Zeno Lo: Passionate Interior Designer Creating Exceptional Experiences For His Clients

Zeno Lo: Passionate Interior Designer Creating Exceptional Experiences For His Clients

Zeno Lo , Co-Founder & Director

Zeno Lo

Co-Founder & Director

The interior design industry has been growing at a fast pace. The dramatic expansion of manufacturing capabilities and rising consumer consumption have transformed Asia’s society and economy. Nowadays, people are becoming more open to different patterns and decorations in their house appearances as their exposure to diverse cultures and worldwide trends grows. To meet the demand of this growing industry, Inch. Interior Design comes into the picture.

Inch. Interior Design is a high-tech minimalistic interior design company based in Hong Kong that specializes in professional Residential, Commercial, and Event Space Designs, with over five years of experience, incorporating innovative smart-home solutions tailor-made to the client's needs.

Led by Zeno Lo, Co-founder and Director of Inch. Interior Design, the company is a combination of his love for interior design and commitment to finding the ideal space for each of his clients to call home. As an experienced leader, Zeno Lo is known to make clients speechless with his impeccable designs. CEO Insights ASIA recently engaged in a one-on one interaction with Zeno Lo, and below is an excerpt of Zeno’s exclusive interaction with us.

Give a brief account of your professional journey.

My love for interior design has been a passion of mine since I was a young kid. So, I made the decision to drop out of the business program that I first got into, and instead, I enrolled in a design program in Hong Kong to further develop my interest. My time in the business program has created the groundwork for me to launch my own company a few years later. Before starting my own company, I join the interior design industry as an assistant interior designer in a local interior design firm, where I finally had the opportunity to put my knowledge into practice.

After a few years, I made the decision to leave the company and launch Inch. Interior Design, where I could truly cultivate the design I had always dreamed of for my clients. My team has now developed into a full-fledged, award-winning interior design firm over the years, and we now focus on luxury interior design for both residential and commercial projects that incorporates elements of smart living.

Tell us about the major challenges you overcame and how you find those experiences benefiting your current role and operations so far. What is your success mantra?

My view is customers in Hong Kong typically seek out designers with extensive experience. Therefore, being young can occasionally make it difficult to gain the trust of clients. What I need to accomplish is to be continuously learning, drawing inspiration for my designs from a variety of sources, and pay close attention to the requirements of my clients. There is no special formula for success; instead, my success motto is to never stop learning, work extremely hard, and be mindful of everything you do.

Define Inch. Interior Design as an organization and what are the greatest strengths of the company?

Inch. Interior Design is an award-winning interior design firm. Our passion is to create unique and inspiring spatial designs that drive us to excel. We have thinkers, artists, and adventurers on our design team because we strongly believe that designs should be lifestyle- and experience-oriented. Our work ranges from designing interiors, public spaces, public furnitures, art installations, and exhibition designs. All our creative designs meet the expectations of our clients because we make the best use of the available space and utilize lighting to create a harmonious environment.

What are the latest technologies adopted in your smart-home devices that add a technological approach to your designs?

We provide the latest smart-home equipment in line with the trend of popular electronic technology, which has perfectly integrated into our design to create its own exclusive experience. When the company was established, we collaborated with a smart homeware brand to create a smart interior design exhibition halls. The exhibition hall is equipped with fashionable design and brand-new intelligent technology, perfectly demonstrating the intelligent scene, and bringing a novel experience to every guest.

When designing a brand, what are the factors you take into consideration to bring out fulfilling outcomes for your clients?

I can proudly say that we create designs that are innovative, unique, and remarkable. Our team aspires to create visionary designs that are minimalist, modern, and inspiring. We put great emphasis on intellectual creativity. Interior design is an industry that emphasizes creativity. We are an advocate for innovation, luxury, style, comfort, and practicality. From furnishings and materials to artistic conception and functionality, we provide the most professional and meticulous service and make sure that our design not only satisfies our client's needs but also exceed their expectation.

What are the traits that best describe your leadership style? What are the methodologies or guidelines you follow to lead your team?

In my opinion, teamwork is the only way to succeed for every company. I make an effort to foster a supportive and cooperative work atmosphere for the team. I place great emphasis on each member's personal and professional development. To do this, we conduct regular discussions on a variety of topics such as sales strategy, design inspirations, and many more, where we all share our thoughts and experience from our engagement with clients. While we acknowledge that different people possess different strengths, we try to put them in different roles from time to time so they could get an all-around exposure to enhance the team's ability and grow as a team.

What are the future plans that you are heading towards?

In the company's five-year strategic development plan, smart home is one of our main directions. We look forward to delivering the most cutting-edge smart living technology to our customers. Additionally, we plan to grow our team and expand our service coverage to all kinds of commercial projects. Last but not least, defining the brand image with a distinct design style and bringing in French interior design style into Hong Kong is where our focus would be.

Zeno Lo, Co-Founder & Director, Inch. Interior Design, Hong Kong

Mr. Zeno Lo Is A Co-Founder And Director Of Inch. Interior Design. Inch. Interior Design Is The Realization Of His Passion For Interior Design And Dedication To The Pursuit Of Creating The Perfect Place That His Clients Call Home. He Has A Strong Partnership With His Team And Together They Accomplish Incredible Feats That Leave Our Customers Speechless

Hobbies: Music, Good Food & Wine, Horror Movie

Favorite Cuisine: Italian

Favorite Book: A Song Of Ice And Fire

Favorite Travel Destination: Japan

Awards & Recognition: Hong Kong Most Outstanding Leaders Award (2021), The Smartest Business Award (2021), Hong Kong Professional Interior Design Association (2020), Social Enterprise Research Academy (2020)

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