Lina Chong: Fusing Finance & Healthcare Expertise To Build A Successful Dental Company

Lina Chong: Fusing Finance & Healthcare Expertise To Build A Successful Dental Company

Lina Chong,  Founder

Lina Chong


With the rapid advancement of technology impacting diverse sectors, it is evident that healthcare is also transforming. The COVID-19 pandemic has expedited the acceptance and usage of remote medical services, allowing patients to receive consultations and treatment without leaving their homes. Although telemedicine is gaining traction in Asia, there is still a notable disparity in the accessibility of dental healthcare services. This is the reason why there is a demand for a dental healthcare company in Asia that operates remotely, as it can offer convenient, cost-effective, and easily reachable dental care to individuals who previously lacked access to it. Recognizing this need, Lina Chong emerges as the pioneering and sole Asian female entrepreneur who has successfully established a dental healthcare company specializing in remote services, with registered clinics located in Hong Kong.

Lina Chong is an accomplished entrepreneur, innovator, and leader in the dental healthcare industry. As the Founder of Visionary Healthcare Group, she has pioneered the development of the new invisible aligners, Smilelove HK, which have made orthodontic treatment more affordable and accessible for people in Asia. She has also established the free online dental check-up portal, New Smile Club, which provides people with access to highquality dental care from the comfort of their homes. Below is an excerpt of Lina Chong’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights ASIA magazine.

What factors motivated you to establish Visionary Healthcare Group?

As I reflect on my career journey, it's interesting to see how my path has led me to where I am today. Starting in finance, I never would have thought that I would end up in the healthcare industry. However, my time in private equity and financial advisory work  gave me invaluable experience that ultimately led me to start my own company, Visionary Healthcare Group. Moreover, healthcare has always been a passion of mine, as it runs in my family with most of them being doctors. Even though I was the odd one out with a business degree, I always felt drawn to healthcare and the medical industry.

It's amazing how life can surprise us at times. Because a casual conversation with friends led to the spark that started Visionary Healthcare Group, back in 2016. Now, at Visionary Healthcare Group we're focused on making a real impact in the industry and I couldn't be more excited about what the future holds. Visionary Healthcare Group operates under the direct-to-consumer model, in collaboration with registered clinics. We function as both the product provider and maintain connections with registered service providers, enabling end consumers to avail of 50 percent off on our services.

Apart from Visionary Healthcare Group, you are also the President of Smilelove. How do you define Smilelove as an organization, and what are your duties as its President?

As the President of Smilelove Canada and Hong Kong, my role has been to establish a direct-to-consumer model for clear aligners, while also adapting to the local market in each region. In Canada, we followed the US model due to similar cultures and customer groups. However, in Hong Kong, we identified a gap in the market due to weak public healthcare insurance and a high number of people paying their medical bills. We were the second company to enter the clear aligner market in Hong Kong, but we differentiated ourselves by providing professional dental services through local clinics. We have now expanded into 3D printing technology for all dental materials, providing tailored and natural-looking solutions.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow to lead your team?

For me, it's not just about leadership, but also about staying focused, setting new goals, and being openminded. When I started in Canada, I knew I wanted to expand to Hong Kong, and after achieving success there, I added a new product to our offerings. But it's not just about adding more products or services - it's about staying focused on what we do well and being the best at it.

I believe that motivation comes from within, but it's also important to have positive people around you who support & encourage you

I believe that motivation comes from within, but it's also important to have positive people around you who support and encourage you. That's why I value my team and our colleagues so much. We set new goals every month and every week, especially when we have new products coming out. Though we're not a big company, we've achieved good results and are well-recognized in Hong Kong.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?

As a person who values social impact, I see myself headed toward a future where I can continue to leverage my experience and knowledge to make a positive difference in the lives of the underprivileged in Hong Kong. Specifically, I am proud to be a part of the Jing-yuan Charity Foundation and devote more of my time to providing medical services, especially dental services, to the elderly and underprivileged. Furthermore, Hong Kong has a lack of public dental services, which is why I have partnered with a team of 30 dentists to provide free and affordable services to those in need. Lastly, I believe this work is meaningful and I am excited to see what other impact I can make in the next five to ten years.

Lina Chong, Founder,  Visionary Healthcare Group

The Founder of Visionary Healthcare Group, an entrepreneur and an altruist, Lina Chong completed her BBA with a specialization in Quantitative Finance from USC Marshall School of Business. Further, in her professional journey so far, Lina has been part of private equity, merges and acquisitions companies like Shanghai Plinth Capital, and WKI Group. Lina Chong is the President of Smilelove CA and Smilelove HK, and also the Board Member at Jingyuan Charity Foundation.

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