Abdulsattar Mawlood: Bringing Revolution To The Construction Industry With His Advanced Skill And Impactful Strategies

Abdulsattar Mawlood: Bringing Revolution To The Construction Industry With His Advanced Skill And Impactful Strategies

Abdulsattar Mawlood,   Co-Founder & Executive Director

Abdulsattar Mawlood

Co-Founder & Executive Director

The construction industry is anticipated to contribute to economic expansion and produce buildings that improve productivity and quality of life. The construction industry in Iraq is growing and it is expected to grow by 12.2 percent in the coming years as the industry's output will be driven by ongoing work on various infrastructure projects that were stalled due to the country's internal conflicts and restrictions imposed to contain the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Galiawa Group is one of the largest groups of companies in Iraq. A group encompassing a portfolio of market leading businesses/divisions with a primary focus on trading and manufacturing of building materials, property development, and construction, and recently into higher education. Galiawa has worked with a number of prestigious clients, including the Government of Iraq (GOI), the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), the U.S government, and various UN organizations.

The Co-Founder & Executive Director at Galiawa Group Abdulsattar Mawlood is the man behind this empire. He has a strong managerial background with senior-level local experience and cross sector exposure, self-driven and self-reliant, sets aim and targets, and leads by example. He's also highly focused with a consistent track record of successfully delivering full life cycle implementations to tight time scales and within budget.

Check out the small snippets from the interview we  had with Abdulsattar to know more about his professional journey and what message he has for the inspiring young generation.

Tell us about your history and experience in the workplace. How has your experience with Galiawa Group been so far? I am a holder of a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Technology Baghdad and a master’s degree in Economics and Business Administration from the university of Picardie Jules Verne France, and now I am preparing for a Ph.D. at Thomas Bata university in Zilin Czech Republic.

As a planning engineer, I began my career working for several public and private companies. Then, in 2003, the Owner and I created Galiawa Group. I oversaw the Construction Department, served as Advisor, and assisted in other aspects of the business. As a result, the Owners have referred to me as an  asset to Galiawa. I was elevated to Executive Director of the Group in 2009. I developed goals and strategies for growth and diversification with my team. In addition, we began restructuring Galiawa and rebuilding the organizational structure in order to meet the demands of the achievement of our goals. My motivation right now is to think of innovative ways to elevate Galiawa's standing so that it becomes one of the regional leaders in the construction industry, not just in the Iraqi market.  

Galiawa serves its clients by evaluating alternative solutions, providing creativity, and continuously challenging ideas to find the best options while suggesting our products and services to the clients

How did you achieve success? Tell us if you have any success mantras. Some people believe that being structured is all you need, while others believe it depends on low you evaluate your competitors. Others believe there are  more secrets, such as maintaining thorough records, being aware of hazards, offering first rate service, and more. For me, the main keys to business success are defining objectives and adhering to a regular and consistent goal making process.

In business, having specific goals helps you understand what you want to accomplish and how to go about doing it. Most importantly, you have a strategy that can direct you along the way and keep you on track. You are able to monitor and measure your ability to complete the goals with greater accuracy. The mantra of my success is the commitment and determination to my goals which led me to find that I am willing to take continuous and consistent action toward achieving my goals, despite all obstacles in my path.

How would you define Galiawa Group and its position in the market? What are USPs your organization offers to clients? All employees at Galiawa Group work together to accomplish shared objectives. Because of the organizational culture within the group, they frequently feel valued and content with their work. Our portfolio along with serving the business owners with meaningful attributes and experience makes us one of the top 10 construction groups in Iraq.

The unique proposition that Galiawa offers to clients is the best quality of products and services. We aim to obtain their complete trust and satisfaction by performing our work for the most competitive price, the highest quality, and within the schedule requirements.

What factors do you take into consideration while promoting your products and solutions to the clients? Delivering quality projects on time and within budget is the cornerstone on which Galiawa has built its reputation. Our mission is to serve our customers with quality products and services, which add value to their projects. Galiawa serves its clients by evaluating alternative solutions, providing creativity, and continuously challenging ideas to find the best options while suggesting our products and services to the clients.

What changes in market behavior are you expecting, and what opportunities do you see further? I believe clients will be more time conscious and demanding to have access to what they need when they need it, and in the way they need it. Customers will hold brands to higher standards, notably in terms of choice, ease of use, and customer service. As a result, online purchasing will play a significant role in every industry. Strong organizations will have the chance to learn exactly what clients are changing in reaction to economic changes, which client segments are making the adjustments, and how they can better position their brands to take advantage of opportunities as a result of this issue.

What advice would you give to budding industry leaders? I would say keep in mind that your products and/or services will never be perfect at the start. Once the product has been in the market, listen to the client’s feedback and Strive to innovate, adapt to changes in the market, and stay two steps ahead of the competition.

Abdulsattar Mawlood, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Galiawa Group Abdulsattar has a strong managerial background with senior level local experience and cross-sector exposure. He is highly focused with a consistent track record of successfully delivering full life cycle implementations to tight time scales and within budget.

Hobbies: Travelling and outdoor activities. Favorite Cuisine: Mediterranean cuisine. Favorite Book: How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie. Favorite Travel Destination: Rome.

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