Manny Kaur: The Powerhouse Augmenting The Online Trade Industry

Manny Kaur: The Powerhouse Augmenting The Online Trade Industry

Manny Kaur, Country Manager

Manny Kaur

Country Manager

Success is elemental to leadership today, given the technological advancements and business trends boosting the economy and propelling growth. Hence, in the fast-paced world of online trading, one name that stands out as a beacon of leadership and innovation is Manny Kaur, the Country Manager of Weltrade Global, Malaysia. With a wealth of inimitable industry experience and a knack for driving operational excellence, Manny has steered Weltrade Global towards unprecedented growth and success in the region. Leading by example, not only she has proven herself to be a staunch leader, but is adept at navigating the ever-evolving landscape of online trade too. Her dynamic leadership approach, coupled with her sharp managerial skills, has been instrumental in propelling Weltrade Global to new heights of success. Under her guidance, the firm has not only expanded its reach but has also solidified its position as a market leader in the industry.

In a riveting interview with CEO Insights ASIA, Manny shares her insights on leadership, industry trends, and the secret to Weltrade Global’s success. Get ready to be inspired and intrigued as Manny Kaur takes center stage in this exclusive feature.

Could you give a brief account of your professional background and experiences? Also, what motivates your daily routine?

Throughout my professional journey, I have gained extensive experience in various sectors, starting from a secretary to working in finance with top banks and eventually transitioning to the forex industry. My determination to excel and succeed in a male-dominated industry has been my driving force, and I have overcome challenges by staying true to my values of integrity, teamwork, and transparency.

As a Country Manager at Weltrade Global, I take pride in my role as a leader and aspire to inspire other women to reach their full potential in any industry they choose. I strive to be a role model for my family, showcasing the importance of hard work and perseverance in achieving dreams and goals.

My daily motivation stems from my belief in the power of resilience, teamwork, and trust in achieving success. By embodying these values in my work and personal life, I aim to make a positive impact and drive change in the industry and beyond.

Leading by example, not only she has proven herself to be a staunch leader, but is adept at navigating the ever-evolving landscape of online trade too

Define Weltrade Global as an organization and its position in the market.

Weltrade Global is a distinguished organization with 18 years of experience in the Forex Market and CFDs, making us a trusted and reputable player in the industry. Our accolades, such as the Best Forex Broker Award in 2023, Best CFD Trading Conditions 2023, and Best Forex Broker Asia 2023, speak for our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. As a Broker and Financial platform provider, we prioritize educating and empowering traders, partners, and employees to make informed decisions in the financial markets. We believe in creating value and impact for our clients and partners, guiding them toward success and financial well-being. With high-end licenses that open doors to traders around the world, we are dedicated to expanding our global reach and becoming a household name in the industry. Our mission is to not only provide top-notch services but also to educate and guide clients on the intricacies of financial markets, ensuring they understand the importance of CFDs financially, emotionally, and psychologically.

We forge ahead towards growth and excellence, as we strive to empower individuals and businesses to achieve their financial goals and make sound investment decisions, navigating the complex world of finance with confidence & success.

As the Country Manager, what are the factors you look into to ensure the smooth running of operations?

As the Country Manager, my primary focus is to ensure the smooth running of operations by carefully evaluating various factors that contribute to the success of the business. One of the key aspects I pay close attention to is the performance of my team. I firmly believe that the success of the company is directly linked to the performance of its employees.

I strive to lead my team smartly and tactically, emphasizing the importance of their income and the impact their performance has on both their own future prospects and the overall success of the company. By motivating and inspiring my team members to excel in their roles, I am able to create a culture of high performance and success.

In this new era of 2024, where artificial intelligence plays a significant role in the business world, it is crucial for leaders to be emotionally intelligent and adaptable to change. I understand that talented and skillful individuals are not just working for a paycheck, but are also looking to sharpen their skills and talents for future endeavors.

I encourage my team to treat their jobs as opportunities to grow and learn, as this will ultimately open more doors for their future entrepreneurship or business ventures. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement and personal development, I am able to create a team that is not only motivated to perform at their best, but is also well-equipped to thrive in the rapidly changing landscape of the business world.

What are the methods you practice to constantly stay informed or updated with industry trends? How do you execute market research and develop strategies?

In addition to staying updated through daily market news on platforms like Bloomberg and various financial channels, I also regularly read economic articles, research reports, and updates from major banks to stay informed about industry trends and market movements. This helps me gain a deep understanding of the forex market and make informed decisions when developing trading strategies.

I also practice technical analysis regularly to analyze charts & patterns, identify potential entry & exit points, and make predictions about market movements. By constantly refining my technical analysis skills, I can stay ahead of market trends and develop effective trading strategies. Furthermore, I regularly engage in market research to gather insights into market dynamics, competitive landscape, and customer preferences. This includes analyzing data, conducting surveys, and studying industry reports to identify opportunities and challenges in the market.

Overall, my dedication to staying informed and continuously improving my market research and analysis skills has been instrumental in my success in the forex industry. By staying ahead of industry trends and making data-driven decisions, I am able to develop strategies that are both effective and profitable.

What are the potential skills you look for when recruiting fresh candidates and how do you impart your strong professional experience to train team members or fresh candidates?

When recruiting fresh candidates in this AI-driven world, we look for a combination of technical skills and soft skills. Some of the potential skills we look for include time management skills, creative thinking, problem-solving skills, a positive attitude, and smart work. We appreciate candidates who work efficiently and effectively, utilizing resources and technology to achieve goals. To impart our strong professional experience to train team members or fresh candidates, we provide mentorship programs, on-the-job training, workshops, and skill development sessions. We encourage collaboration and open communication, allowing team members to learn from each other's experiences and knowledge. We also organize team-building activities and foster a supportive work culture to enhance the team spirit and energy in the working environment.

By promoting a culture of continuous learning and development, we aim to empower team members, including fresh candidates, to grow and excel in their roles. We believe in nurturing talent, promoting creativity, and fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment to drive organizational improvement and longevity.

What is the future destination you are headed towards?

I am passionate about utilizing my extensive knowledge and skills to drive success and innovation in the ever-evolving Forex industry. My ultimate goal is to make a significant impact on the global financial market and become a respected figure in the field. By continuously learning and adapting to new market trends, I aspire to become a Regional Manager, leading a team of dedicated professionals towards achieving our collective goals and objectives. I am committed to fostering a culture of excellence, collaboration, and continuous improvement, ultimately positioning myself as one of the leading financial experts in the industry. With a strong focus on creating value for traders and financial institutions, I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and am confident in my ability to make a lasting impression on the world of Forex trading.

Manny Kaur, Country Manager, Weltrade Global

Manny Kaur is a distinguished professional with acknowledgeable experience in the online trade field, followed by business development and sales.

• Hobbies: Dancing, Reading Novels, & Teaching

• Favorite Cuisine: South East Asian

• Favorite Book: Reader's Digest Magazine and novels by Nora Roberts and Alexandra Potter

• Favorite Travel Destination: Switzerland & Italy (The stunning landscapes, rich history, and delicious food make them my go-to destinations for a perfect getaway)

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