• Zeno Lo, Co-Founder & Director, Inch. Interior Design, Hong Kong

    Zeno Lo, Co-Founder & Director, Inch. Interior Design, Hong Kong

  • The interior design industry has been growing at a fast pace. The dramatic expansion of manufacturing capabilities and rising consumer consumption have transformed Asia’s society and economy. Nowadays, people are becoming more open to different patterns and decorations in their house appearances as their exposure to diverse cultures and worldwide trends grows. To meet the demand of this growing industry, Inch. Interior Design comes into the picture. Inch. Interior Design is a high-tech minimalistic inte-rior design company based in Hong Kong that specializes in professional Residential, Commercial, and Event Space Designs, with over five years of experience, incorporating innovative smart-home solutions tailor-made to the client's needs.

  • Zeno Lo: Passionate Interior Designer Creating Exceptional Experiences For His Clients

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Top 10 Leaders In Startups From Asia - 2022

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With over 18 experience in the L&D vertical, Tulika believes in and drives transformational HR through definite strategies and qualitative analysis on performance.

  • Top 10 Leaders In Startups From Asia - 2022

    In this modern technology world, where businesses and industries are growing pragmatically turning digital and tapping onto new and existing markets through innovation and creativity, there are many businesses thriving in the region, performing in diverse industry sectors. Many of Asia's leading startups are making a global impact, whether by influencing new business models or by working through universal challenges. To meet the changing needs of the region's populace, where some are stressing on a wide range of powerful applications using AI helping businesses provide better experiences for their customers, many are looking into uplifting the traditional finance & trading there, to back up the business growth for startups. The companies are magnanimously growing across Financial technology (fintech) and e-Commerce in Asia, and healthcare technology startups are one that have found strong footing since COVID-19. Sustainability is the key to prolific growth in the challenging times today where technology trends and consumer preferences change in a flip. Be it any industry, e-Commerce is doing great, including Startups in online transport booking/car rentals,  Proptech,  and others. In Asia, India alone has emerged as the 3rd largest ecosystem for startups globally with over 77,000 DPIIT-recognized startups across 656 districts of the country as of 29th August 2022. There are many more Leaders in Startups in Asia, effectively contributing to the landscape of IT, Fintech, Technology, Construction, healthcare, including others.

    CEO Insights Asia in this issue presents a list of `Top 10 Leaders in Startups from Asia - 2022' who have leveraged their extensive industry expertise and experience in offering effective skills to the market. The following list has been prepared after being closely scrutinized by a distinguished panel of judges including CXOs, analysts and our editorial board. We recognize their valuable contribution to the ever expanding and competitive market and their ability to sustain themselves and emerge as top contestants through their reliable knowledge.

Top 10 Leaders In Startups From Asia - 2022

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Tangled Aadithyan rajesh , Co-Founder & CPO Tangled A Programmer, Designer, and Entrepreneur responsible for overseeing product development at the firm including strategy, design and working with engineering on execution
The Social Kitchen Avelyn Lee, Director The Social Kitchen She has over 20 years of experience in private banking and wealth management industry. She provides banking, advisory, and investment services to ultra-highnet- worth individuals and corporates
Fisheroo Chua Yu Xiang Aaron, Co-Founder & CEO Fisheroo A biologist by training, passionately an entrepreneur but most importantly a great believer of enabling others to look at things from a different perspective
Pensaar Design Deepa Bachu , Founder & CEO Pensaar Design Having 25 years of professional experience, she is a design strategist and innovation consultant with a thorough understanding of technology, design and research
10000StartupsIndia Honey Kithani, Co-Founder 10000StartupsIndia Avidly serves the startup ecosystem by introducing them to investors from all over the world
Farmdidi Manjari Sharma , Founder Farmdidi A social entrepreneur with a twofold aim to provide healthy, natural, and authentic food while empowering rural women
Sigma School Ming Yu Kee , Chief Technology Officer Sigma School A startup leader passionate about building new businesses and making a change in the world
Cypher AI Minh Thanh Hoang, CEO Cypher AI Experienced venture builder and AI-entrepreneurial enthusiast with a passion for growing businesses and challenges the status quo and making social impacts
RB Science Research Lab Dr. Richa Mishra , Founder Director RB Science Research Lab A renowned healthcare leader, through her firm offers research facilities and training in the areas of drug design and synthesis of molecules, intermediates and impurities, extraction and more
Inch Interior Design Zeno Lo , Co-Founder & Director Inch Interior Design The firm is the realization of his passion for interior design and dedication to the pursuit of creating the perfect place that his clients call home

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