Beverly Anne Arcangel: Curating Tailored Logistics Solutions For Diverse Industries

Beverly Anne Arcangel: Curating Tailored Logistics Solutions For Diverse Industries

Beverly Anne Arcangel ,  Managing Director

Beverly Anne Arcangel

Managing Director

With over two decades of experience, Beverly Anne Arcangel (Managing Director, Prozone Xpress Logistics) has proven her mettle in helping business owners and the C-Suite navigate demanding and everchanging logistics and regulatory scenarios. Choosing to thrive in a male-dominated industry has not unnerved her. Instead, she led by example and motivated people to demonstrate excellence, integrity, and synergy to turn closed doors into opportunities and generate the best outcomes.

By doing the hard work, she let the achievements speak for themselves. For Beverly, trust should be the starting point and the end result in any business relationship. Thus, she nurtures the culture of giving back to the community and supporting others to overcome adversity. A strategic leader relied upon to deliver business turnaround and orchestrate ambitious growth plans, Beverly shows that there is no stopping anyone from blazing a trail in their chosen industries. Let's hear it from her.

In what way does Prozone Xpress Logistics (PXL) impact the industry?

PXL started its operations in 2017, but only before the pandemic when I took over as Managing Director that we grew the company from seven people to a team of 50 employees & subcontractors. Amidst the pandemic lockdowns and disruption, we established coverage of 150 cities in 75 countries across six continents. As a startup, we knew we were competing with more established logistics companies. But we took exceptional care of our customers and expanded our services based on their current and future needs. Currently, we serve over 319 customers, including a top home and construction retailer, medical pharma and several high-value furniture and machinery manufacturers.

How would you define Prozone Xpress Logistics as an organization and its flagship offering that makes it different from its competitors?

At PXL, we understand how every business runs a little differently, and we are known for providing tailored logistics solutions for various industries that require precision, timing, foresight, and flexibility.We don't just offer a freight rate. We listen, explore alternatives, and give honest recommendations. Holding ourselves accountable, we take care of everything required to give our customers convenience and reassurance on their cargo, from freight to customs clearance till delivery to clients’ doors. One of the things we do differently is looking at collaboration more than competition. We learn from experience, we listen intently and invest in partnerships that will allow us to fulfill our mission as a total logistics solutions provider.

What are your strengths as a leader?

Even while I call the shots, I know I have a big responsibility to keep myself grounded. Thus, I maintain a disciplined work ethic, and I value my ability to focus, prioritize and delegate. I also bank on my economics background and substantial exposure to  international businesses when assessing opportunity and viability. But I am also an optimist and my peers can attest to how I cheerlead and support people and businesses to achieve their highest potential. I am not the type to give up easily and I am able to think beyond limitations.

At PXL, We Understand How Every Business Runs A Little Differently, & We Are Known For Providing Tailored Logistics Solutions For Various Industries That Require Precision, Timing, Foresight, & Flexibility

Tell us about your CSR initiatives. How do you encourage your employees to participate in them?

Logistics is the backbone of every industry. Hence, I tell my employees that by doing our jobs well, we move the economy and improve lives. But to be an excellent company, we must be a caring and authentic corporate being.

Tell us about the key milestones you have achieved for the company as its Managing Director.

I took the helm of the company in a time of the pandemic, yet I was able to leverage the e-commerce boom and ramp up growth. As a startup, I focused on elevating the company's global reputation by attaining membership in established industry and business networks such as the Combined Logistics Network, the Philippine Multimodal Transport and Logistics Association Inc., and the Swiss Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines. I am honored to have steered the company towards a singular mission so that we not only enjoy the present gains; we make sure that we are poised for the future.

What would be your advice for emerging entrepreneurs?

Being an entrepreneur is a commitment and investment. It demands dreaming big, putting in hard work, discipline, logic & faith, and seeing how the universe aligns. If your business can improve lives, nothing will stop you from succeeding.

Beverly Anne Arcangel,  Managing Director,  Prozone Xpress Logistics Inc.

Strategic Business Leader with 20+ years of experience, Beverly is steering Prozone Xpress Logistics in the most profitable and sustainable direction aligned with the company’s core values of accountability, commitment, integrity, reliability, passion, and teamwork.

Hobbies: Traveling, Pilates advocate, JIN SHIN JYUTSU (jsj) believer and practitioner

Favourite Cuisine: Italian & Chinese

Favourite Travel Destination: Italy

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