• Vineet Maheshwari, CSO

    Vineet Maheshwari, CSO

  • Previewing the increasing complexity of running a business thriving in today's fast-paced disruption-laden digital economy that is agile, forward-thinking, global, and subject to regulatory changes, while organizations strive to lay a great emphasis on the effective growth of businesses, they are the Chief Strategy Officers who take the lead to help realize it, through positive initiatives. A Chief Strategic Officer (CSO), a C-level executive helps to formulate, facilitate and communicate an organization's strategic initiative and future goals to make the business more competitive.

  • Vineet Maheshwari: Talking The Efficient Business Talk Leadingorganizational Business Growth

CSOs Might Need to Master New Skills

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

The role of a strategy head has always been under the dynamic process of evolution. Today, this change is happening in shuteye time and is even more dynamic.

Cybercriminals: Who are they & How do they use Malware?

By: Anthony Webb, Vice President International, A10 Networks

Cyber criminals are usually motivated by financial gain, though other motivations can include desire for political influence

Top 10 Chief Strategy Officers In Asia - 2023

Transforming Digital Process Automation during New Normal

By: Dr. Kaushik Sengupta, Product Head – Food SAR Region, Bureau Veritas Group

With 19+ years’ experience in the verticals like audit, certification, training, quality functions, Dr. Kaushik is increasing the digital process automation valuation


Technology Key to Global Travel Recovery

By: Benjamin Boesch, Chief Digital Officer, VFS Global

The world is on the move again. After months of closures, the revival of various sectors is evident reopening of universities, hybrid working models, and high profile international events are back on the calendar.


How Today’s Digital Economy has Transformed the Way Industries & Organisations Operate

By: Aditya Arora, CEO, Teleperformance

Aditya, CEO of Teleperformance India discusses what more can be done in order to develop the skills required to succeed in tomorrow’s digital economy.


Three Ways Investing in Route Planning Software is Beneficial for the Transportation Industry

By: Mradul K., VP - Global Sales & Strategy, LogiNext

Mradul boasts of a 13-year long career during which he has been associated with companies such as Bajaj Alliance General Insurance, IFFCO Tokyo General Insurance

  • Top 10 Chief Strategy Officers In Asia - 2023

    Chief Strategists leaving behind all Ifs & Buts

    Strategic leadership being the tailwind behind organizational growth, touches every aspect of employee-chain to create a single, forward-focused vision that can align company and its shareholders and also serves as an actionable way to reach company's collective goal. As the industry landscape is evolved, the strategic leadership space also saw a facelift. The increasing number for trained professionals with apt education driving the strategic leadership with new approaches to manage and deliver projects while handling risks and challenges, team development, and communication. Being a new-age leadership position driven by industry trends it welcomes both man and women to work together, to thrive together and to gain status as industry professionals without any gender bias.

    CSOs as Trend Drivers

    Today’s C-suite not only brings in traditional roles but typically a host of new designations that were virtually unheard of before a decade. The traditional c-suit roles like CEO, CFO or COO is nowoften joined by Chief Diversity and Inclusion, Chief Marketing, Chief Strategy, Chief Sustainability, Chief Data, and Chief Privacy officers in the executive suite. As the technologies evolved, the world became more inclusive and businesses are getting more and more competitive, Executive officers and the senior leadership team are facing pressure to continuously cultivate and implement more robust strategic initiatives that will help organizations achieve a competitive advantage. With markets getting more complex and digital disruption increases the velocity of change, the job of strategy becomes more complex and demanding, which is why organizations are realizing that strategic planning is a complex, full-time job that may require more focus, structure and exactitude than a CEO alone can provide. Hence the importance of CSO is increasing in every organization.

    In this issue of the CEO Insights Asia magazine, a list of ‘Top 10 Chief Strategy Officers in Asia- 2023' is provided to the readers in corporate and different sectors, for informing on the excellent services leveraged by the Leaders in diverse domains. The listing is prepared by a team of industry veterans, CEOs and VCs, and the CEO Insights magazine editorial board.

Top 10 Chief Strategy Officers In Asia - 2023

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Ampverse Charlie Baillie , Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer Ampverse A seasoned digital media & entertainment executive with commercial & operational experience across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific
Wachsman Danny Phan, Global Chief Strategy Officer & Managing Director Wachsman A multi-award-winning professional with international strategic communications experience in Asia and the United States supporting business leaders in new and highly regulated industries to navigate political and econonomic volatility
TBWA\Asia Emmanuel Sabbagh , Chief Strategy Officer TBWA\Asia A regional professional skilled in digital strategy, digital marketing, advertising with 15+ years of extensive experience
Power Gummies Kapil Mittal, Chief Strategy Officer Power Gummies A result-oriented professional with more than 20 years of experience in various sectors, such as sales, business management, marketing, and branding
McCann Worldgroup Richard McCabe, Chief Strategy Officer-APAC McCann Worldgroup An irrefutable leader in the business of creativity expertisely skilled in marketing, advertising, digital marketing, CRM, relationship marketing and many
Third Wave Coffee Sunil Nair, Chief Strategy Officer Third Wave Coffee One of the strategists professional behind establishing the firm as one of the best indigenous coffee brands in the country
Fundednext Syed Abdullah Galib, Chief Strategy Officer Fundednext A successful entrepreneur with multiple international ventures in the finTech industry skilled media buying, graphic design, SEO, copywriting, product research, PPC advertising, and content creation
Hitachi Theo Scherman, Chief Strategy Officer Hitachi Chief Strategy Officer
Tidal7 Asia Venkat Mallik , Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer Tidal7 Asia A digital branding professional working with brands and businesses which are dominantly using classical mainline advertising and thinking
PNB METLIFE Insurance Vineet Maheshwari, CSO PNB METLIFE Insurance A C-level executive helping to formulate, facilitate and communicate an organization's strategic initiative and future goals to make the business more competitive

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