• Umar Bin Farooq, Founder & CEO, One Broker Group

    Umar Bin Farooq, Founder & CEO, One Broker Group

  • Dubai has long been a global hub for real estate, a city where architectural marvels and developments redefine the skyline with each passing year. In this vibrant landscape, leaders emerge to shape the future of the industry. Among these distinguished leaders Umar Bin Farooq is a visionary worth of the spotlight. In 2004, Umar embarked on his real estate journey in Dubai. In 2012, he recognized that many landowners lacked the expertise and resources to efficiently manage their property developments. Setting up a development team, navigating through the procedures, and understanding the nuances of architectural design were daunting and costly endeavours for them.

  • Umar Bin Farooq: Simplifying Dream Property Pursuits & Optimizing Roi

Use Technology to Transform Lives

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

India’s UPI is an iconic example of how technology can transform normal lives. When the current union government started its first term under Prime Minister Narendra Modi

A Culture of Digital Resilience Proves a Return of Investment

By: Raen Lim, Group Vice President, Asia Splunk

A mere three months into 2023 and we have already seen multiple disruptions and outages across workplace and lifestyle applications.

HR Priorities in the Age of Business Transformation

By: Ruby J, CHRO, AboitizPower

I am currently part of the Transformation Team which is focused on driving the transformation of the Aboitiz Group to become the first Philippine “Techglomerate”.


Digitalisation in Facilities Management

By: Natalie Craig, Managing Director, C&W Services

The role of facilities management services and expertise continues to evolve as the demand for efficient and sustainable buildings increases. The Singapore facilities management market is expected to have an annual


EV to be the Next Frontier of Mobility in the South-East Asia Region

By: Stephanus Widi, Chief Commercial officer, Charged Indonesia

EV is a promising market to SEA countries, especially to Indonesia as the third largest 2W market worldwide.


Learning & Development – Need & Importance

By: Tulika Srivastava, Head – L&D, Altisource

With over 18 experience in the L&D vertical, Tulika believes in and drives transformational HR through definite strategies and qualitative analysis on performance.

  • Top 10 CEOs In Dubai - 2023

    Futuristic Corporate Leadership Special

    Thailand's travel and tourism sector has witnessed dynamic leadership that has played a pivotal role in its growth. Leaders in this industry have adeptly capitalized on opportunities, contributing to the nation's status as a global tourism hub. Visionary leaders have harnessed Thailand's rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, crafting strategies that showcase its allure to international visitors. Sustainable tourism practices have been a cornerstone, balancing economic gains with environmental preservation. Innovative initiatives, such as promoting unique local experiences and embracing digital platforms, have enhanced Thailand's competitiveness. Leaders have fostered collaboration between public and private sectors, ensuring a cohesive approach to infrastructure development and service quality. These leaders have adeptly responded to global shifts, adapting marketing strategies to changing traveler preferences. Inclusive policies have encouraged community involvement, distributing benefits of tourism across diverse regions. In conclusion, Thailand's travel and tourism leaders have demonstrated strategic foresight, sustainable stewardship, and resilience, contributing significantly to the sector's vibrancy and global appeal.

    CEOs in Dubai play a pivotal role in the emirate's dynamic business landscape. Renowned for its strategic location and business-friendly environment, Dubai attracts top-tier executives from diverse industries. These leaders navigate a unique economic landscape characterized by rapid development, diversification, and global connectivity. Dubai's CEOs are adept at capitalizing on the city's strategic position, fostering innovation, and embracing technological advancements. The emphasis on sustainability and visionary projects, such as the Expo 2020, underscores the CEOs' commitment to shaping Dubai's future. Furthermore, these leaders operate within a multicultural environment, managing diverse teams and fostering inclusive workplace cultures. The cosmopolitan nature of Dubai's workforce requires CEOs to possess cultural intelligence and adaptability. In conclusion, the CEOs in Dubai epitomize adaptability, innovation, and resilience. Their leadership contributes significantly to Dubai's standing as a global business hub, driving economic growth and fostering a dynamic corporate ecosystem.

    CEO Insights Asia in this issue presents ‘Futuristic Corporate Leadership Special- 2023' who have leveraged their extensive industry expertise and experience in offering effective skills to the market. The following list has been prepared after being closely scrutinized by a distinguished panel of judges including CXOs, analysts and our editorial board. We recognize their valuable contribution to the ever expanding and competitive market and their ability to sustain themselves and emerge as top contestants through their reliable knowledge.

Top 10 CEOs In Dubai - 2023

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Dubai Financial Market Hamed Ali , CEO Dubai Financial Market An industry professional with over 12+ years of career experience encompasses financial services and technology as well as business development, project management and many more
IBT Jai Mulani , CEO IBT A business leader having 19+ years of experience in business development and information technology sectors, skilled in leadership, team leadership, business planning and many more
Atos Marc Veelenturf , CEO Atos A vibrant leader with 25 years of global experience of sales & business leadership within the information technology domain, across multiple industries and lines of business B2C, B2B, B2B2C and more
Access Dubai Mustafa Al Ansari , Founder & CEO Access Dubai A prominent leader having more expertise in working across diverse roles and sectors, specializing in business strategy, business development, marketing and many more
Alaan Parthi Duraisamy , CEO Alaan An eminent professional having more than 16+ years of working experience in information technology, specializing in financial services, B2B, investment, software development and many more
Lime Source Consultancy Rajeev Gupta , Founder & CEO Lime Source Consultancy An entrepreneur leader having a decade of experience in consultancy services, specializing in human resources management, business development, brand building, finance and many more
SellAnyCar Saygin Yalcin , Founder & CEO SellAnyCar A skilful professional having 19+ years of experience in diverse fields includes logistics, marketing & sales, consulting and many more, specializing in project planning and organization development
Standard Chartered Bank (UAE) Sunil Kaushal , CEO Standard Chartered Bank (UAE) A versatile leader with over three decades of experience in banking and markets across diverse countries, skilled in wholesale, retail, SME banking and country management
Dentsu Tarek Daouk , CEO Dentsu An intelligent leader having 25+ years in communications, advertising, and marketing to spearhead strategic business turnarounds, specializing in business operation and management
One Broker Group Umar Bin Farooq , Founder & CEO One Broker Group A dynamic professional having extensive experience in real estate sector, specializing in project development, business development, financial planning, management and many more

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