• Eyad Ai Zain, CEO, Najd Telecom, Saudi Arabia

    Eyad Ai Zain, CEO, Najd Telecom, Saudi Arabia

  • The government of Saudi Arabia has actively fostered and encouraged the development of a highly developed telecommunications industry. The region's telecom firms saw a boost in business as a result of the pandemic, as more people remained in their homes and used their mobile phones and televisions. However, the industry has been over-saturated in recent years. Consumers' disposable income has been cut significantly by the present low crude oil price scenario, which has had a significant influence on the country's economy. In addition to this trend, sales of smartphones in the nation have slowed as the market nears saturation. In light of the current market shrinkage, businesses involved in the production and distribution of mobile devices find themselves in precarious situations and might need the guidance of an effective leader like Eyad AI Zain.

  • Eyad AI Zain: A Powerful Executive With A Successful Track Record Of Creating & Maintaining High-Energy Sales & Operation Teams

Vision 2030: The New Arabian Dream

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

It’s terrific to see Saudi Arabia piloting the changes happening in the Arabian Peninsula. The iconic ‘Saudi Vision 2030’, a strategic framework to reduce Saudi Arabia’s dependence on oil, diversify its economy, and

Cybercriminals: Who are they & how do they use Malware?

By: Anthony Webb, Vice President International, A10 Networks

Cyber criminals are usually motivated by financial gain, though other motivations can include desire for political influence, some concept of social justice, or just the malicious thrill

Top 10 Business Leaders In Asia - 2023

Technology Reshaping the Future of Healthcare

By: Sharon Chan, Head, Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS Asia Pacific

That’s how I found myself working at Johnson & Johnson Innovation, where we believe that a great idea can come from anywhere and where through collaboration, we work to accelerate life science


Technology Key to Global Travel Recovery

By: Benjamin Boesch, Chief Digital Officer, VFS Global

The world is on the move again. After months of closures, the revival of various sectors is evident reopening of universities, hybrid working models, and high profile international events are back on the calendar.


Importance of Leadership During Tempestuous Times

By: Nisha Parikh, VP – HR & Marketing, Telebu

Indeed, one cannot escape from the unending stream of global unrest; the pandemic has confirmed this. In extraordinary times, people often turn to their mentors or leaders for reassurance and guidance more than ever before.


Consumer Electronics Industry: Adapting the New Dynamics

By: Vikas Chadha, CEO, Jumbo Group

At the turn of the century, the consumer electronics industry in the UAE depended largely on in-store sales. It drew strength from the nation's strong economic growth and rising disposable income among consumers to drive growth.


How Today’s Digital Economy has Transformed the way Industries & Organisations Operate

By: Aditya Arora, CEO, Teleperformance

Aditya, CEO of Teleperformance India discusses what more can be done in order to develop the skills required to succeed in tomorrow’s digital economy.

  • Top 10 Business Leaders In Asia - 2023

    The Emerging Economies of Asia- A Wide View

    For more than one decade the newspapers are covering all about turmoils on west Asian side, sparked by Arab uprisings and Islamic state group. But nobody talks much about brighter sides of these former Mesopotamian regions. West Asia is oil rich and water scarce, and the region occupies a strategic geopolitical location at the crossroads of three continents. This is one of the major reasons for everlasting rivalry in this region. Peace and improved environmental governance could lead west Asian region to prosperity and resilience.

    West Asia or the Middle East region is predominantly Islam following Rules, regulations, and laws are perhaps much stricter than any other region of the world. And their inborn prowess in business following strict rules and fairplay make them a dominant player in the world. Most of the countries in the region are also rich in oil reserves which are the main advantage and cause for strong international relations. The most prominent countries of West Asia are Kuwait, Jordan, Iran, UAE, and Lebanon. These relations and emerging business trends are laying out a strong foundation for the future economy of the region.

    A major aspect of business culture in West Asia is forging strong bonds. A strong relationship network and alliances is a vital cog in conducting a successful business. Mouth publicity plays a strong role as opinions of families and friends are taken quite seriously. Improved infrastructure and an opening of global channels has led to a plethora of options for companies looking to expand their operations in West Asia. With the region falling into more peaceful situations, great opportunities are ahead.

    This issue of the CEO Insights Asia magazine introduces you to a list of "Top 10 Business Leaders in West Asia - 2023" who have helped in the transformation and growth of corporate and business sector of the country. The list has been crafted by a team of Industry veterans, CEOs, VCs and the CEO Insight editorial team thus delivering inspiring stories of their journey and the contributions & roles played by them in the creation and empowerment of a powerful nation.

Top 10 Business Leaders In Asia - 2023

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Horti Group Abdullah Bani Hani, Cheif Executive Officer Horti Group An industry veteran, an experienced professional in the construction industry with over 26 years of experience
Galiawa Group Abdulsattar Mawlood, Co-Founder & Executive Director Galiawa Group He has a strong managerial background with senior-level local experience and cross-sector exposure and highly focused with a consistent track record of successfully delivering full life cycle implementations to tight time scales and within budget
Fraikin Dayim Truck Rental Amit N Marwah, CEO Fraikin Dayim Truck Rental With close to two decades of experience in Investments, Business Setup & Execution, he has successfully set up five businesses in Saudi Arabia and the GCC
Najd Telecom Eyad AI Zain, CEO Najd Telecom A senior entrepreneur with 23 years of B2C sector experience overseeing sales, marketing, operations, people, and merchandising for startup and established retail and distribution organizations
AlSharif Group Hawas Bajawi, Chief Executive Officer of Water, Oil & Gas Sector AlSharif Group A meticulous leader with over 18 years of experience in Technical, Design, Testing & Commissioning, and Project Management of following Water and Utility Projects
United Insurance Maysa Al Kooheji , CEO United Insurance She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Financial Accounting from the University of Bahrain, an Associate member of the Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII) from the UK and has a Diploma in Life and Health Insurance (LOMA)
Prantik Group Md Golam Sarwar , Managing Director Prantik Group A industry veteran skilled in project management, engineering and shipbuilding highly focusing on ship owning, ship agency, industrial & marine EPC contractor, LPG submarine pipeline and more
Springring Mohammed Ashoor , Co-Founder & CEO Springring A Computer Engineer, Investment Banker and Serial Entrepreneur, has seven solid years of experience in the corporate and investment banking world at reputable international organizations within wide-ranging and pivotal roles and responsibilities
Eagleye Ventures Prashant Sasidharan , CEO Eagleye Ventures A philanthropist, adventurer growing successful businesses in sectors including precious metals, global sourcing, manufacturing, hospitality & tourism, financial services, IT & telecommunication and health and wellness
Lucky Textile Mills Sardar Ahmed Khan, Director-Marketing & Operations Lucky Textile Mills An experienced officer with a demonstrated history of working in the textiles industry and a strong operations professional skilled in trend analysis, textile industry, shirts, textiles and wholesale

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