Amit N Marwah: Creating Multi - Million Dollar Businesses Across Different Sectors

Amit N Marwah: Creating Multi - Million Dollar Businesses Across Different Sectors

 Amit N Marwah,    CEO

Amit N Marwah


Rental & leasing companies play a major role in the Private and Public Sectors development and are key enablers in the ongoing economic transformation of the Middle East region. With the aim o f creating a data-driven, specialized truck leasing & rental company, Fraikin Dayim GCC was established, and currently, it operates as a leading player in the truck rental space in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the leadership of Amit N Marwah.

Amit N Marwah started his career as a strategic consultant with Mckinsey, working on the growth strategy of major international corporations. After spending some time in this domain, he moved on to investment banking, where he worked with Cushman & Wakefield in their Investment Advisory division. Following this, he worked over a decade as a chief investment officer and played an instrumental role in creating five successful businesses across different sectors in Saudi Arabia, using a combination of Joint ventures and Strategic partnerships with billion-dollar global industry leaders. Currently, he is the CEO of Fraikin Dayim Truck Rental and with his persistent hard work and strategic actions, he has brought various laurels to the company.

Amit N Marwah engages in an exclusive interaction with the CEO Insights Magazine.

How would you define Fraikin Dayim Truck Rental as an organization and its position in the market? What is the unique proposition that your organization offers to clients? Fraikin Dayim is the only specialist Full-Service Truck Rental and leasing company in Saudi Arabia and the broader GCC markets. The company currently mainly offers trucks on a long term operational lease basis along with a varied Set of Services including fleet acquisition and management, full service maintenance of the trucks, regulatory compliance, risk management, fuel management, telematics technology, and data analytics reporting on the leased trucks.

Our SMART Truck solution provides a wealth of data that enables organizations to measure the performance of their fleet across all key aspects. At Fraikin Dayim, we have constantly tried to redefine the conventional business model of leasing into more of a new-age business using data analytics & technology. Creating a unique level of customer service, building a competitive advantage, using the latest technology, and constantly transforming the business model have helped us to stay ahead of the competition.

How do you ensure commercial vehicles are kept on the road safely and legally? Tell us about your Fleet management system. We Leverage a State-of-the-Art IT infrastructure network to manage our truck fleet seamlessly and efficiently. We use a combination of specialist fleet management ERP solutions, superior telematics on each of our trucks, and a specialist data analytics department to mine every piece of data coming from each truck to manage the fleet in the most optimum manner. Similarly, we take the legal & operating regulations for our fleet very seriously. We maintain a full compliance policy and set ourselves ahead of most competitors on all indicators.

Fraikin Dayim is the only specialist Full-Service Truck Rental and leasing company in Saudi Arabia and the broader GCC markets

  Tell us about your leadership approach, and the guidelines you follow to lead your team. My leadership approach revolves around leading from the front, problem-solving, building a great work culture, and playing a role in enabling people to maximize their potential in their careers. I like to set the pace, direction, vision, and destination and am available to clear any bottleneck anywhere in the hierarchy. Apart from that, I have wired my mind to see myself as a trouble-shooter, who sets his eyes on the problem and looks for solutions to solve it.

Lastly, just like a CEO has a responsibility to maximize shareholder value, they also have a very important fiduciary responsibility towards each of the team members to maximize their potential. I consider as a personal failure if I fail to make any of my team members realize and achieve their maximum potential.

What are the changes in market behavior that you anticipate and what are the opportunities that you foresee? We live in a very dynamic business environment, where every company needs to constantly reinvent to stay relevant in the market. Going forward, I see our growth, supported by our leading market positioning, continued drive for Innovation, use of technology, and excellence in quality of service. We have designed a solid path to strongly develop our business over the coming years, through well-targeted Capex investment, combining portfolio diversification, geographical expansion, and services innovation. The plans are to expand the business through a combination of robust organic growth, vertical integration, geographic expansion, and wider use of technology & AI in the business model. A combination of all the above should put us on a rather aggressive path to an unrivalled position in the market . What advice would you give to budding industry leaders Create a great work culture and lead from the front. It’s often said that at the core of any successful business or start up is a unique idea, but I believe that at the core of any successful business is an inspired leader, who can motivate their team to perform at their full potential. These kinds of leaders can create an environment within the organization, where people, even those with average talent are also able to achieve remarkable things.

Amit N Marwah, CEO, Fraikin Dayim Truck Rental An MBA in International Business from the Delhi School of Economics. Amit is also a CFA Charter holder from CFA Institute, US. Currently, the CEO of a large rental business in Saudi, before which he was instrumental in building five successful businesses in the Middle East.

Hobbies: Sports & Astrology Favorite Cuisine: Italian Favorite Books: The Autobiography of Yogi Favorite Travel Destination: Italy

Awards & Recognition: •Indian Achiever’s Award for 2021-22. •Selected as the International Business Leader for the year 2021. •Featured in the Cover Story of the June 2018 & March 2019 issue as one of The 10 Most Influential Indian Business Leaders in the Gulf.

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