• Ludovic Lassauce,   Chief Product Officer,  SIMO

    Ludovic Lassauce, Chief Product Officer, SIMO

  • In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, the role of a Chief Product Officer (CPO) is pivotal for innovation and growth. Ludovic Lassauce, the CPO at SIMO, a Silicon Valley-based company with a global presence, leads the charge in pioneering virtual SIM technology. With offices in key locations worldwide, SIMO, founded a decade ago, delivers, driven by A.I., the most affordable and reliable connectivity catering to a range of devices from laptops to emerging tech like drones and VR. Ludovic's leadership ethos centers on motivation, passion, customer success, and a balance of attitude and skill set, fostering innovation through transparent communication and a tolerance for experimentation.

    Under Ludovic's stewardship, SIMO excels in client lifecycle management, ensuring product quality through rigorous testing and continuous improvement based on customer feedback.

  • Ludovic Lassauce: A Visionary Leader Shaping The Future Of Connectivity With Innovation

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  • Top 10 Chief Product Officers in Singapore - 2024

    The Role of a Chief Product Officer in Singapore's Thriving Tech Ecosystem

    In the bustling tech landscape of Singapore, the position of Chief Product Officer (CPO) stands as a pivotal role in driving innovation and product strategy within companies. As the city-state continues to establish itself as a hub for technological advancement and startup growth, the role of the CPO becomes increasingly vital in steering companies towards success in both local and global markets. The Chief Product Officer is a C-suite executive responsible for overseeing the development, enhancement, and management of a company's product portfolio. In Singapore, where the tech industry thrives amidst fierce competition, the CPO's role extends beyond traditional product management. They are tasked with aligning product strategies with the company's overall goals, understanding market trends, and driving innovation to stay ahead of the curve.

    "With Singapore emerging as a global hub for technology & innovation, the Chief Product Officer assumes a crucial position in driving growth, fostering partnerships, & delivering value to customers through innovative product offerings"

    Exploring the responsibilities & significance of the Chief Product Officer (CPO) position in Singapore

    The CPO in Singapore is entrusted with defining the company's product vision and translating it into a cohesive strategy. This involves analyzing market dynamics, customer needs, and emerging technologies to develop a roadmap that guides product development efforts. Singapore's tech ecosystem is characterized by rapid innovation, and the CPO is at the forefront of driving this innovation within their company. Whether it's exploring new technologies, refining existing products, or venturing into new markets, the CPO constantly seeks opportunities to differentiate the company's offerings and stay ahead of competitors.

    However, with the right blend of strategic vision, leadership skills, and adaptability, CPOs in Singapore can overcome these challenges and drive their companies towards sustained success in the dynamic tech industry. In Singapore's thriving tech ecosystem, the Chief Product Officer plays a crucial role in shaping the future of companies by driving product innovation, aligning strategies with market demands, and fostering cross-functional collaboration. As Singapore continues to solidify its position as a global tech hub, the role of the CPO will only become more integral in driving growth, innovation, and competitiveness in the marketplace.

    CEO Insights Asia in this issue presents a list of ‘Top 10 Chief Product Officers in Singapore - 2024' who have leveraged their extensive industry expertise and experience in offering effective skills to the market. The following list has been prepared after being closely scrutinized by a distinguished panel of judges including CXOs, analysts and our editorial board. We recognize their valuable contribution to the ever expanding and competitive market and their ability to sustain themselves and emerge as top contestants through their reliable knowledge.

Top 10 Chief Product Officers in Singapore - 2024

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
UM Worldwide Ben Tuff, CPO UM Worldwide A strategic marketing leader across both client and agency roles in Asia and European markets, skills encompassing business analytics, marketing planning rooted in spanning all marketing disciplines
Dentsu Creative Dan Paris, Chief Product & Growth Officer Dentsu Creative He has worked across many key clients and categories with 25 years of agency experience, also has covered many key industries, excelling in network client leadership and growth & product development
LHN Group Darren Loh, CPO LHN Group By leveraging his extensive experience in the business development and leadership with more than eighteen years, he has specialized in business planning, market analysis and much more
Atome Fan Yu, CPO Atome With over a decade of extensive experience in the product development and leadership, he has worked in diverse countries including Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines
Airsquire Helen Liu, CPO Airsquire Possesses over two decades of career experience in the leadership roles, with expertise encompassing in business model, development strategy, investor relation and many more
SIMO Ludovic Lassauce, CPO SIMO He has dedicated his career to improving mobile networks, creating Europe's first MVNO for machines-to-machine, developing innovative IOT platforms and exploring Singapore Power's IOT sector
 Necto Nuno Jonet , Head of Product & Technology Necto A visionary leader with an illustrious career spanning diverse industries with almost two decades in product management, his expertise, honed through roles in banking, advertising technology and more
Fluid Financial Steven Li, Co-Founder & CPO Fluid Financial He is an entrepreneurial leader with a decade of experience in the IT field, his sharp business acumen and strategic vision drive the development of innovative solutions in the B2B landscape
Daraz Tatiana Palhares, CPO Daraz With over 17 years of expertise in project management, content management, and various other fields, she possesses a wealth of experience in developing systems for e-commerce start-ups
Kickoff by Zuju Warren Goh, CPO Kickoff by Zuju He possesses superior skills in business management, support services, business development, and product development, backed by over ten years of experience across various industries

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