanta Lahiri, Global Chief Information Officer

Jayanta Lahiri

Global Chief Information Officer

The current business landscape is reshaping itself and revolving around new technologies. With the growth in technologies, it has become increasingly important for companies and their CIOs to implement strategic business approaches for organizational success.

Jayanta Lahiri is a Business, Operations, Technology Leader with over three decades of experience in Global Technology, IT, Cloud and Digital Services. Jayanta has played multiple Global CIO and Regional (APAC, EMEA, India and North America) CIO roles in Accenture Inc, and Firstsource Solutions, leading the Technology Road-map, Analytics, Strategy, Implementation in areas such as Cloud, Contact Centre, Data Centre, Automation, Cybersecurity and many.

Jayanta has led large global teams, been in leadership roles of Consulting and Outsourcing functions in global Technology (IT/ITES) companies, built and managed P&L (up to US$ 2.0Bn) and operations of scale (up to 22,000 FTE global team size).

 He is an expert in leading global business to scale, Digital Strategy, Digital and Business/Technology Connect Expert. Worked in reputed global firms like Accenture, Wipro, Infosys, AXA-Tech, and Firstsource,  Jayanta is on multiple Industry Bodies, such as, NASCOM, CII, multiple Global CIO/CXO Forums.

What have been your key achievements & engagements in the past 30 years of your professional experience?

I started my journey as a Cloud, Application, and Infrastructure Services Business Leader in Wipro and Accenture where I led the delivery of outsourcing & consulting engagements across the globe. I have been instrumental in spearheading Digital Transformation, Technology & Cybersecurity Strategy and Technology Road Map as the Regional CIO in Accenture and AXA-Tech. Moreover, I have played a significant role in dealing with deal structuring & architectural solutions for Global and Indian clients. At Firstsource, I have led Technology Strategy and implementation in the areas of Multi-Cloud, Hybrid-Cloud, Contact Centre, Data engineering & Analytics.

I was directly involved to develop a team of 100 Technology Strategy Consultants in Accenture's India Delivery Center (IDC) for global, India offshore, and India domestic engagements. This was instrumental in leading significant growth in IT Strategy and Consulting Business

What kind of technologies do you adapt to revolutionize your services in the industry?

How do you keep yourself updated about such technologies to be at par with current industry standards?My foray has always been into the tools & technologies related to cloud, automation, analytics, and cybersecurity. My focus area is always to evaluate such technological tools and also helping my clients develop & implement these tools in their organizational operations. I keep myself abreast of the latest technologies by reading magazines both online and offline.   I also participate in multiple Global CXO forums, where I gain significant insights about new technologies that are coming up in the future.

Reflect on some of the major challenges you have encountered so far. How did you overcome them and what did you learn from them?

As a Technology Leader, it has always been a challenge to implement new strategies, while at the same time optimize costs, in a way that it does not impact productivity of employees in the organization. Cloud & automation tools have been the best approach to enhance productivity and the same time manage costs.

What drives you as an industry leader? What advice would you give to budding leaders in this domain?

Technologies are evolving every other day and to be ahead of the competition one must be aware of the latest technologies and how they can be implemented in the existing challenging situations. To be a leader in this domain, one must have an understanding of what is happening within the organization as well as outside of it. Organizational success is assured when the employees are aware of the upcoming challenges and focus on dealing with them on time.

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