• Vivek Bansal, Executive Director & Group CFO, Incred

    Vivek Bansal, Executive Director & Group CFO, Incred

  • 'Believe you can, and you’re halfway there', said by Theodore Roosevelt. What the world needs to propel change is not just doers or thinkers, but a blend of both. Perhaps, this is the substance that effective leaders are made of. From having the passion for solving real-world problems to doing all the hard work it takes to get there, it is this breed of professionals who enthusiastically take on seemingly impossible challenges with their disruptive approach. This zeal first evolves from the right mindset of having a vision and striving towards it. In fact, just like the finest steel has to go through the toughest flames, successful leaders are often a product of difficult situations. So, when the seas are rough and the environment uncertain, it takes the best minds to stay afloat and thrive even. An excellent example of this entrepreneurial approach is Vivek Bansal, InCred's Group CFO.

  • Vivek Bansal: Leveraging 25 Years Of Expertise To Steer 'Incred' To Success

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Top 10 CFOs from Asia - 2022

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  • Top 10 CFOs from Asia - 2022

    Positively, we all realize that finance is an imperative part of any business, hence with huge funds, daily cash flow and continuous transaction, managing and monitoring all of the functions of a business turns extra vigilant. Infact, finance is a broad term that proves influential when it comes to making business decisions. And, that being said, the Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) of a company play a vital role in this pursuit.

    While just being responsible for the fiscal health of the business earlier, building a top-notch finance and accounting team, ensuring revenues and expenses balance, overseeing FP&A (financial planning & analysis) functions, making recommendations on mergers and acquisitions, obtaining funding, working with department heads to analyze financial data and craft budgets, the CFOs role has dramatically changed over the last decade, and it's still expanding. Becoming a Strategic Decision-making Partner to the CEO, they are now appraised as the most-valued assets to the company. The CFOs of today, are the visionaries who have an eye towards the future, working closely with top leadership. Significantly, the adoption and implementation of new technologies have embellished them with the key role of a strategic advisor and visionary partner to the CEO, and also attributed to them the third-highest position in a company.

    However, if talked of the present times, 2022 is a pivotal year for CFOs. While the pandemic itself has pressed the business with long-term challenges, presented by the rapidly evolving industry competition, consumer insights & demands, workforce requirements, client acquisitions, and more, CFOs need to be steward towards looking into sustainable financial performance implying green finance principles. Well, despite such test of time, how note worthily the CFOs across Asia have exhibited their dexterity in guiding the companies through this pandemic turmoil and rising inflation across sectors and world markets is applauding. And, it needs to be celebrated.

    In this issue of CEO Insights Asia magazine, a list of ‘Top 10 CFOs from Asia – 2022’ is presented to the readers stating the role played by the leaders for the development of the Asian economy. The following list by a team of industry veterans, CEOs, and VCs, and the CEO Insights magazine editorial board.

Top 10 CFOs from Asia - 2022

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Reliance Alok Kumar, Chief Financial Officer Reliance Started his career in 1989, he focuses on global risk management projects besides handling finance related projects
Nykaa Arvind Agarwal, Chief Financial Officer Nykaa Strategic thinker and proven finance leader with experience of leading a team of 300 talented professional as financial controller
Apollo Health & Lifestyle Ashish Maheshwari, Chief Financial Officer Apollo Health & Lifestyle A visionary & dynamic CFO with around two decades of experience, delivers and develops a comprehensive primary healthcare strategy in India and the ecosystem that surrounds it
Starlink Nazmath, Chief Financial Officer Starlink His professional interests lies in enabling business transitions which is why he had donned the role of a Chief financial officer
Aasia Steel Factory Company Nisar Ahmed, Chief Financial Officer Aasia Steel Factory Company As a veteran financial executive for the organization, he is proud to be a prominent part of the company's growth journey & exponential expansion
Dar Al Arkan Properties Rajeev Kumar, Chief Financial Officer Dar Al Arkan Properties Aspiring to be a game changer in the international CFO segment
Tata Consultancy Services Samir Seksaria, Chief Financial Officer Tata Consultancy Services He has an experience in the IT industry of nearly two decades, prior to being appointed as CFO, he was heading the financial analytics, planning & business finance functions
Nestle Shobinder Duggal, Chief Financial Officer Nestle He has over three decades of experience and has held various corporate positions such as VP corporate control, head of internal audit, consolidation, and reporting to the group
Incred Financial Services Vivek Bansal, Executive Director & Group CFO Incred Financial Services He has been an integral part of his firm's growth since the company's inception, and he continues to be a driving force behind the company's success
ZIM Laboratories Zulfiquar Kamal, Director Finance/ Member of Board of Directors ZIM Laboratories With diverse expertise in Accountancy and Business Management, he is supervising the financial activities

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