Poch Teves-Zenarosa: Leveraging Technology In The New Age Of Digitalization To Brew Unique Strategies

Poch Teves-Zenarosa: Leveraging Technology In The New Age Of Digitalization To Brew Unique Strategies

Poch Teves - Zenarosa,  Founder & CEO

Poch Teves - Zenarosa

Founder & CEO

The realm of digital era has opened new opportunities for businesses to the world. In the past decade or so, things in the marketing sector have changed drastically especially due to the pandemic which has accelerated the shift towards digital marketing. Businesses of all sizes and industries are using digital marketing to reach their target audience and drive sales. Women entrepreneur have made significant strides in the field of marketing, with many achieving great success and recognition, challenging traditional gender norms and bringing new and creative perspectives and approaches to the field.

Poch Teves-Zenarosa is the Founder and CEO of Idea Zentral Communications, an integrated marketing agency in the Philippines and under her guidance the organization has been able to break new business frontiers consistently. She brings to the table over 20 years of experience working for various firms as Product Marketing Manager for Pioneer Adhesives, Brand Manager for TUMI in the Philippines for the Primer Group of Companies, Category Manager for Lamoiyan Corporation, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Dole Packaged Food in the Philippine market, Marketing Head for Cherry Mobile, Executive Director at Guam Visitors Bureau, and Chief Operating Officer for an advertising agency before venturing into entrepreneurship.

In an in-depth conversation with CEO Insights Asia magazine, Poch shares with us her professional journey and the various lessons she has gathered on the way. Let’s hear it from her.

How would you describe Idea Zentral as an organization? What is its current position in the market?

Idea Zentral is a 360-degree marketing agency wherein we provide a comprehensive range of marketing services to our clients including creative services, public relations, digital marketing, digital media, business and marketing consultancy. Through these services we aim to provide our clients with a seamless and integrated approach to marketing that would maximize results. We are a new player in the market since we started only in 2019. A year later, the pandemic started but we were fortunate enough to pivot the organization with the help of our team of talented marketing experts who strive to provide superior quality, creative and innovative marketing solutions.

The marketing agency industry is highly competitive and constantly changing due to the new trends and technologies that are emerging all the time. To stay ahead of the curve and maintain a strong position in the market, we have to continuously evolve and adapt to meet the changing needs of the clients and the market. During the pandemic, digital marketing saw a boom and the exponential growth and that has become the core business of Idea Zentral since we felt the need to evolve according to the market needs.

Could you tell us about your flagship offerings and what are the value additions that customers can expect from your offerings?

We are brand partners with our clients and not just an agency. We want our clients to know that we are going to take care of their brands by understanding their needs and we make sure their brands are well represented in the digital space. Idea Zentral builds strong relationships, understands the brands, develops a customized strategy, and stays up to date with industry trends. We go beyond providing what is expected of us, by developing a strategic plan around how we envision the brand to grow on a digital landscape.

Idea Zentral provides digital marketing solutions which includes social media content creation, social media page management, digital ads placement, website creation and management, website hosting and management and email hosting, creative solutions such as copywriting, graphic design layouting and video creation, communications solutions, such as PR article writing, strategic seeding, and media buying, and consultancy and marketing management such as marketing campaign creation, branding consultation and creation, and strategic marketing consultancy.

At idea zentral, we merge unconventional out of the box thinking with a project management process to create ideas that can drive organizational growth

What is your leadership approach? What are the guidelines and methodologies that you employ to lead your team?

There are many different approaches to leadership, and the most effective one depends on the situation and the individuals involved. I am an unconventional leader so I encourage creativity and innovation and lead by example. I don’t think I can really box myself up into a single category of leadership because I identify with three types of leadership. First is democratic leadership because I value the opinion of my team. This includes paying equal attention to the ideas generated by a new talent or a senior staff. Second is transformational leadership because I want my team to grow to their full potential. This doesn’t necessarily come from academic degrees but I believe you need to identify the strength of the individuals on the team and harness it. Third would be strategic leadership since it’s a crucial element in operating a business successfully. This includes setting a clear vision and mission, analyzing the market and competition, developing long term strategies and monitoring progress and adjusting the course as needed.

What do you see as the future destination for Idea Zentral, going forward, in the next five years?

In the last two years, we have grown exponentially in the business and going forward we only aim to grow more and offer new services that are complementary to our current offerings. We have seen 300 percent growth during the pandemic since it required us to modify the way we worked and foray into digital marketing. Instead of considering the pandemic as a roadblock, Idea Zentral and its team was capable of turning it into an opportunity to grow. Ultimately, the future destination and growth strategies for Idea Zentral will depend on a range of factors, including market trends, customer needs, and internal capabilities. Conducting thorough market research and staying attuned to industry trends will be the key to making informed decision.

In the light of your strong experience within the industry, what advice would you give to the budding industry leaders?

The best advice I could give is for you to dream big, start small and grow. There is no limit to growing. I have learned from my previous bosses and mentors being in the industry for over two decades that if you give someone the right break, they can make it. You just have to trust your people. Each person is different and unique so, you cannot weigh everybody on the team on the same scale. It is important to understand the USP of every individual. You have to learn to identify their strengths and hone them and acknowledge their weaknesses and help them turn it into their strengths. Human connection is very important and something I value. Also, humility forms an important part of being a leader and realizing that every individual teaches us something. It is not a one-way street. Even when you are the boss, you have to know how to listen because listening to your team’s opinion, insights and life in general, helps you grow into a better leader and person. Leadership is all about the values in your heart and the character you uphold. Your success as a leader lies in these. Skills and talents can be trained and learnt but character and integrity are not something that can be taught anywhere, by anyone. It only comes from within each of us.

Poch Teves - Zenarosa, Founder & CEO, Idea Zentral

Poch is an experienced marketing practitioner with a demonstrated history of work in retail, marketing and advertising industry. Poch has a Bachelor of Arts (BA) focused in Sociology from the University of Philippines, cum laude and is skilled in marketing management, finance and business planning, operations management, digital marketing and advertising.

• Favorite Hobbies: Long drives with my husband, Dean. Spending time with my 3 lovely children, Marga, Chochoy & Petty. Eating & laughing with my Team IZ.

• Favorite Travel Destination: Anywhere where there is sun, sand, & sea

• Favorite Cuisine: Filipino

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