Kapil Mittal: Making A Dent In The Nutraceutical Ecosystem By Making Nutrition Intake Both Healthy & Fun

Kapil Mittal: Making A Dent In The Nutraceutical Ecosystem By Making Nutrition Intake Both Healthy & Fun

Kapil Mittal, Chief Strategy Officer

Kapil Mittal

Chief Strategy Officer

The Indian nutraceutical segment has been experiencing exponential growth over the years owing to the growing awareness of health and hygiene. Even after the pandemic, there has been a rapid growth in demand for preventive healthcare and related products, with people preferring nutraceutical products over pharmaceutical products for lifestyle diseases as well as holistic wellness. Using his extensive experience of more than 20 years in various sectors, Kapil Mittal is currently leading Power Gummies, a Gurgaon-based nutraceutical supplement provider firm, to make a dent in the Indian health and nutraceutical segment as its Chief Strategy Officer.

Under his efficient leadership, Power Gummies has become one of the leading startups in India and currently covers almost 70 percent of the gummies market in the Indian nutraceutical segment.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights ASIA, Kapil discusses the underlying idea behind the foundation of Power Gummies and its position in the market, his strategic plans and leadership approach, and much more.

How would you define Power Gummies as an organization and its current position in the market?

Power Gummies has an interesting backstory. Initially, there was no intention to create a business out of it. Divij Bajaj, Founder of Power Gummies, was looking for an alternative to his mother’s daily nutritional pills as she didn’t like having those pills. This led Divij to find a unique and safe product, curated supplements into gummies format so that his mother can easily have her daily dose of nutrition. Based on the data, we cover 70 percent of the gummies market alone in the nutraceutical segment. As a young organization, we are trying to make a dent in the overall ecosystem by making nutrition intake both healthy and fun. We want to achieve that by trying to break the myth, which denotes nutritions are bitter by taste. Being an openculture organization, we always prioritize ideas and believe that ideas should always win.

Tell us about your flagship offerings and what value additions customers can expect from your offerings.

I sincerely believe that change is the only constant and the flagship offering of today won’t remain the same tomorrow. The current flagship offering of Power Gummies is its vitamin gummies for hair and nails, named Gorgeous Hair & Nails. Our future roadmap is to be present not just in neutral cosmetics but also in the daily health supplement sector, which includes multivitamins, Osteoporosis, eyes, and on. At Power Gummies, we add taste and texture to the quality supplements for the world to consume. Power Gummies is the only gummy brand to have in-house science of developing gummies that suits the Indian temperature and weather conditions. The gummies curated by us are sustainable up to 47-48 degrees centigrade temperature and 50-55 humidity percentage. This helps us have non-pillow-packed gummies that are moisture-resistant and taste good.

My leadership approach is more consultative where I try to understand people’s thought processes, as my people are the first set of consumers of our products

As the CSO, what are the latest strategic plans you have adopted to expand/optimize operations and engage new audiences in the market? Tell us about your leadership approach.

As part of strategic plans, I try to ensure that everything we have promised as a brand is met through our wide range of curated products. I believe that if I myself prefer to consume the gummies as a first-end customer, the same will translate into business and consumers will consume it.

I believe in making an impact in what I do. I also try to implement an open culture that enables people to speak their minds and ideas. My leadership approach is more consultative where I try to understand people’s thought processes. As my people are the first set of consumers of our products, this gives me an idea regarding the future scope or business environment for the product.

Going forward, what are the changes in market behavior that you anticipate and what are the opportunities that you foresee? Any advice you would like to give to budding entrepreneurs?

We see a future where all the boring aspects of pills will be removed, which will also satisfy the taste bud of mankind. As part of our future roadmaps, we have serious plans to come up with a wide range of health supplements for mental health, gut, eyes, and many more. We also have plans to come up with coughrelieving gummies in the future.

The advice I would like to give to budding entrepreneurs is to stop doing something if that doesn’t fuel your passion, thinking, or daily routine as you have limited time and resources to reach your goal. Instead of copying from someone else, create your own products. Don’t run on gut feelings but on data.

Kapil  Mittal,  Chief Strategy Officer,  Power Gummies

Kapil Mittal is a result-oriented professional with more than 20 years of experience in various sectors, such as Sales, Business management, marketing, and branding. Over the years, he has worked for various reputed organizations, such as Vriti and Dalmia Group before starting his own startup Currently, he works as the Chief Strategy Officer for Power Gummies, a Gurgaon-based leading nutraceutical supplement provider firm.

• Hobbies: Reading, Astronomy, Making people understand Physics

• Favorite Cuisine: South Indian

• Favorite Book: Start with Why by Simon Sinek



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