• Poch Teves- Zenerosa, Founder & CEO, Idea Zentral

    Poch Teves- Zenerosa, Founder & CEO, Idea Zentral

  • The realm of digital era has opened new opportunities for businesses to the world. In the past decade or so, things in the marketing sector have changed drastically especially due to the pandemic which has accelerated the shift towards digital marketing. Businesses of all sizes and industries are using digital marketing to reach their target audience and drive sales. Women entrepreneur have made significant strides in the field of marketing, with many achieving great success and recognition, challenging traditional gender norms and bringing new and creative perspectives and approaches to the field.

  • Poch Teves-Zenarosa: Leveraging Technology In The New Age Of Digitalization To Brew Unique Strategies

Consulting With The Power Of Data

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

The term `business continuity' has acquired multiple dimensions in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Consumer Electronics Industry: Adapting the New Dynamics

By: Vikas Chadha, CEO, Jumbo Group

At the turn of the century, the consumer electronics industry in the UAE depended largely on in-store sales. It drew strength from the nation's strong economic growth and rising disposable income among consumers to drive growth.

Top 10 Leaders In Consulting From Philippines - 2023

Transforming Digital Process Automation during New Normal

By: Dr. Kaushik Sengupta, Product Head– Food SAR Region, Bureau Veritas Group

With 19+ years’ experience in the verticals like audit, certification, training, quality functions, Dr. Kaushik is increasing the digital process automation valuation


Cybercriminals: Who Are They & How Do They Use Malware?

By: Anthony Webb, Vice President International, A10 Networks

Cyber criminals are usually motivated by financial gain, though other motivations can include desire for political influence, some concept of social justice, or just the malicious thrill of causing trouble


How Today’s Digital Economy Has Transformed the way Industries & Organisations Operate

By: Aditya Arora, CEO, Teleperformance

Aditya, CEO of Teleperformance India discusses what more can be done in order to develop the skills required to succeed in tomorrow’s digital economy.


Technology Reshaping the Future of Healthcare

By: Sharon Chan, Head-JLABS Asia Pacific, Johnson & Johnson Innovation

ead of Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS Asia Pacific, Johnson & Johnson’s premier life science incubator that aims to empower and enable innovators to develop and deliver the next


Three Ways Investing in Route Planning Software is Beneficial for the Transportation Industry

By: Mradul K., VP-Global Sales & Strategy, LogiNext

Mradul boasts of a 13-year long career during which he has been associated with companies such as Bajaj Alliance General Insurance, IFFCO Tokyo General Insurance

  • Top 10 Leaders In Consulting From Philippines - 2023

    Filipino Consultants Redefining Business Operations

    Witnessing this present economic situation every business today entails an efficient way for operation efficiency in order to fasten their revenue generation while keeping the expenses low at the same time, which is only possible through apt consultancy. Be it any business, apt consultancy brings difference. However, there are certain consultancies for certain businesses.There are numerous consulting groups or consultancies in the market nowadays such as Strategy consulting, Compliance consulting, IT/Technology consulting, Legal consulting, Social media consulting, Marketing consulting, Operations consulting, Financial consulting, HR consulting, Sustainability consulting, Sales consulting and many. Undeniably, these consultancies on a daily basis are going extra mile to drag businesses out of a slump and groom them up for the future by identifying growth problems, increasing productivity of existing staff, changing business paradigms, recognizing new business objectives and educating employees.

    In this competitive era few businesses manage to stay ahead of the curve of revenue demands, while most of the businesses juggle to stay ahead with the demands due to lack of proper consulting. Selecting the right consultant with an eye for details and growthoriented outcomes drive for excellence and allows a business to grow and increase potential limit, meanwhile poor consulting can be equally damaging. However, finding the right business consultant is difficult as many lack passion for their work, so it is always important to hire a consultant with certain skills required by certain businesses.

    Consulting Leaders: Backed by such apt consultants and industry leaders, every country today imparts innovative and convenient business solution to remain at the edge, and Philippines is no different. Big thanks to the country’s agile business consultants and efficient leaders from numerous consultancies who are fighting back the challenges bought down by evolving business needs and of course the pandemic. With a richer mix of perspectives and life experiences, keeping up with the changing trends and technology, these consultants are efficiently helping organizations to improve performance and efficiency by providing effective business analysis, and solutions while also chasing the collective goals of the companies.

    In this issue of the CEO Insights Asia magazine, a list of 'Top 10 Leaders In Consulting From Philippines — 2023' is provided to the readers in corporate and different sectors, for informing on the excellent services leveraged by the Leaders in diverse domains. The listing is prepared by a team of industry veterans, CEOs and VCs, and the CEO Insights magazine editorial board.

Top 10 Leaders In Consulting From Philippines - 2023

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
iCXeed Arthur Nowak, Founder & CEO iCXeed A seasoned industry leaders with over 25 years of customer experience delivery and a proven history to design, implement, lead, and optimize the people, process, and technologies enabling customer brand interactions
Prozone Xpress Logistics Inc Beverly Anne Arcangel , Managing Director Prozone Xpress Logistics Inc An inspirational leader driving her logistics company forward with her pragmatic and people-centered approach to solving complex problems
Leading With Success Bonnie Factor , Founder & CEO Leading With Success A global keynote speaker, business strategy consultant & a personal development coach providing a world-class gamified end-to-end learning experience to raise the competencies of the organization and increase business performance
Bermudez & Associates, CPAs Gil C Bermudez, Managing Partner Bermudez & Associates, CPAs A seasoned professional leveraging 30+ years of professional experience in accountancy, audit & taxation and is contributing to the growth of businesses by providing personalized professional services
Cloud Jedi Solutions Joey Chan , Founder Cloud Jedi Solutions An expertise leader with experience working & implementing digital transformation and integration projects for publicly listed companies in the USA
Fortun Narvasa & Salazar Kristine R. Ferrer , Partner Fortun Narvasa & Salazar A dynamic leader been given the privilege of handling numerous legal issues of historical significance because of its innovative and ingenious approach to its clients’ concerns
Trade Dynamics Consulting Int’l Inc Miguel P. Suterio , Founder & Managing Director Trade Dynamics Consulting Int’l Inc A technology entrepreneur who provides leading-edge sales training and sales automation software for the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry
Idea Zentral Poch Teves - Zenarosa, Founder & CEO Idea Zentral A marketing professional with more than two decades of experience working for firms in retail, marketing and advertising industry
Rise Above Now Business Ranielle Mendoza , Founding Partner Rise Above Now Business A business consultant specialized in supporting businesses in the healthcare and FMCG segment specially in the Philippine context, conducting strategic marketing workshops, leadership seminars and more
SP Castro Salvador Jr Castro P, Founder SP Castro A project management and engineering consulting expert building landmark projects through innovative approaches, integrity, quality, and sustainability

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