Vivek Bansal: Leveraging 25 Years Of Expertise To Steer 'Incred' To Success

Vivek Bansal: Leveraging 25 Years Of Expertise To Steer 'Incred' To Success

Vivek Bansal,  Executive Director & Group CFO

Vivek Bansal

Executive Director & Group CFO

'Believe you can, and you're halfway there', said by Theodore Roosevelt. What the world needs to propel change is not just doers or thinkers, but a blend of both. Perhaps, this is the substance that effective leaders are made of. From having the passion for solving real-world problems to doing all the hard work it takes to get there, it is this breed of professionals who enthusiastically take on seemingly impossible challenges with their disruptive approach. This zeal first evolves from the right mindset of having a vision and striving towards it. In fact, just like the finest steel has to go through the toughest flames, successful leaders are often a product of difficult situations. So, when the seas are rough and the environment uncertain, it takes the best minds to stay afloat and thrive even. An excellent example of this entrepreneurial approach is Vivek Bansal, InCred's Group CFO.

With over 25 years of solid experience in the financial sector, Vivek is Incred's Executive Director, Group CFO, and member of the Executive Committee. One of his biggest contributions to the Incred Group has been formulating the company's strategy, which includes overseeing the company's finances as well as providing strategic recommendations to the CEO. He has also led multiple million dollar capital-raising initiatives and actively manages relationships with rating agencies. Before InCred, Vivek was the Deputy CFO of YES Bank and the Director of Corporate Projects and Strategic Initiatives for the Asia Pacific at Fidelity Investments in London. Vivek is also passionate about making an impact in the social sector, having supported many charitable causes. He actively works with NGOs like Nanhi Kali that support girl-child education.

In an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights Asia magazine, Vivek spoke about his professional journey and the distinctive approach that he follows as a leader.

Briefly tell us about your professional journey. What was the inspiration that led you into the finance sector?

My entry into the finance sector was more by chance than by choice. Very few know that I studied Science until Class XII. It was my father who encouraged me to transition to commerce, perhaps, because he thought that I would be a better fit in the world of business and finance. I am grateful for having paid heed to his observation. Since then, I believe everything has fallen into place in my professional journey, as events transpired.

You possess over two decades of experience in the finance sector- how has your path to success been, and what is your success mantra? Are there any milestones in your career that you would like to highlight?

When I initially began working, I faced a lot of ups and downs, professionally and personally. But, these tough situations helped me grow into a mature individual at an early age, and I am thankful for the way they helped shape my career. Further, at every step in the journey, I have approached my work with an entrepreneurial mindset, even when I worked in junior roles. I have always put my mind to figuring out how I would run the business as if I were in the shoes of the owner or entrepreneur. My path to success has been that of constantly working on myself. Mark Twain famously said, 'Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection'. This, I totally agree with, I have always believed that you should compete with your own self, not against anyone else. And I think this mindset has paid off. I still strive to improve myself a little every day.

How would you define Incred as an organization and its current position in the industry?

When I decided to join Incred, I had many people questioning my decision. To be fair, I was at the pinnacle of my career, and Incred had just newly started up. But, when I met Bhupinder Singh, the Founder & Group CEO at Incred, I resonated a lot with his vision. I felt compelled and thrilled to play a vital role in building a business like Incred.

At Incred, we are building a legacy together, where we treat each other like family. We want to ensure that our employees see their work as a rewarding experience

As we build a legacy together, we have ensured that Incred does not have an employer-employee dynamic, but rather treat each other like family. In fact, our focus is on ascertaining that employees see their work as a rewarding experience and are motivated to come to the office every day. Since I joined, I have seen Incred build a strong foundation and make significant progress in the industry. With a culture like this, I believe that Incred will become a name to reckon with in the next three to four years. I particularly take pride in our governance standards, which sets us apart in today's business landscape in India.

What are the fundamental factors you consider while raising equity or choosing investors?

The first is that we look for long-term partners. We are in for the long haul and we want our investors to be a part of this growth journey.  In fact, all our major investors have a position on our board of directors. The second important factor is that we seek collaborators in our investors. We look for investors who can help us not just financially but also with their inputs regarding market intelligence and the way forward. Doing the right thing in the right way has always been our guiding principle.

Are there any specific future market opportunities like acquisitions you are looking at?

We seek growth, but not growth at any cost. Risk management is what drives the organization and we are building a future-ready company. We have come a long way, done the hard work, built a diversified business, and from here, it's all about execution. That said, we are always open to complementing opportunities, but only as value seekers.

Based on your experiences, what would be your advice to budding financial leaders?

Firstly, don't think of your job as just a `job'. Remember what Steve Jobs said, 'If today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today', Would you be able to say a strong 'yes' to this question? Then, that's your path. Second, always think like an entrepreneur, putting your mind to how you would run the business. This is because you never know whether, after working for someone else for a while, you may decide to set up your own firm. Whatever your current role, taking ownership and responsibility in every aspect of work and life is the only way to succeed in both.

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