Majid Rasheed: Exemplifying Leadership Traits In The Paper Industry

Majid Rasheed: Exemplifying Leadership Traits In The Paper Industry

Majid Rasheed , MD

Majid Rasheed


Professional leadership in the paper industry is defined by a unique set of traits that drive success. These leaders exhibit exceptional vision, guiding their organizations toward growth and innovation. They possess in-depth knowledge of market dynamics, enabling strategic decision-making and adaptability. With a commitment to sustainability and operational excellence, professional leaders in the paper industry shape the future, ensuring long-term success for their organizations.

In this dynamic world of the paper industry, one leader stands out for his exceptional expertise and unwavering commitment to success. Majid Rasheed, the Managing Director of Star Paper Mill Paper Industry LLC, embodies the finest leadership traits in this competitive field. With over 26years of experience, Majid Rasheed has navigated the complexities of the paper industry with unparalleled finesse. As the former head of a prominent tissue paper mill in the UAE and the current driving force behind Star Paper Mill, he has showcased his remarkable project management skills.

What sets Majid Rasheed apart is not just his extensive knowledge and accomplishments but also his relentless pursuit of growth and continuous learning. He remains committed to expanding his expertise through seminars and workshops across Europe, always striving to stay ahead of industry trends. Majid Rasheed's leadership style is underpinned by a solid financial foundation, including specialized courses in banking finance and international trade finance. His deep understanding of the local business landscape and culture, acquired through over three decades of residency in the UAE, further strengthens his strategic decision-making capabilities.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights Asia, Majid Rasheed enlightens us more about his professional traits and Star Paper Mill Paper Industry.

Give a brief account of your professional journey.

I have had the privilege of embarking on an enriching professional journey within the rapidly expanding and dynamic paper sector. I began my career as an international banker and then moved into the paper production industry. Throughout my tenure in the paper industry, I have consistently sought opportunities to enhance my skills and expand my business knowledge. This ongoing pursuit has enabled me to develop a deep understanding of the intricacies and nuances specific to the paper sector. My experience has been focused on promoting development and innovation within the tissue paper business, from managing operations to creating strategic alliances.

What has been your success mantra so far?

My guiding principles for success include a constant pursuit of quality, encouraging an innovative culture, and nurturing strong relationships with key stakeholders. By continually aiming for perfection in terms of both product quality and customer service, I have been able to make Star Paper Mill Paper Industry a reliable brand in the industry. Also, embracing an innovative culture has enabled us to adapt to changing market dynamics and maintain a competitive edge.

How would you define Star Paper Mill Paper Industry and its current position in the market?

A tissue paper mill with a focus on creating a variety of high-quality tissue paper goods is Star Paper Mill Paper Industry. We are proud of the vertically integrated operations, which give us complete control over the production process, from sourcing eco-friendly raw materials to supplying completed goods to our clients. As a market leader, we cater to various sectors worldwide, driven by our commitment to quality, advanced facilities, and a dedicated team. We take pride in offering a diverse range of tissue paper products known for their superior quality, usability, and affordability. While we may not be the largest jumbo rolls seller in the region, we remain a preferred choice for consumers across the region.

What are the factors you take into account when developing effective growth strategies?

As the managing director of Star Paper Mill, I prioritize a meticulous approach to developing effective growth strategies. We aim to maximize performance in a competitive market while ensuring the efficacy of our plans.

To begin with, we conduct thorough analyses of market dynamics, consumer preferences, and competition. Understanding the evolving demands of our target market is vital for informed decision-making. We carefully consider opportunities for product diversification, market expansion, and strategic alliances, leveraging our industry expertise. Evaluating prospective rewards, market demand, and feasibility guides our decisions for sustainable growth and competitive advantage. Innovation is key. By fostering an innovative culture and investing in research and development, we meet clients' evolving needs, develop unique goods, and explore new market niches. Last but not least, our people's capital is highly valued. We prioritize attracting, training, and retaining top talent to maintain steady growth. A motivated and competent workforce contributes to long-term success.

Where do you see yourself headed in the upcoming years?

In the upcoming years, our aim for Star Paper Mill Paper Industry is to become the top paper source in the region by expanding our market presence. We will prioritize innovation and sustainability, investing in research and development, strategic alliances, and new technologies. To meet customer needs, we plan to enhance production capabilities with new technology and equipment. Our global reach will be strengthened, and we are committed to the UAE's NetZero goal by implementing a circular economy initiative for recycled Kraft Paper production. This will enable us to offer eco-friendly, biodegradable products like white top liners, semi-kraft p aper, c arton b oards, a nd p aper b ags. A ll in all, our future roadmap focuses on sustainable growth, technological advancements, and meeting the changing demands of our customers, positioning us as a leader in the industry.

Majid Rasheed, MD, Star Paper Mill Paper Industry

Majid Rasheed, MD of Star Paper Mill, exemplifies visionary leadership in the paper industry, driving success through expertise, innovation, and commitment to sustainability.

Hobbies: Watching Cricket

Favorite Cuisine: Chinese

Favorite Book: “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen

Favorite Travel Destination: Switzerland

Notable Awards & Recognition

• Business Excellence Award from Ajman Free Zone

• Best Supplier Recognition Award from Health & Hygiene Products in Pakistan in 2022.

• Best tissue paper supplier Recognition Awards from Nation wides Associate in 2015.

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