Ludovic Lassauce: A Visionary Leader Shaping The Future Of Connectivity With Innovation

Ludovic Lassauce: A Visionary Leader Shaping The Future Of Connectivity With Innovation

 Ludovic Lassauce,    CPO

Ludovic Lassauce


In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, the role of a Chief Product Officer (CPO) is pivotal for innovation and growth. Ludovic Lassauce, the CPO at SIMO, a Silicon Valley-based company with a global presence, leads the charge in pioneering virtual SIM technology. With offices in key locations worldwide, SIMO, founded a decade ago, delivers, driven by A.I., the most affordable and reliable connectivity catering to a range of devices from laptops to emerging tech like drones and VR. Ludovic's leadership ethos centers on motivation, passion, customer success, and a balance of attitude and skill set, fostering innovation through transparent communication and a tolerance for experimentation.

Under Ludovic's stewardship, SIMO excels in client lifecycle management, ensuring product quality through rigorous testing and continuous improvement based on customer feedback. As the company prepares for exciting announcements at the Mobile World Congress, Ludovic remains focused on breaking barriers between mobile networks, emphasizing resilience and perseverance in the face of challenges, such as the significant business impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ludovic's journey, spanning roles at companies like Cisco-Jasper, Ericsson, and Tata Communication, underscores his commitment to driving product development and business growth, making him a key figure in the dynamic world of connected wireless devices. Let’s hear from him in this one-on-one interaction.

Tell us about SIMO's organizational definition and its market positioning.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley and established approximately a decade ago, our company has established global offices in Berlin, Singapore, Shenzhen, and Taipei. We are at the forefront of innovation, having pioneered the virtual SIM technology, for which we hold an extensive patent portfolio. Utilizing our unique A.I. driven connectivity platform, SIMO ensures that our customers enjoy the optimal best, on-demand, and most affordable wireless connectivity at all times and from any location by creating a virtualized pool of Mobile Networks in the cloud. Our primary focus revolves around catering to the connectivity needs of various devices that crave data, including laptops, tablets, portable Wi-Fi devices, and CPE, as well as emerging technologies like drones, robots, and VR devices. To meet diverse market demands, we offer both direct sales and rental options for our Solis devices, together with lifetime data plans for end consumers. Additionally, we extend our reach through SIMO Inside, a program designed to license our cutting-edge technology to third-party device manufacturers and service providers.

Success, to me, hinges on a combination of attitude & skillset, emphasizing independent thinking & effective execution

What is it that fuels your drive and passion as a leader in the contemporary landscape?

My unwavering commitment is rooted in guaranteeing the success of my customers and enriching the lives of consumers. My professional journey involves navigating the complete business spectrum, from conceiving raw ideas to crafting prototypes and ultimately, launching and integrating products. I serve as a perpetual catalyst, consistently challenging established norms and the status quo, with the goal of unlocking novel avenues for growth and innovation.

Witnessing not only my personal growth but also the growth of those around me, including colleagues and teammates, who find joy in the journey, is a source of immense satisfaction. The collective experience of progression and development fuels my unyielding dedication to pushing boundaries and fostering positive change within the industry. My relentless pursuit of excellence is driven by a passion for continual improvement and a commitment to making a meaningful impact on both individuals and the broader landscape of innovation and growth.


Share insights into your leadership philosophy. What are the guiding principles which consistently lead you to favourable outcomes?

Success, to me, hinges on a combination of attitude and skillset, emphasizing independent thinking and effective execution. I value direct and transparent communication, fostering a culture that tolerates mistakes, promoting a try-and-error approach, and uniting teams across departments sales, product, operations, and engineering. The challenges escalate in remote work scenarios, where idea circulation is constrained. Encouraging peer reviews, particularly in detail-intensive realms like product management, is pivotal for striving for excellence.

While maintaining a visionary outlook, I advocate for executing in small, tangible steps, steering clear of extensive longterm projects devoid of short-term results. Resisting shortcuts, I prioritize reusable solutions to foster economies of scope. Everything, in my view, is a product, erasing the boundaries between internal and external as every facet must serve customers. I believe in getting hands dirty and perpetually challenging oneself to improve continually.

As the CPO, how do you oversee client lifecycle management during product deployment stages? Additionally, what quality control measures have you implemented to ensure the industry's highest product standards?

Embracing the fundamental principle of being the first user of our product, we refrain from imposing on customers what we wouldn't accept our selves. Our approach revolves around prioritizing customer learning, valuing each piece of feedback received. Metrics play a significant role in our strategy; for example, we recently integrated Mix panel to quantify the quality of customer experience and promptly address any gaps in our journey. Testing is an active process where we systematically attempt to identify and rectify potential issues within our own product.

We uphold a meticulous approach by incorporating a peer review process, reinforcing the robustness of our product specifications. When it comes to development, we prefer in-house solutions for core business aspects or when requirements are ambiguous. Conversely, for non-core tasks with clear requirements, we opt for outsourcing to established products. This dual approach ensures a comprehensive and effective strategy in delivering products that meet the highest standards of quality and user satisfaction.

In which direction are you steering your future roadmap?

We keep our roadmap confidential to thwart imitation, but our development centers around three crucial axes. Brace for an exciting world premiere announcement together with Acer and Mediatek at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Our primary objectives involve assisting Mobile Carriers in expanding their services to devices, ensuring the seamless integration of our technology into a diverse array of devices, and elevating consumer experiences by delivering the fastest mobile network speeds and directly diversifying our device portfolio. Stay tuned for groundbreaking developments as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and connectivity in the dynamic world of mobile technology.

What are some of the compelling challenges you've faced in your professional journey? Share your insights on what you've learned and how you navigated through these obstacles.

The advent of COVID presented our company with its most formidable challenge, disrupting growth trajectories and causing a substantial loss damages in business due to travel restrictions. In response, we undertook a strategic pivot by venturing into new markets, specifically addressing the underserved broadband needs of remote workers and suburban regions in the US. Simultaneously, we diversified our portfolio, expanding into the realms of IoT and digital signage sectors. This challenging period became a valuable lesson in resilience and perseverance, emphasizing the importance of not giving up when confronted with adversity. It served as a catalyst for innovation and adaptation, guiding our company through a transformative phase that fortified our ability to navigate and thrive in dynamic and unpredictable circumstances.

Ludovic Lassauce, Chief Product Officer (CPO), SIMO

Ludovic lassauce, cpo at simo, dedicates his career to removing barriers between mobile networks, fostering a seamless, high-quality global data network for people & machines. With a remarkable journey, he pioneered europe's first mvno for machines to-machine at netsize, created groundbreaking iot platforms at cisco jasper and ericsson, & ventured into singapore power's iot business. Ludovic then managed the mobile product line in apac at tata communications before assuming the role of cpo at simo, overseeing all product development and business collaboration with device makers since 2019. Ludovic holds an MBA from the university of chicago, booth school of business, with high honors.

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