Leonard Chong: Setting New Benchmarks Beyond Borders

Leonard Chong: Setting New Benchmarks Beyond Borders

Leonard Chong, Country Manager

Leonard Chong

Country Manager

Serving as the ambassador for an organization, a Country Manager represents a firm’s interests and values to stakeholders, customers, and partners within a region. Right from developing and implementing strategies to driving revenue growth, managing local teams, establishing and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders, and ensuring compliance with local regulations, their role in a business is pivotal. One such leader is Leonard Chong, Country Manager of Procurri Malaysia.

Leonard brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role. Leonard's journey began as an IT Administrator, evolving into a Systems Engineer with specialized knowledge in door access systems. With over a decade of experience in a multinational data center hardware OEM, Leonard has successfully led various roles, driving triple-digit growth through innovative IT consumption models.

Transitioning to sales roles focusing on database and cloud products for another OEM, Leonard has now found his stride at Procurri. In his current role, he is dedicated to driving IT sustainability across Malaysia and the wider APAC region. Leonard's passion lies in propelling company growth in revenue, profit, and workforce, expanding geographical reach, and nurturing customer and partner relationships. He aims to bridge IT channel gaps and champion sustainability initiatives, all while making a meaningful societal impact and achieving professional milestones.

Let’s hear more from him in this one on one interaction.

How do you, as the Country Manager, go about acquiring new customers in the market and cultivating lasting relationships with them?

In my role as Country Manager, our customer attraction and retention strategy is proactive and multifaceted. Our focus lies in maximizing brand exposure across various platforms, showcasing our values and expertise in addressing customer issues effectively. We prioritize guiding clients toward their goals, ensuring consistent communication, transparency, and responsiveness to nurture lasting bonds. Our commitment to understanding partners' and customers' businesses deeply underscores our dedication, coupled with a sincere interest in meeting their needs. Additionally, we prioritize promptness in addressing requests, showcasing our unwavering commitment to their success. Through these concerted efforts, we foster strong, enduring relationships built on mutual trust and shared objectives. Our approach not only bolsters brand loyalty but also solidifies our position as a trusted partner in our customers' journey towards success.

I strive to lead by example, creating a dynamic & inclusive environment where every individual can thrive & contribute to our collective success

How do you develop a brand strategy that enhances brand awareness and builds brand equity among customers?

Crafting a robust brand strategy that cultivates both brand awareness and brand equity among consumers requires a multifaceted approach. Our strategy is built upon several key pillars. Firstly, we emphasize the importance of widespread visibility, ensuring our brand is seen by as many potential customers as possible to maximize its impact. Secondly, we meticulously define our brand identity, articulating our purpose and market position clearly and cohesively. Thirdly, we work to establish a distinctive brand image rooted in our mission, vision, and values, leveraging market insights and competitive advantages. Additionally, we strategically engage with target demographics that align with our brand values, forging meaningful connections. Lastly,

we prioritize delivering exceptional customer experiences to foster lasting brand loyalty. Through these concerted efforts, we not only enhance brand recognition but also cultivate profound emotional ties with our audience, ultimately building enduring brand equity over time.

How do you keep pace with the latest market trends and remain well-informed?

Remaining updated on market trends demands a multifaceted approach. Firstly, I allocate time each morning to thorough reading across a variety of IT news outlets, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of emerging trends. Secondly, active networking within the industry enables me to gain valuable insights and establish connections. Thirdly, I maintain a keen awareness of market dynamics, facilitating quick adaptation to changes. Fourthly, I prioritize identifying and comprehending trends, which informs my decision-making process. Lastly, fostering regular communication within the internal team cultivates a collaborative environment conducive to sharing insights and perspectives. By incorporating these practices into my routine, I ensure ongoing alignment with market evolution and readiness to seize emerging opportunities.

Could you share your approach to en­hancing cross-functional communica­tion with stakeholders to establish feasi­ble goals and expectations for projects or tasks?

Efficient cross-functional communication relies on several core principles. Firstly, fostering clarity and transparency fosters mutual understanding and trust among stakeholders. Secondly, it's essential to grasp the unique roles and requirements of each stakeholder to tailor communication effectively. Thirdly, maintaining regular and proactive communication helps prevent misunderstandings and ensures alignment. Fourthly, clearly defining goals and expectations lays a robust groundwork for collaboration. Fifthly, transparently addressing conflicts and challenges facilitates resolution and strengthens relationships. Sixthly, celebrating achievements collectively reinforces teamwork and boosts morale. Lastly, motivating and recognizing performance fosters a culture of appreciation and ongoing improvement. By embracing these principles, we can expedite cross-functional communication, facilitating the establishment of pragmatic goals and expectations for projects or tasks.

Share with us your leadership philosophy. What principles or methodologies guide your approach as a leader?

At the core of my leadership approach is the cultivation of a collaborative and nurturing environment. I prioritize teamwork to strengthen bonds within the team, with respect, trust, and empathy serving as the foundation of our interactions. This fosters a culture of openness and mutual support, where everyone feels valued and empowered. Strategic thinking and creativity fuel innovation and progress, while maintaining a positive and flexible mindset encourages resilience and adaptability. I place significant emphasis on problem-solving, conflict resolution, and effective time management to navigate challenges efficiently. Moreover, I believe in empowering team members through delegation and participative decision-making, fostering a sense of ownership and facilitating personal growth. By embodying these principles, I strive to lead by example, creating a dynamic and inclusive environment where every individual can thrive and contribute to our collective success.

What sort of impact do you envision making throughout your professional journey moving forward?

In my ongoing professional journey, I aspire to generate meaningful outcomes across various dimensions. Firstly, my goal is to consistently deliver value to our customers, deriving fulfillment from genuinely addressing their needs and challenges. Secondly, I am committed to making a positive contribution to sustainability initiatives, regardless of their scale, as part of our broader societal impact. Thirdly, I envision cultivating an empowered team that takes ownership and consistently achieves results. Fourthly, I aim to foster a harmonious work culture where teams collaborate seamlessly, fostering creativity and innovation. Fifthly, my objective is to provide a competitive and agile platform for the growth and development of our team members. Lastly, I strive for our brand to be universally recognized within the industry as trusted and exceptional to work with, solidifying our reputation for excellence and reliability.

Leonard Chong, Country Manager, Procurri Malaysia

With extensive experience spanning it administration, systems engineering, and sales in database and cloud products. Committed to driving it sustainability and fostering growth, he excels in building lasting customer relationships and expanding geographical reach across APAC.

•Hobbies: Gym, golf, food hunt

•Favorite Cuisine: Western (Steak)

•Favorite Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad

•Favorite Travel Destination: Taiwan, UK, Australia

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