Gil C Bermudez: Translating Enthusiastic Business Ideas Into Actionable Strategies For A Profitable Future

Gil C Bermudez: Translating Enthusiastic Business Ideas Into Actionable Strategies For A Profitable Future

Gil C Bermudez,  Managing Partner

Gil C Bermudez

Managing Partner

Leaders in the field of financial services are as valuable as gold. They are significant assets to businesses when it comes to making major decisions about financial matters aiding with long-term strategy & planning, solving cash flow concerns, and supporting firms in moving closer to becoming profitable. CEO Insights’ exclusive team connects with one such flexible, industrious, devoted financial leader and public practitioner, Gil C Bermudez, Managing Partner, Bermudez & Associates.

The fame and success did not come easy to Gil as he began his career from the ground level working as an accounting clerk. However, his ability to remain resilient under high-stress environments, complete demanding & stringent deadlines and his excellent organizational skills kept carving the path to his success. Such professional qualities & knowledge got him the opportunity to work as Chief Accountant and Comptroller for several prominent companies during the earlier part of his career. He has been a solo public practitioner for 20 years before he founded Bermudez and Associates.

The seasoned professional, in addition to being the Senior Managing Partner at his firm, is also an External Auditor and Tax & Accounting advisor to several corporate businesses in the Philippines. Furthermore, Gil is a Rotarian and served as President of the Rotary Club of Makati Northwest, and is an active member of the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants. With a genuine understanding of the accounting industry, Gil is successfully providing corporate entities and individual entrepreneurs with high-powered professional services and leading them to profitable futures. Let’s hear it from him.

How would you define Bermudez & Associates as an organization? Tell us about your flagship offerings.

Bermudez & Associates is a duly registered partnership composed of a qualified, experienced, and competent team of certified public accountants with the primary purpose of rendering professional services in the field of accountancy, audit & taxation including business advisory services. Our partners have the expertise and are duly accredited by the Board of Accountancy (BOA), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). We provide auditing services or independent assurance on the company’s financial statements; tax services which include tax advisory services, and tax compliance reviews and we also represent clients on their tax cases to the Bureau of Internal Revenue. We provide accounting services which include the setting up of accounting system preparation and the design of policy manuals and accounting consultations. We offer business registration; we assist clients with establishing their businesses in the country and the registration of their companies with different government agencies. Clients can expect personalized services rendered by highly trained and experienced professionals.

What motivates you as a leader and what is your success mantra?

Performing prayers and exercise are at the top of my daily routine. These activities elevate my mood and motivate me to plan and make the right decisions for the day. My mantra is to do my best to satisfy my client’s expectations and I also equip my team accordingly.

Professionalism, integrity, Independence, and objectivity are The four factors that we observe While rendering our services

Could you tell us about your leadership approach?

I believe in keeping my team organized and making sure that we are all on the same page. I ensure that my team is equipped with the necessary knowledge and training for the services we provide to our clients. I leave communication open among the team and try to bring out the best in everyone.

What are the factors that you look into to drive the company toward positive growth? What are the best industry practices that you have brought forth in your services?

In order to be competitive in public practice one must be aware of the constantly changing developments in the industry because every year there are changes in the accounting, taxation & auditing standards. So, I make sure that my people are aware of the changes in the latest development and are able to apply them in their practices. Professionalism, integrity, independence, and objectivity are the four factors that we observe while rendering our services.

What are the changes in market behavior that you anticipate, and what are the opportunities that you foresee?

With the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses and the economy are expected to once again flourish dynamically. We expect more national and multinational companies to establish their presence in the Philippines. This scenario, we believe, would be good for the industry as it will create abundant opportunities for the people of this region.

What advice would you give to budding industry leaders?

Along with hard work, emerging leaders must maintain their objectivity & integrity and defend their independence. Also, be up to date on the developments in the practice. Their goal must be to satisfy the needs and requirements of their clients, and they must also pray relentlessly.

Gil C Bermudez, Managing Partner, Bermudez & Associates, CPAs

A graduate of San Beda College, Gil is an accomplished leader with more than 30 years of professionalexperience in the field of accountancy, audit, and taxation. Through his firm Bermudez & Associates, he offers clients a wide range of professional services that embody integrity, quality,and performance

Hobbies: Traveling

Favorite Cuisine: Thai Food

Favorite Book: The Bible

Favorite Travel Destination: Japan

Awards & Recognition: Mentioned by the Business World Top 1000 Corporation of the Philippines in their 2018 edition as one of the top ten auditors of the country

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