• Jeremy Ong, CEO, NTUC Learninghub

    Jeremy Ong, CEO, NTUC Learninghub

  • Learning is commonly contemplated as something that takes place only at school and stops as we join the workforce. But learning can—and should— be something that we keep doing all the time, especially to grow and pave our way toward success. Learning is a never-ending process and today, it has become an indispensable tool for every career and organization. With a similar vision of making learning an integral part of people’s existence, Jeremy Ong joined NTUC LearningHub (NTUC LHUB) as the CEO. He holds a deep passion for lifelong learning, which he is leveraging to support NTUC LHUB in its mission to power the lifelong employability of working people and transform companies through training. A technology enthusiast, and great business leader, Jeremy has over 30 years of working experience with a profound admiration for digital transformation and innovation. Apart from having extensive experience and insights into technology, he also has great acumen in business management.

  • Jeremy Ong: Championing The Future Of Lifelong Learning

Skilling Takes the Pilot Seat

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

Even though 3.5 percent of GDP growth for 2022 was narrowed from an earlier projected range of 3–4 percent, wage growth in Singapore in 2023 is set to stay robust even as the slowing economy cuts labor demand.

Green Economy – Tech, Policies & Education

By: Jeffrey Khoo, Vice-Chairman (APAC) Insurtech Firm, Arbol

Jeffrey Khoo is currently Vice Chairman (APAC) for Arbol Inc. His most recent role was Chief Marketing Officer, APAC, of ED Broking Asia.

Top 10  Leaders In Professional Training & Coaching In Singapore - 2023

A Culture of Digital Resilience Proves a Return of Investment

By: Raen Lim, Group Vice President, Asia, Splunk

A mere three months into 2023 and we have already seen multiple disruptions and outages across workplace and lifestyle applications.


Importance Of Leadership During Tempestuous Times

By: Nisha Parikh, VP – HR & Marketing, Telebu

Indeed, one cannot escape from the unending stream of global unrest; the pandemic has confirmed this.


Digitalisation in Facilities Management

By: Natalie Craig, Managing Director, C&W Services Singapore

Natalie joined Cushman & Wakefield, assuming the role of General Counsel for Asia Pacific in November 2015. She was promoted in July 2018 to Chief Legal & Commercial Officer, APAC. In this role


Three ways Investing in Route Planning Software is Beneficial for the Transportation Industry

By: Mradul K., VP - Global Sales & Strategy, LogiNext

Mradul boasts of a 13-year long career during which he has been associated with companies such as Bajaj Alliance General Insurance, IFFCO Tokyo General Insurance

  • Top 10 Leaders In Professional Training & Coaching In Singapore - 2023

    Setting the Standard: Leading the Way in Professional Coaching and Training in Singapore

    Professional coaching and training centers in Singapore play a crucial role in nurturing individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. These centers offer a wide range of specialized programs and courses designed to enhance professional skills, leadership abilities, and personal development. With Singapore's reputation as a global business hub and its emphasis on continuous learning, these coaching and training centers have become an integral part of the nation's professional landscape. These centers cater to individuals at various stages of their careers, from fresh graduates seeking to kickstart their professional journey to seasoned executives aiming to refine their skills. They provide comprehensive training in areas such as leadership, communication, negotiation, project management, sales and marketing, human resources, and more. Through interactive workshops, seminars, and personalized coaching sessions, participants can acquire practical knowledge and tools that can be immediately applied in their respective fields.

    Leaders Fostering Professional Excellence

    Leaders in professional coaching and training centers in Singapore are esteemed individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the field of professional development and have established themselves as trusted authorities in coaching and training. These leaders possess extensive expertise and experience in their respective domains, and they play a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of professional coaching and training in Singapore. They are known for their innovative approaches, industry insights, and a deep understanding of the evolving needs and challenges faced by professionals and organizations. Through their thought leadership, innovative programs, and commitment to excellence, leaders in professional coaching and training centers in Singapore have become trusted guides for individuals seeking to enhance their professional skills and organizations aiming to cultivate a talented workforce. Their contributions play a crucial role in elevating the standards of professional development and driving the success of individuals and businesses in Singapore's competitive market.

    CEO Insights Asia in this issue presents a list of ‘Top 10 Leaders in Professional training & Coaching in Singapore - 2023' who have leveraged their extensive industry expertise and experience in offering effective skills to the market. The following list has been prepared after being closely scrutinized by a distinguished panel of judges including CXOs, analysts and our editorial board. We recognize their valuable contribution to the ever expanding and competitive market and their ability to sustain themselves and emerge as top contestants through their reliable knowledge.

Top 10 Leaders In Professional Training & Coaching In Singapore - 2023

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Success Frontiers Adrian Toh , Managing Director Success Frontiers A certified master trainer with over 3 decades of experience with purpose is empower organizations and individuals to achieving their potential
Atvisor Alexander Trost , Founder & Integrative Coach Atvisor A certified coach and a trainer with a successful track record in mentoring and coaching, consulting, people development, change programs, leadership and general management
Aneace Pte Aneace Haddad , Executive Coach & Facilitator Aneace Pte An executive coach with global experience spanning over 15 diverse industries including technology, banking, insurance, energy, mining and manufacturing across 10 countries
PEP Worldwide Asia Angeline V. Teo , President & Chief Consultant PEP Worldwide Asia A passionate leader with over 40 years of professional experience to help peak executives’ performance at the workplace and for organisations to improve business efficiency
Martin CCS Avni Martin , Director-Coaching & Training Martin CCS A mentor and trainer with 22 years of experience in developing people, businesses and leadership, and is passionate about delivering unparalleled coach training to every single participant
World Institute for Action Choon Seng Ng , Master Action Learning Coach & Director World Institute for Action A leadership coach with more than 30 years of experience in human resources, training and facilitation in service and manufacturing industries as well as the government services and multi-national companies
Reboot Quotient Dipika Chopra , Founder & CEO Reboot Quotient A serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience distinguishing herself by conceptualizing, designing, building, launching and marketing innovative products and services across different categories and markets on a hands-on basis
NTUC LearningHub Jeremy Ong , CEO NTUC LearningHub A technology enthusiast having over 32 years of working experience with a profound admiration for digital transformation and innovation
ELAvate Global Manish Harsora , Operations Director ELAvate Global A visionary leader handling the global overseas accounts and additionally responsible for the training team and stellar implementation team for the successful rollout of the seminars
Emote Zi Kit Toh, Founder Emote A leadership consultant & trainer working with different leaders proving the importance of leadership and offering steadiness and perseverance

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